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FTL (Short Film)


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Today, 13:27
Jun 7, 2008
The wired
Mmhh I think I would have swapped the family flashback to the very start instead of it breaking up the launch flow. And toned down the sentimental music. Other than that, it's a an ok little short.

Idk what else to say really. It's too open to even wildly speculate about it. He left, got lost, met some ayys and came back...


Luftschloss Schöpfer
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Today, 11:27
Sep 26, 2008
Idk what else to say really. It's too open to even wildly speculate about it. He left, got lost, met some ayys and came back...
I rewatched it again with CC on, and there's a lot of cool stuff. Here's some concepts I wanna bring up:

^ What is fascinating to me is they chose to make this rather belivable. Much like The Martian, I felt like the Sci-Fi of this little short was within hypothetical range. They used the ISS to build an Alcubierre Warp Drive prototype, which is a theoretically possible solution for FTL travel.

This is the first cinematic portrayal I've seen of the Alcubierre Drive. Later he mentioned that this was a "trillion dollar toy" which - I'm curious what you guys think. How much money would it cost to make an antimatter-based alcubierre drive like this?

But one of the coolest things they mentioned was this:

^ "entangled satellite"!!
I'm no physicists, but my impression is that this is theoretically possible, no? For example, an entangled satellite would provide instantaneous communication. As you shift the states of one particle, it changes the other particle entangled to it. So theoretically, even across light-years, you could communicate in real-time by affecting entangled states if you can do so without disrupting the entanglement. Thoughts?

^ And what do you think of this? "First Contact"

The way the film portrays it is that this first interplanetary warp -- which signls the very beginning of interstellar travel, and humanity's entry into a far wider gameplay -- caught the attention of extraterrestrials (they were able to pick up on it) and they forcefully warped the spaceship to the headquarters to see what this new unidentified signature was about. Suddenly, a new planet was indexed into their archives.

Finally, we've joined the big boys. Before having warp drive, other alien species don't even look our direction. But we become interesting to them once we cross this threshold. For all you Fermi Paradox speculators, ( @Cognisant ) do you think this might be what happens?

And could "where are all the aliens?" be a misguided question from assuming they'd be doing petty things like building physical empires? As if they cared so much about physical empires when they can generate matter at will from energy?

I'll start with these...
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