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Crossdress Paradise


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Yesterday 11:51 PM
Dec 12, 2009
...but, they're Japanese, now aside from the fact that many Japanese guys are almost indistinguishable from women to western eyes... :o moving on... in Japanese culture they're not so uptight about this sort of thing, heck cross-dressing used to be a respectable career for male theatre actors and homosexuality was considered nothing more than a mildly adventurous kink.

Now if this was done with westerners and the cross-dresser tried to seduce the victim, that would be awesome TV, better yet let's have women & female cross-dressers :D

Or better yet! Two cross-dressers on a date XD


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Today 10:51 AM
Jul 2, 2010
If you like this show so much why don' you petition the networks here in the U.S. to do a reality show. I don't know how many signatures you would need, but try getting them here on the internet or at petition poll.
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