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Best Hulk

Best Hulk?

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Yesterday, 17:21
Jan 24, 2012
Eric Bana was one of the first and people said he was the best but he only did one, as did Edward Norton. Bruce Banner is supposed to be a scientist - except his original Mr. Fixit (grey Huk) incarnation worked as a nightclub bouncer and turned back regular when the sun rose. So in some of the adaptations they do more or less a better job. In Avengers, the most recent ones, he's played by Mark Ruffalo, who they said was INTP, who could be a scientist technically, according to certain descriptions, although not always. I'm not sure how his actual type plays into it but I'd say he could be one of the best, didn't like his work in Thor Ragnarok, though, or Infinity War. His gimmicks in the first two were better, and then he just got tired of it, probably, and started acting different.


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Today, 09:51
Mar 17, 2011
Yeah I noticed that too about rag and infinity war. Rag is the first time they gave Hulk any kind of autonomy, at the expense of Banner's. In IW, Hulk exercised this autonomy to be a no-show. I don't think it's that he's tired, I think that it's just a new character arc that culminates in them working together or maybe even merging (also Banner figuring out he's not useless without the Hulk).

TBH, I don't like Hulk much in any of these movies. He's too much of a measuring stick to show the power of other characters.
We need to show how strong Thor is -> Thor beats up the Hulk
We need to show how strong Thanos is -> Thanos beats up the Hulk
We need to show how good Tony's suits are getting -> Suit beats up the Hulk

And yeah, this is gonna happen, because he's more of a force of nature than a character unto himself, but it's sort of annoying. All Hulk has is his strength and he pays a hefty cost for it (going from super scientist to learning disabled). I really liked Hulk comics as a kid, and I thought they were doing him some justice in avengers 1, but since then he's been benched as a roleplayer for the most part.
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