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Best/favorite MBTI memes


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Yesterday, 16:17
Jan 24, 2012
Mine is, from my experience, how ENTPs keep trying to tell INTPs (or is it just me?) that they're ENTP but it usually is too subtle until after a while, whatever is going on, and I am trying to figure out their type if we haven't met before. Note that this applies to only certain types of ENTP, as they're getting easier to recognize/type now.

The joke is that they are ENTP, and it shows that they're way different from I. Except, they have the same functions so they are similar.

Another similar meme is how ISFJ or ISTJ always think they're INTP or J, because Spock. ISTJ because Te makes them "logical", and ISFJ because they rest on Ti, similar to trying to argue with an INFJ, perhaps, eventually actions speak louder than words or something.


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Yesterday, 13:17
Dec 12, 2009
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