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Guess musical connections


Nov 21, 2013
someplace windswept
Post about relations or comparisons between various pieces of music or melodies that you think are fun/interesting, or puzzle others and have them point out those similes.

Recently after playing as France in Civ 6 I found out their theme song which is a rendition of a Burgundian dance "Tourdion"
Of course I knew that melody, but my source was Rhapsody's March of the Swordmaster.

Continuing with metal, do you have any connections for this one?
Metal artists are known for incorporating classical works. Here's a cool intro of Bach's Toccata and Fugue.
It goes without saying that any kind of connection or similarity you can think of is fine, it can be for personal reasons or based on hearing, artist's influences or just about anything that comes to your mind.