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Could you guys help me type myself?

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Today, 05:33
Oct 6, 2017
Ha, I'm pretty sure these are common questions you deal with all the time, so I apologize for that.

As I am sure you all know, there are a lot of similarities between INTPs and INTJs, and, unfortunately, I am unsure as to which one I am.

I've taken personality tests before. I've gotten both INTP and INTJ as results before. I've analyzed their cognitive functions, and I'm still unsure.

I've seen that INTPs are more known for being theoretical, like Albert Einstein. When he wanted validation for his ideas, he pointed to his math. INTJs are more known for being practical, like Nikola Tesla. When he wanted to see if his ideas worked, he would point to reality--that is, the inventions he would make himself.

INTPs are content with never having their theories be put to use. They're happy simply thinking about the ideas. That's why they are known for being philosophers.

INTJs must have an actual use for something. They are goal oriented people.

As for a little about myself, I am intelligent, keep to myself a lot, very sarcastic. I'm not too keen on the emotion thing. In fact, my parents for the first four years of my life thought I was incapable of showing emotion.

I don't particularly want to go too much into detail here, but I also want to be a scientist. I'm just seventeen, but I've had a lot of cool ideas that started last year. I've had so many ideas that I sort of have my own theory. I know you all must think I'm insane, but I've studied practically my whole life and the fact that I've been having these ideas is really neat! They actually make sense! I am well aware of the fact that I'm still just a kid, so I'm most likely wrong. I must sound stupid. Haha... I swear I'm not crazy... Anyway, having these ideas have really made me analyze myself as a person.

I see myself being like Einstein in that I can come up with lots of possibilities. When I'm researching, I can see what we observe and can reverse engineer to see what could possibly cause the occurrence. I also had to create my own sort of math to verify my findings, and it is all consistent. I would not think any idea would make sense if there was no mathematical proof to back it up, after all.


I feel like the theory is worthless if all it's just a bunch of pretty math that has no bearing on reality. I remember crying for hours straight alone in my room because I wanted my ideas to immediately benefit mankind. Theorizing alone made me incomplete. I can't imagine doing this solely. I've decided that I will also become an engineer and use my theory (if it has any truth to it) to invent machines that would greatly help the world. Even though I need the math for me to even consider my ideas, I must have real world proof that it at least has some validity.

I've met a couple of INTPs before. I'm not like them. Not quite, anyway. I would say that I can be pretty easy going. Well... half the time. I suppose. But... they don't really have plans. They're definitely smart. But they don't know what they want as careers. They have lackluster grades. I'm not like that. I've always known what I've wanted to do. My parents say that I came out of the womb with a purpose. I've always been very conscious of our financial situation and have taken it upon myself to get impeccable grades.

I go with the flow sometimes. If someone changes plans when we're going somewhere, I'm fine with it. I don't really worry about stress too much.

BUT... I do plan. I am strategic. I have a daily routine. I am well-disciplined. My parents are very shocked at how disciplined I am because they never had to tell me to do something or punish me. They know that if I do something wrong, I would punish myself more than they ever could. I am a perfectionist. I am my own worst enemy. With that being said, I am adaptable. I do change my plans if something happens, sometimes on a whim.

In addition, a lot of INTPs don't really understand the whole Ni thing. But I completely get it. Once I have my possibilities for my theory, I get a hunch for this one possibility. "This one just sounds right..." Once I perform the vigorous math, usually I was right. That possibility was the best fit.

Also, I tried to study the loops that INTJs and INTPs experience.

INTPs keep obsessing over their mistake to an unhealthy degree. They keep thinking "that wasn't logical. Why did I do that?" I am infamous for obsessing like that. I just keep thinking "why did I do that?"

INTJs get nihilistic and over indulge in sensory stimuli (like drinking, eating, exercising). I am very melancholic. My whole life I've been that way. Everything seems pointless and hollow if I think too much about it (insert obligatory WAKE ME UP INSIDE reference). And I do over indulge in exercise when I am stressed. It's something to distract myself. By far, the nihilism is the most crushing of my traits.

Ever since I was little, my senses have bothered me. Do you know how people get used to stimuli if they're around it enough? Like, you can get used to the feeling of your clothes against your skin, the sounds of people sniffing or the movement of papers. After a while, you don't even notice. You know what I'm talking about?

Well, I sometimes feel like I don't have that. I used to wish I was deaf because I could hear everything and couldn't tune it out. I went commando for several months in the third grade because I hated the texture of cotton (actually sort of funny). I avoided cake because it was too sweet for me. My senses were always amplified and it's been torture for a while.

I used to be so frustrated that I would have tantrums-- which is an INTP thing to do.

Sometimes, when I do allow myself to experience certain sensory things, I am sort of amazed. Like, looking at waves going through water that is really blue. Or "I didn't know grass could be this green." Or "Damn, this cake is REALLY SWEET FUCK YEAH SUGAR!" Then I go back to avoiding those things because it's too much.

INTJs reluctantly accept leadership. INTPs completely remove themselves from it. I will accept it if I can't avoid it.

I am prone to getting off topic. I would like to learn as much as humanly possible. To do as much as humanly possible. But whenever I do something that isn't immediately related to my pursuits, I keep thinking "I don't have much time for this. I can do this one day, just not today."

But, I've had this habit of trying to record all information possible, only to give up when I realize that it won't really serve me well.

I will change my decisions if necessary; I won't be a fool and never change. But, when I do come to a decision, I'm pretty resolute. Unless I see that it was the wrong choice. Heh...

INTPs are insecure about being proved wrong. INTJs are insecure about people. They are sensitive and don't want others to hurt them.

I don't want to be proven wrong because I am very insecure about my intelligence. The only worth I have as a human being is that.

But at the same time, I've always been lonely. I never let anyone in. A friend once asked me why I kept pushing her away and I told her it was because I knew that in the end, no one ever stays. I may as well prepare myself for that by allowing us to never get close. (WAKE ME UP INSIIIDE)

When I show emotion, I would say that it's a controlled release that no one sees. I am aware of where I am when my emotions bubble up and remove myself from the situation so no one has to see me blubber. Then I come back and act like nothing happened.

When people force themselves to see me in a state like that, it gets pretty bad. I plead for them to leave then I just sort of let it all out if they won't. Not my proudest moment.

Guys, I'm so sorry this is so long. I've been very confused for a while and just wanted other people's opinions. I know you all don't care, but thank you if any of you do help.
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