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Fictional Characters


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Sep 20, 2009
I see how that is a possibility, but the way I remember Walt approaching and solving problems seems more sensing. However, there are just as many examples for intuition as well. That is a problem when analyzing fictional characters.
Aug 16, 2010
anybody watch white collar think you could type neal caffrey for me?

I've wondered if he'd be introvert or extrovert because the con man stuff is super extrovert, but you could also say his real self is when he's alone and gets into history books and famous art pieces, since that is what his whole life is around.


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Aug 15, 2010
anybody watch white collar think you could type neal caffrey for me?

I've wondered if he'd be introvert or extrovert because the con man stuff is super extrovert, but you could also say his real self is when he's alone and gets into history books and famous art pieces, since that is what his whole life is around.
You should introduce yourself to an ISTJ. They are oblivious to their sociopathic tendencies.
Aug 26, 2010
No one did Harry Potter characters yet?

Severus Snape - INTJ
Albus Dumbledore - INFJ
Luna Lovegood - INFP
Neville Longbottom - ISFP
Harry Potter - ISFP
Hermione Granger - ISTJ
Ron Weasley - ESFP
Rubeus Hagrid - ESFJ
James Potter - ENTP
Lily Potter - INFJ
Sirius Black - ESTP
Remus Lupin - INFP
Tom Riddle - ENTJ

Probably not accurate, but meh. :)


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Jul 28, 2008
the eastern shore of the USA
Neil Kaffrey is more than likely a rational or idealist, his wit definately insinuates intuition. From there, i assume P type because despite him needing to plan much of his hiests, the planning is due to neccesity, not personality. I would assume he is an E also, for obvious reasons.

My best guess would be ENTP, and if im right, thats a common personality for high profile non-violent criminals.
Oct 27, 2010
I'm also interested with fictional characters and thus practiced a bit with my MBTI skills.

Here's what I've got:

StarGate Universe:

It was really hard to judge who is who in here, Intuitive fits nicholas rush in an instant but then when you think about it he relies more on what he can see and feel although he is constantly fiddling around with abstract ideas. Sensor fits everett in an instant too because his a colonel and he should be satisfied with concrete data rather then abstract but we see that this is actually quite the opposite for him - he tends to believe Rush's facts that are very abstract. He is also great at devising outside the box decisions.

Everett Young - I.N.T.J (Less possibly - I.S.T.J)
Dr. Nicholas Rush - I.S.T.J (Less possibly - I.N.T.J)

A normal human being would take what is being said in the brackets rather then follow my ideas. But thats what I think.


The difficulty here was actually the thinking/feeling part - I had to remember scenes where theyd show their preference clearly - and I guess i'm much more distracted with the action around them.

Charles Eppes: ENFP
Don Eppes: ISTP


no real comment here.

Richard Castle: ENFP
Detective Beckett: ISTJ

The Mentalist:

was quite easy to tell you the truth. Whats interesting about this character that before the traumatic event that got upon him he was very different (Extraverted, and a Judge, SJ Tempermant, thus sensor and probably a thinker - making him before accident [BA] - ESTJ)

Patrick Jane: INFP (WEEW! the opposite before BA!)

Lie to Me:

this was very very hard to determine whether he is an I.N.T.P or an I.S.T.P. Also I might be wrong about the T - I'm still not sure.

Cal Lightman: I.S.T.P (Perhaps an I.N.T.P, probably just split on the S)


Nov 14, 2010
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Dennis - ESTP
Mac - ESTP
Frank - ESTP
Dee - ESFP
Charlie - ISFP

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith - ISFP
Yang - INTJ
Izzie - ENFP
Karev - ISTP
O'Malley - ISFJ

Mac is definitely ESFP.
Frank I think you have right, but I think he's the only T in the gang.
I'm saying ENFP for Charlie.
Dee and Dennis I think are both ISFJs.

Yang - yep agreed.
Meredith - agreed.
Izzie - I'm saying she's ENFJ.
Karev - agreed.
O'malley - you could be right, but I always thought of him as an E.

The Frood

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Nov 29, 2009
Somewhere in the vicinity of betelgeuse
All Creatures Great and Small
Sigfried Farnon: INTP
James Harriot: any ideas?
Dec 24, 2010
the world
Shucks, I'm really no good at this whole typing thing, but I was wondering if anyone who had read J.D. Salinger could help me type Seymour, Zooey, and Franny Glass. (Or any of the other Glass family members, if you'd prefer.)


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Sep 19, 2010
Ok I just finished reading "First Meetings in the Enderverse," And I have come to a conclusion of most types.

Jean Paul Wiggin: ENFP
Theresa Brown(Wiggin): xNTx

Peter Wiggin: ENTJ, I am sure no one in their right mind would debate this.
Valentine Wiggin: INFJ
Andrew Wiggin: ENTP, Ok I had thought he was ENFP like his father until I read how he meet Jane, the computer lady. Definitely a T not an F.

Bean Delphaki: INTP
Petra Arkanian(Delphaki): ESTx, not entirely sure on this one but I think P.

Achilles de Flandres: :confused: ENFJ maybe?

Poke: ISFJ

Colonel Graff: INTJ I am pretty sure on this.

Sister Carlotta: INFJ(maybe ISFJ but I am thinking N)

Jane: very hard to get, but I will think she is INTJ.

Novinha Wiggin(don't remember her other last names): She torments herself like some INFJs I know, so I will go with INFJ on this one.

This is all I can think of for the moment, can't remember all of their names, but I am sure I can type all of them.

Dr. Freeman

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Feb 7, 2011
There is this, though some of the claims were not entirely accurate.
Apr 19, 2012
Don - ISTJ, but part of me thinks ENTJ, kind of a field marshall type.
Peggy - INXJ - What do you think? Originally, I was certain that she was an SJ, but I'm second-guessing.
Pete - ISFP
Betty - ISFP (interesting that I read Pete and Betty to be the same ... now that I think of it, they do have a lot of similar qualities, Betty is what Pete would be like, were Pete a hot woman)
Joan - ESFJ
The big boss whose name I forget is the only INTP I think. Shockingly low numbers of NTs for an ad agency. Rachel Mencken perhaps also is an NT, maybe INTJ. Sal might be as well.
Nobody else followed up on Mad Men?

I think ISTP for Don draper actually. He is definitely introverted and doesn't enjoy being around people.
When his new wife throws his birthday party I definitely decided introversion for him
He definitely shows the Ni "sudden revelation" characteristic (as in every idea for an ad that he ever has.)
He displays Se a lot especially when he lays the charm on.
What do you guys think?

I see Roger Sterling as an ESTP.

I can't put my finger on Peggy's type. INTJ?

Joan definitely seems ESFJ to me. She's such a mother hen.

I read ESFP from Sal.

I agree that Rachel Menken could be an NT but we don't really see her enough to know that well

Bert Cooper (The big boss) I also get INTP from, but again he ends up being kind of a minor character so it's hard to tell.

Harry Crane- ENFP?

I can see Betty being an ISFP or a very lonely ESFP.
Dec 24, 2012
Far away from All This
I don't know how repetitive this is:

Hiro: ENFJ – Wants to be a hero; wants everything to work out, impractical (NF)
Ando: INTP - Computer geek, sceptical of his friend's dreams (NT)
Suresh: INTJ – Researcher (NT); once he starts something, he always follows through
Sylar: INTP – Superhuman understanding of how things fit together: this could be NT or SP, but is constantly searching for himself (NT)
Cheerleader: ISFP – Athlete, adapts well to new situations (SP); trusting until someone breaks trust
Parkman: ISTJ – Law-abiding, unimaginative (SJ); logical, step-by-step thinker

Sherlock (BBC):
Sherlock: INTP – addict; antisocial at times; excitable when something interests him, usually cold, deduction (NT); impulsive
Mycroft: INTx – pulls strings behind the scenes, deduction (NT)
Watson: ISTP – soldier; logical yet unimaginative, rather laid-back (SP); doesn't care what others think
DI Lestrade: ISTP – logical yet unimaginative, rule-breaker (SP)
Moriarty: INTJ – calculating abstract thinker (NT)
Molly: INFP – socially awkward; perceptive of people (NF)

Mal: ISTP – soldier, impartial (in settling arguments), goes with whatever he can, doesn't care what others think
Jayne: ISFP – simple-minded; impulsive, fighter (SP); doesn't care what others think; sentimental
Kaylee: ESFP – bad at concealing emotion (dominant Fe), mechanical prodigy (SP)
Inara: INFJ – always plans ahead; very calm and controlled but seeks harmony, perceptive (NF) doesn't care what others think
Simon: INTP – no idea how to deal with emotions, understands sister, surgeon(NT); no foresight; socially inept
Shepherd Book: INTJ – mysteriously broad knowledge (NT), strategist who sees things others don't
Wash: ISTP – quick-thinking/reflexes, pilot (SP); loyal; socially inept
Zoe: ISTJ – loyal to Mal and the "old times" (SJ); soldier

Comments welcome.



Dec 29, 2012
ESFJ- Asuka Soryu (Evangelion)
I'd go for ESTP, especially in the original NGE. Hikari might be a better example of an ESFJ (just look at the way Asuka treats Rei and Shinji. Even the most arrogant Fe-dominant wouldn't act like that). And also because she appears to be a compensatory narcissist, which I've read is common among ESTPs. She actually does resemble an ESTP friend of mine, except more emotional and cynical.

Other Eva characters

ENFP- Misato
INTJ- Gendo Ikari
ENFJ- Kaworu Nagisa
IxFx- Shinji Ikari (INFJ would be a good contrast to Asuka's ESTP)
ENTP- Ryoji Kagi
ISTP- Kensuke Aida
INTP- Kozo Fuyutsuki


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May 13, 2013
Here's a huge list of characters... Harry Potter series. Also, characters from LOTR, and how about Robert Langdon?

Edit: I just saw someone did HP and Gandalf. Ooops :-)
Dec 24, 2012
Far away from All This

Kaylee: ESFP – bad at concealing emotion (dominant Fe), mechanical prodigy (SP)
Mistake: Kaylee would have dominant Se. I think I'm stuck on her. ESFP or ESFJ?



Dec 29, 2012
Fifth Business

Dunstan Ramsay- INFJ
Boy Staunton- ESTP
Leola- ISFP
Diana- xSFJ
Paul Dempster- INTJ
Liesl- ENTP
Padre Blazon- ENFP
Denyse Hornick- ENTJ
Dec 29, 2012
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyoujin

Eren Jaeger- ENFJ

He's definitely NF, and uses action to express his idealism, or what he believes is morally right. Highly goal-driven.

Stabbing the human trafficking gang, or retrieving Armin from the Titan without any regard for his own safety. He often acts without rational analysis, and more heat of the moment type situations. Inferior Ti, maybe?

Mikasa Ackerman- ISTJ

"You don't stand a single chance to win, unless you fight."

Armin Arlert- INFJ

Idealist, like Eren. Plans strategically, but not an action-driven character.

Jean Kirschstein- XSTX

He's difficult to type so far. Jean is a realist, which contrasts heavily with Eren. He's described as being suited for leadership by his colleagues, so it's hard to say if he leans to J or P.

Annie Leonhardt- ISTP

Isn't blindly loyal to anyone, and looks out for self-interest, rather than completely obey leaders.

[Referring to only the most elite of trainees are allowed enlistment in the Military Police] "Why in this world are the people most capable of opposing the Titans the only ones given the privilege of avoiding them entirely?"

Connie Springer- ESFP

Sasha Braus- INFP(?)

Lance Corporal Rivaille- IXTJ

Hannes- ISFP

Dot Pixis- ENTP


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Jun 7, 2017
Just watched a clip from "Bones" to see that INTP chick. Holy fuck the acting is bad. It's so bad it's indistinguishable from a parody.
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