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I need some help with typing


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Today, 13:17
Mar 16, 2008
I have trouble labeling people with MBTI. Abstract realm and raw data isn't easily transfered to my head. Once I've seen it though, it becomes a lot easier to manipulate and improve upon. So, I'd like some help with labeling some of my current quarries. If it helps any, my assumed types are ESTP or ENTP, and ESFP when I'm wired on caffeine.

#1 - First time I met this guy I could feel his eyes always observing me. Now that it has been nearly a month and a half later, it hasn't changed any. He has a creepy habit of appearing behind me for no reason at all. Othertimes when I have to track him down he is caught of guard. This guy is very quiet, but he comes off very strong. He has weird observation stare downs (observance?) guaging for some kind of reaction. These have been known to last for thirty seconds or more before he'll start to get scared and scurry off. He also has an odd quirk of butting into my conversations to act a smart aleck or to exchange data.

When we exchange data it is hard to shut him up. He will come back for more. Strangely enough, he is very quiet in regards to everyone else at work. He has been known to start conversations with me. When exchanging data, he is extremely intelligent and his data isn't that far different from mine. His is often more... incomplete or not fleshed out.

In a verbal battle, when I'm letting someone set themself up to be destroyed, he is known to jump in and start taunting my prey. In worse case scenarios he has stolen my kill.

I like to think of him as my lacky of sorts. With proper guidance, namely backhanding to the head when he smarts off, and reminding him of all the evil I can unleash on him - he shall serve me well.

Assumed Type - INTP, INTJ, ISTP

#2 - Guildsman from an online game. I don't understand this woman, I can only name what I've observed. Speaking style is report rather than rapport. Anytime I've given an order or asked a question it gets reported, very logically and very succinctly. Very straight forward with no attempt to hide. Falls into a structured layout. Any attempts at praise, what little praise I've given, is usually some knowledge system or in the case of a comparison changing the spotlight and praising another person. This person scares me and I don't think I'd want to piss her off.

Assumed Type - INTJ, ISTJ, possibly an ENTJ or ESTJ assuming submission under my command, but I've seen no attempts at hijacking command or bullying other guild members.

#3 - Another guildsman. I understand this type and I can see the behavior. It reminds me of myself on an energy drink, only fully caught up in the moment without bliss and without worry. I'm pretty certain any rejection on this girl's part will just get shrugged off with a giddy or goofy comment. She acts dumb, but doesn't give BS when making a statement. I just don't think she cares. Real people person and drunk on happiness.

Assumed Type - ESFP, I doubt it is an ENFP

#4 - A friend I've known for about five years through various MMOs. The first time I met him he went into this short and to the point monologue about certain areas in game being worth it, while others are detrimental. There was no changing his mind until we did just what he said - and I had to tear his arm off and beat him with it, before he backed off. He is extremely arrogant, and has an odd quirk of another person's arrogance impressing him (?!). He is extremely intelligent when I put him to work in an area he's currently chasing. Otherwise he will quickly dismiss anything - even if it's something he's done in the past.

When it comes down to actual competition he'll claim to be better, I'll beat him and he'll look for something I've done wrong.

When his intellect is put aside... he acts like a little boy (WHY?!).

Assumed Type - I'm not certain really. An underdeveloped INTJ is the only thing I can think of.

Last one - Character from a novel in progress, that has haunted my head for the last ten years. Despite knowing this character's behavior, I do not know how it thinks, nore do I know how to type it. It is an introvert with an enforced group mentality. There is a superiority complex towards this group, but it will die down just as quickly as it rises, when it has been proven wrong. Looks absolutely demonic and would inspire uncanny valley, but is more human than demon or robotic.

Loyalty is questionable at first, gain it's trust and it's for life. Conversation style is either yes or no fashion, or will suggest (always) better counter offers. Functions as a reverse dictionary dictionary (descriptive question answered with a single word or short sentance). There is absolutely no humor and will remain quiet at any playful jabs or cheap shots.

Comes off as weak, but can be extremely destructive if given a reason. It will drop hints if angry, and they will die down just as quickly if they're acknowledged. Otherwise angry seems out of character. This character has a hidden berserker, which sounds like SP rage.

I say it because the gender illudes me.


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Today, 14:17
Sep 21, 2008
Behind you, kicking you in the ass
It's hard to type people based on anothers observations. It's made even more difficult by the fact that the traits you focus on may not be what I would see. Also, I'm not any good at typing yet but I'll try anyway ;)

#1 sounds creepy. INTP possible but I wonder if he could be ISTP.

#2 seems ISTJ

#3 Shows traits of ESTP

#4 INTJ or ENTJ Not enough info.

#5 Possible INTP with Aspergers.

Just my guesses. Take them as no more than that.
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