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A Theory on Hoodies.


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Today, 18:43
Apr 19, 2016
Given my recent emotional fallouts and instability and other social issues, I've started using hoodies magnanimously. I used to carry around a laptop with my bag and started isolating myself from society and used to practice programming during free times.

Note : <em>I'm not trying to emulate Elliot Alderson in any way</em>

I noticed that after eliminating the placebo effect caused by the societal perception of using hoodies, they actually helped me, in fact, to focus more on tasks, filter out more stimuli and engage in peregrinations more often. This is only caused by pulling the hoodie over your head and not simply using sweatshirts for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon. The theory :

<Em><b> A hoodie, especially a one which covers your head and overhangs on your forehead and create an ephemeral gap between the ears while being in a restful position, helps in blocking out peripheral vision, reduce some background noise and focus more linearly, giving you a straight line of vision. As far as I've experienced, it blocks your peripheral vision by almost 15-20 degrees give or take, both laterally and vertically. This can provide a pseudo-tunnel vision effect which is moderately wider than the usual stereoscopic angle of vision. That's not all. Pulling a hoodie over your head furthermore induces you to place your hands in the kangaroo-esque sidepockets covering the belly button and almost ceasing at the groin. This can cause you to hunch a little bit, furthermore lower your vertical sight of vision. Given all these effects, if we consider a gestalt perspective, I can deduce that this indeed can induce focus and block out audiovisual stimuli by almost 15-20% which is enough to make you less talkitive, more contemplating, more detached and more observant if the faculty of observation is employed consciously.</b></em>

The patable trait of this theory can, in my opinion, induce more than average amount of introversion if done frequently.

About hoodies : as far as I've observed, (hoodies here means prominently sweatshirts)
Hoodies are omnipresent, however, the amount of people pulling up the hoodies and keeping it there for long durations are quite less or in fact may be even concluded as rare. If my theory is accurate then hoodies can in fact empirically be shown as a strong identity of depersonalisation, in moderate amount of cases, solitude and less prone to engage in social activities as compared to the average extroverted person. Hoodies have been fashionable since the 2000s in the teenage world, used ubiquitously, however media might be right in portraying hoodie-obsessed people like they portray. However certain things are to be kept in mind : this effect can only take place if hoodies are presented to the above mentioned conditions and not under ordinary circumstances where it is employed as merely a piece of cloth. My theory has not been documented nor empirically tested by researchers, based on my own observation. However I believe that this case may perfectly exist.

Feel free to amend certain aspects and include cultural effects on the wearing of hoodies.

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Today, 13:13
Jul 27, 2017
Well for my experience they are comfortable and easy to put on and for a girl whenever i want to go out i have this question like what should i wear ? But now i just grap my hoodie and put it on .easy .and it's useful when it's raining and when it's sunny .and whenever i feel bad or anxious or don't wanna talk to anyone i just cover my head . And i start to like them even more when i watched mr robot

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Today, 13:13
Sep 11, 2013
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
I don't feel comfortable wearing a hoodie, but now I want to try it.


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Today, 02:13
Dec 12, 2009
Wear a big black trench coat, wherever you go peace and quiet are soon to follow.


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Today, 07:13
Jan 24, 2013
Wear a big black trench coat, wherever you go peace and quiet are soon to follow.
Unless you want to talk to people while wearing a big black trench coat.
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