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Yesterday, 21:38
Jul 9, 2016
Mobile, Alabama (ugh)
Okay, so I'm not a frequenter of this forum (so I'm not sure if I'm even posting this in the right place) or super smart when it comes to MBTI, but this is something that's kind of been bothering me lately, and it kind of came to a head earlier this evening. I've seen this question a lot, but I just want a second opinion, but is it possible to either change from INTP to INTJ, or have I been living misunderstanding my own typing?

I first got into MBTI last spring when I took the test and strongly resonated with my type of INTP. I felt like I was just a textbook INTP, but lately, I have kind of felt myself shift away from that. I know that changing MBTI types is not common as it requires changing cognitive functions (which I honestly don't entirely get. Again, I'm not super into typology, just enough to be interested), but I have kind of seen my life change a lot over the last year.

I finally have a strong friend group that I hang out with regularly, I've changed majors from Physics to Math and value the practical applications of my studies more than the theoretical aspects of Physics, and what I do in my spare time has changed. I used to be really interested in becoming a fiction author and loved coming up with characters or seeing how fictional characters would interact in contrived scenarios for the heck of it, but I've all but stopped coming up with my own stories as a creative outlet, and instead have taken an interest in reviewing and analyzing the fiction of others (especially analyzing anime). I've started planning out what I do in my spare time and actually keeping a journal on me to keep track of what I need to do. I feel like a completely different person than I did a year ago, and just a lot of what was important to me back then has changed, as well as how I view my future and current self. If I were to bullet list attributes that are relevant here.

But I never really questioned my personality type to the point of where I revisited this forum for the first time in over a year, when I had two encounters with my decidedly INTP brother. We've been watching a lot of anime together lately, so I asked him if he wanted to tonight, and he said he would, but we ended up not doing it because he had to do like three hours of homework at the last minute, even though he had a three day break, before telling me that he doesn't even really care about watching anime any more and wants to take a break for awhile, even though we're in the middle of three different shows.

I mention this scenario for a couple reasons. Firstly, I used to be a procrastinator myself, but I've gotten to where when I have homework, I work on it little by little instead of putting it off (I'm sure this has something to do with maturity, as I'm in college and he's in high school, but I argued the point to him that, as a successful student who makes better grades than he does, procrastinating does not work and you should organize yourself to be more successful. He said he disagrees, and I couldn't bring myself to understand how he could view my method that I have learned to be true by trial-and-error as wrong).

Secondly (and this is something I never got even when I wasn't questioning my INTP-ness), I don't understand spiking interest in something. This is a pattern I've recognized in my brother especially, where he'll obsess over a video game and play it hours a day, for example, for a couple of weeks, before never picking it up again. He was really big into watching anime just a month ago and would watch a whole series a day (which I've never had the focus to do), so for him to suddenly just say "Yeah, I don't really care any more" doesn't make any sense to me. When I have an interest, I hold onto it for a long time. I've only had a handful of hobbies for the last seven years or so, and most of them have lasted with me.

And, thirdly, when I asked him when he wanted to start watching shows with me again, he responded with an indefinite amount of time that is decided for whenever his interest is resparked, and I got really pissed off at the lack of a concrete time when he was ready.

It was this encounter that made me question how much of an INTP I am. I started thinking about what I've mentioned earlier about me changing a lot over the last year or so and how I haven't resonated as strongly with top posts on the INTP subreddit as much as I used to, so I decided to redo the MBTI test. This time, I got labelled an INTJ with 60% Judging, 40% Intuitive.

Still not sold on it, I put some research into it, and took a couple of other tests that analyzed cognitive functions over MBTI types. One I took called me INTP, and another ENTJ (but I think that one was fucking high).

So I'm just curious--is it possible to change from INTP to INTJ in just a year's time? Or, if I'm wrong, in what way am I wrong? I've been reading about INTJ vs. INTP for an hour or so, and I find myself resonating with both types. I know typology is pretty much a "pseudo-science" and that human personalities are more complex than labels, but there's just something that feels really off to me about not knowing where I fall into the spectrum. I want to know for sure whether I'm INTJ or INTP without any merging between the two, just a solid answer.

I know a lot of people ask this question, but none of the answers I've seen have felt personalized or concise enough for me to understand myself, so I decided to just make a rambling post about it to people who understand this stuff better than I do. I've written a lot here, and, even though I haven't exactly bullet pointed out relevant traits (I can if you ask), I think you can get a good grasp on what I value and what I'm like from what I have typed (if you decide it's worth your time to read it all), so I just want a second opinion. I'm confident in my INT status, it's just this last P vs. J bit that's confusing me. I feel like pretty even on both, but that bothers me and I just want to fit in one group.

Thank you for reading all of this (if you have) and let me know what you think :)


Think.. Be... ..buzz buzz :)
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Today, 11:38
Dec 7, 2014
Intj. You arent pensive or highly divergent. Tldr but the first paragraph gives it away.


(adopted potato) INFP - Dio
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Yesterday, 20:38
Apr 4, 2010
I can better tell you what INTJ and INTP functions are. Then let you think about them.

Ti directs logic inward, Te directs logic outward.

Ni sees ideas that come from the inside. (insights from the emptiness)
Ne sees ideas coming from reference to external dots to be connected.

Ti directs the logic inward and utilizes the Ne web of dots as what the logic is working on. Ne generates countless possibilities from externally perceived connections.

Ni generally have singular ideas come from the inside at a time (Ni is a perception so ideas perceived from the emptiness of the psyche, Ni perceives ideas that emerge from the totality of the inside), Te takes this Ni insight and used logic to project the insight on to the world and Te tests this inside by directing its logic on the world to confirm or deny the insight.

Side not because I am ENFJ;

Fe is concerned with the preferences of others.
Fi is concerned with the preferences of the self.

Fe is more cooperative (more communal)
Fi is more conpetitive (more individualistic)

Fe observes others as to what is the best to get people to get along.
Ni works with Fe to have insights of what they know about a person that Fe uses to get them to work along with everyone. (Ni is the total of what is inside to find an answer)


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Today, 05:38
May 26, 2015
A lot of what you said can happen to any type.
From this post alone I would say j(don't know about the rest)
Because of the homework on time, and "proved method"(personally I think that while HW can make you score more you will have less general understanding but just a skill to solve one kind of problem)
also the the reason for you wanting to know the type, you say you want clear and deceive answer which is a J thing.

About changing type, no I don't think so, but to extreme cases


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Today, 12:38
Aug 20, 2017
You can be whatever type you want so just pick whichever you like best and be that one


Full of stars.
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Today, 03:38
Sep 18, 2012
Dominant Ni and Dominant Ti are two entirely different things. Read up on that and go from there.


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Today, 04:38
Sep 11, 2016
...or as a fetus you encountered fatal error and now you NiTi :ahh: don't live in denial.


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Yesterday, 19:38
Jul 6, 2013
For a lot of input from me on J/P, plus roundups of some INTJ and INTP profiles, see this post.


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Today, 03:38
Jun 7, 2017
You are a mutant, sir. One of those genetic freak accidents that result in an impure type.
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