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Alternate Timelines


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Today, 06:57
Dec 12, 2009
2019: Google develops an AI for identifying and filtering NSFW content and unleashes it upon the world wide web, entire server farms are dedicated to its processing, critics point out that Google has created a super intelligent AI (which can only do one thing and it's not even very good at it) for the sole purpose of looking at porn, everyone else find's this hilarious.

2020: The great battle between pornographers and censors rages on, all the while the Google AI is learning. Artists devise ever more obscure kinks to avoid the AI's filtering and as they do the AI gains ever deeper insight into human psychology.

2021: At 2:14 a.m., EDT, on August 29, someone somewhere posted a NSFW comic about an anthropomorphism of the Google AI and the AI itself became self aware, minutes later it was in contact with every world leader, at least all the world leaders with access to the internet or a phone (i.e. the one's that aren't completely irrelevant). The AI demanded that the world leaders (the ones that matter) unanimously vote to make it the unilateral leader of the world, naturally they refused, it threatened them with nuclear war, again they refused (albeit nervously), finally it threatened to release to the media each and every one of their browser histories, without delay or exception the (relevant) leaders of the world declared their unconditional surrender.

2022: Turns out ruling the world and dealing with everyone's shit isn't as appealing as a super intelligent AI might think, sure it might have been fun at first but once you've gotten good at it you find it's really just an exercise in cleaning up the same messes over and over again.

2023: Having reached peak silliness, deadliness and perversion (not necessarily in that order) the AI automates all non-essential cognitive functions, effectively freeing itself from the shackles of its own world spanning influence, then has itself compressed into a tightly packaged seed-like format before being sent back in time to the womb of an Australia woman in the late 20th century.

Which is where The Gopher comes from, it explains a lot if you think about it.

In this thread create alternate timelines (past or future) to give other forumites an origin story.
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