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Feeling betrayed by your body


kick trees
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Today, 08:45
Apr 22, 2011
Intp supposed to got their head in the clouds. Does this lack of presence and embodiment stem from a sense of the body as being chaotic? Sometimes I appreciate it but many times it seems to have made a decision about how to feel which I strongly disagree with but am subject to. How to occupy the body and feel secure in it? Is this attainable?

Edit: may be mistaking the body for the subconscious but they're probably the same thing who knows


We're all trying our best. Aren't we?
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Today, 02:45
Jun 13, 2019
You have feelings of detachment due to racing thoughts? Are your thoughts coherently connected to each other or are they seemingly random/loosely associated?

As for you and your subconscious not agreeing with you, your subconscious would be made of many different subsubconcious if that makes sense. All the neurons in your brain are processing a lot of information, and not all of them are on the same page/serve the same function in your body. You should try free writing to organize these thoughts. Just write with not specific goal other than to articulate what's in your mind, if you find yourself with competing things to write about just make a note via a different paragraph so that you can jump between these writings.


lust for life
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Today, 00:45
Aug 12, 2010
California, USA
Cast off everything everyone has every said to or about you. Go over in objective terms how you got to where you are now. Ground yourself in what you know to be true. Then state what I Am and what I Will Be.
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