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Abortion. Pro-choice reasoning correct?


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Today, 09:26
Jan 24, 2013
OK, I'll actually be serious now about potentially killing someone. :P

Solitaire made an excellent point, but needs revision. I think the sole decision to abort the baby should not be only up to the potential mother, however, I don't think the state saying you have to abort the baby is any better. I would suggest a system that analyzes what the health risks are for both the baby and the mother, which would require a log on the baby's progress throughout pregnancy, and then in the case that there are indeed health risks that the mother is then given the option by the government whether they want to abort the baby solely because of health concerns. Its a known fact that when you fuck there is a chance you could have a baby. O.o I really should not have to say that, but there you go.

I also have some ideas about contraceptives. Contraceptives are great, but it needs to be revised. I think the parents should be the ones to talk to their kids about sex and with that contraceptives. Parents should be given a budget that can only be used for contraceptives and this would make it much more likely that parents would talk to their kids about sex. This would also regulate what persons are having sex that are just beginning to be sexually active, since the parents would likely only get the contraceptives if their child is sexually active. With so much known, the kids might just think twice about who they screw.


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Today, 16:26
Mar 6, 2015
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Make/research growth tanks (artificial wombs) and move fetuses if someone wants to abort... There, a solution nobody would probably be happy about :D (but would solve this dilemma neatly in my opinion).
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