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How to consciously be aware of music you may like (and is this necessary?)

Jan 24, 2013
A hut in the woods
So I had a thought recently that I wanted to reduce the kind of music I like very specifically into very concrete objective criteria, so I could have a much better ability to consciously know what music I like and what music appeals to me.

So far, I have been able to determine that I like slow starters that build into a grandiose climax, many undertones of romantic typ styled music, and a penchant for dramatization that is a bit over the top.

My question is how do I develop a method to put this in more concrete, observable, and conscious understanding?

There is a lot of room for growth in this.. there is a lot of potential for this to be used as a tool to share with other people so that they can also become very good at identifying what kind of music they like.

As I type this, I am wondering if there is just such a thing as a reduced algorithm that one can use to predict what music is good music and bad music objectively...



Radioactive vision
Oct 13, 2009
Hmm, well you could come up with an algorithm, but it would have to be customised individually. Maybe, not sure what you mean by good and bad music - I'd assume you mean from your perspective? To me, the algorithm thing seems a bit scary, because it would imply predictability. Then again, it could be very useful if you'd want exploit a certain genre for some purpose.

I cannot really identify a common pattern in the music I listen to, although...there are always patterns, it's just a matter of frequency. However, I have noticed a trend of fractal patterns in a lot of my music. Perhaps this is why I prefer Bach over other composers of that time. Or modern composers such as Pärt, Glass, Reich, etc. The common theme with these is simplicity, space, silence and variation of repeated musical phrases. Funnily enough, I think Tool fall in this category. Their genius is in the pitching of silence against noise, and the many variations of a theme. It is also obvious they are extremely accomplished musicians. I guess the same goes for most metal, as this is one of the most symphonic of music styles that doesn't fall under the category of classical. Most good metal compositions can successfully be translated to larger orchestral performances.

Funny thing about music I like is that I hesitate to play it out of fear of over-exposing myself to it. So if there is something I really like, it will just sit there, waiting for the 'right moment' to be played.

....which is never.

Like I'm denying myself the pleasure of enjoying it. Weird. And perhaps a little ridiculous.

At the moment, artists like Paper Tiger, Samsara Blues Experiment, Stumbleine, and a whole bunch of old Hip Hop/Trip-Hop/Acid Jazz, and other random stuff has some of my attention. But I tend to default to Jazz and Classical, for the most part. I like things in minor key, often jazzy, detached. Not into emotionally charged music much, except angry music. Angry is an emotion I am familiar and comfortable with.

But I also like a lot of other different stuff, although I tend to get sick of music very quickly, which is why instantly appealing music puts me on guard. There has to be something interesting going on. Hard to explain 'interesting', because it's very subjective. Obviously.

I guess it works similarly to a painting. There are paintings that appeal to a common denominator. They have this formula that instantly appeals to a lot of people. Like, when an artist can render a very life-like or pretty image, people are really impressed.

But it is predictable, there is nothing going on other than the fact that is is pretty and life-like - it's just a copy. It is very difficult for an artist to turn the painitng into something that expresses individualism. Or perhaps, some artists have no individual expression. They are not special, simply put. They lack the creativity to break the mundane and predictable and turn it into something else, something that will stir something in people.

It seems there are certain formulae that work for a large percentage of people of a certain category, and you could probably look into different categories of people, such as cultural, ethnicity, age, social status, education, etc, and find patterns that would apply to the mean. These are probably followed by people in the popular music industry, and record companies are certainly aware of this and in control of this, which is why a lot of this music is predictable.

I dunno, it is an interesting topic which I've been thinking about lately. I've been toying with the idea of writing/composing. I have a shit tonne of music in my head at all times and need to do something about it. However, I need to teach myself how to read and write music first....not to mention playing it...

Apr 19, 2014
Objects in the mirror might look closer than they
it's an interesting topic but u cannot say much about it
i can love anything if it's good for me
in general i tend to dislike / hate music that sounds like orchestras or soundtracks for movies or perfectly fit for that drama scene for that tv show
nowdays bands crack the reverb in every instrument, throw open chords, put no catchyness in the music. seems like the catchyness is in the vibe, the closer you are to the trend the cooler.
it seems our heroes made up the graveyard for our art.
i wanna repeat in general that's just a trend i've noticed. there's also cool singers which put tons of reverb but still give that special something.
meanwhile i have to deal with this band of lesbians from madrid who sing in english with an awful pronunciation and everyone think they are awesome just because they are having fun and doing what they want to. and because they are lesbians ofc. actually i'm not sure if they are lesbians. xd. kind of but at the end they sound like a copy paste of anything.

i mean i've seen some funny interviews and they look funny, disrespectful, assholes and all that but that's not their music.


and if u sing in english then everyone open jaws and shit because no one understands a shit and wow u can pronunciate really bad but still better than me. so if u wanna sing in spanish u better say some really awful stuff to get some attention. everyone is so damn stupid.
that's where things get interesting: rap spanish music has got some really nice poets.

i dunno, u know there's cool stuff somewhere, need to search for it. i'm listening to a lot of portuguese folk and southamerican folk at the moment, the farther i get from Periphery the better.
and i know everyone likes tool
but i wanted to say i don't get them
Jan 24, 2013
A hut in the woods
Hmm, well you could come up with an algorithm, but it would have to be customised individually.
Thanks for your post. I am not sold on this tho. Hmm...
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