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Idea for success in life : many lives in one, schizophrenia.


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Today, 01:13
Jan 30, 2013
Idea for success in life : many lives into one.

Yesterday I was thinking about my future me. About how he'll be happy or not? How hell have a good wife or not. In what proportion money would interfere with his character. And basically, one thought crushed me at a moment... a flash came to me... the answer to the question I've been asking myself for long : Why the fuck can't we manage to be happy, simply? Why so restless about many things?

SO what I found out is that... Because seeing possibility in life goes along with seeing possibility for oneself; I- uncounsciouly - live my life like I was many persons(or personna); they call us the chameleons right ?
Mental illness at the end of tunnel though...

I found that there is a very reason to that. I think that secretely, we INTP's are not satisfied with 1 SOLE LIFE(We were stuck in a primary "growth stage" perhaps ?), thus automatically we retire in our minds so that we can daydream about the so many lives we could be living right now if if if. Because one life isnt suffisant-sorry for our almighty creator - anymore, Success for us would be to live many lives in one- Which is technically impossible-.
So we would be experiencing many different and crazy situations in one lifetime or perhaps we would be a film director or a writer.(all these jobs are for people who don't have enough with their sole lives.. I suspect many film drector or writers to be *N*P )

Right now I wished I've been born in Asia, and be a monk. I also wished I was australian and had fun with "10's" on the seaside. Or maybe wished I was a trader in New York. I wished I lived a bohemian life, a musician life too. I wish I was a researcher in a big lab. I wish I won a nobelprize....Etc, I have the feeling that I'm stuck in one good and surely enjoyable possibility right now, but though still not enough lol.
Please someone create the matrix . :borg:
It's the sole solution.

I think the time where being succesful was defined by "how much money you make" is almost over. I suspect society to brainwash(from early childhood) poor plebeians like us into believing that money is synonym with hapiness... all for the sake of maintaining relative peace and order(which is not a bad end !) and maintaining a relatively good economy . With the rising "cult of the Me"... I see the upcoming meaning of success as " how many exciting and different experiences can you fit into a one lifetime ", but the paradoxical part is that it's easier done when you are not only rich, but wealthy(millionaire), young, intelligent and with loads of time to spend it doing whatever you want. This way of doing things might be opposite to current morals though and chasing it will make many people go crazy...

What do you think of that? Is one life still enough ?


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Today, 09:13
Feb 3, 2012
Unless I get myself some sort of cell fixing nanomachines then ?I'm stuck with this one life.

I think our Ne is the source of this frustration about the "what ifs?".

Anyways, I can only suggest partial fixes to the problem of not being able to live multiple lives:
1. Research the Biographies of great people or an entire culture then imagine living there. Bonus points if you can write your own stories and share it to others as well.

2. Befriend interesting elder people, they can usually give you lifetimes worth of data for your Ti to chew on.

3. Play an immersive game of your choice. I prefer RPG's with rich lores.


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Yesterday, 18:13
Aug 18, 2012
I figure that there's a good chance I will live long enough to accomplish everything I want (with the singularity/infinite life extension coming). The same should apply to you so long as you aren't too old right now. Just hurry up and win that Nobel prize before the singularity comes and it's too late.


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Yesterday, 17:13
Jan 24, 2012
I think it may stem from wanting to be sufficient in a variety of interests... Sure, you can read books about areas of interest but at point can you finally objectively claim to be a contributor to a particular area of expertise - if that's what you so desire for whatever reason? Is a particular venture even worthy of investing time into, is it realistic?
Just yesterday, or maybe it was early this morning, I was thinking how "educating" might be a decent "field" to go into, partly based on something at least one person said to me. I suppose it depends on how serious he was, or how well he actually knew me in order to provide a realistic enough recommendation. I was thinking, if at least even a "Plan C" option, teaching probably 5th or 6th graders might be decent enough. Which subject to specialize in, at the very least? Another issue that came up was, is teaching children really all I could aspire to? Even if I did it to pay the bills, would there be free time enough to look into other areas of interest? Maybe somewhere down the line after a lengthy career I could resort to teaching. Or of course, educate in different, more innovative ways.
Maybe some other inspiration is when you read about old scientists and stuff... Just to use Newton for example, he apparently specialized in "philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, physics, alchemy, christian theology, and economics." Perhaps it is possible then, in today's society, to specialize in a number of worthy subjects?
An obvious factor that prevents progress is probably money & arguably time, but how could one discern whether the real issue is some sort of lack of motivation. If money is the cause of small motivation, could you take anything learned from discoveries and apply them in order to fulfill some personal goal?
Checking things out at the library is one way of accomplishing things, but if one wished to become disciplined in chemistry, it seems like taking courses at a learning institution would be the most helpful. You're being taught by so called professionals and are just immersed in a particular atmosphere of a "scene" by default.
I guess at a certain point you have to accept who you are and what you're capable of given what you have at your disposal & environment... Plus it doesn't hurt to examine possibilities and experiment with them just to see how things work, I guess...
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