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new member

  1. Forensic1999

    Ehm, hi.

    My first thought about writing an introduction was... How vicious are you guys on this website? Am I going to get torn apart for saying hi? Lol. I just found this forum and I wanted to see if I could meet some like-minded people. Hopefully I'll get a response from one of you, :)
  2. RandomAspects


    I've been lurking here for a while, and figured it was time to jump in, since registration is open again. I also visit over at INTPc, but it seems more interesting to follow along than actually participate there. Basically, another (somewhat) young INTP finding likeminded people. After all...
  3. Rain

    New Member: Introducing Rain

    Hi all. INTJ, been pretty interested in joining intpf, but had to wait till registration opened. Nice to meet you all. A few might recognize me from chat like miss saffy or mr. ogion. *waves*
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