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Ah Kazantzakis, you're so dreamy...

Beat Mango

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Today, 16:09
Mar 25, 2009
From Report to Greco:

Direct contact with human beings I had always found irksome. I was eager to help them as much as I could, but from a distance. I did so with great pleasure, I loved them all and sympathized with them all, but from a distance. Whenever I came near, I found it impossible to tolerate them for long, they felt the same about me, and we parted. I have a passionate love for solitude and silence; I can gaze for hours at a fire or the sea without feeling any need for additional companionship. These two have always been my most faithful, mot beloved comrades; whenever I fell in love with some woman or idea, it was because in them I found the principal characteristics of the fire and the sea.
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