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  1. Pls delete - song

    What do you think about the song?
  2. ashlynx

    sometimes it is so hard to respect and care for a INTJ

    i remember the first time i took the mbti test. well first of all hi. im new here. as y'all can see because it's obvious. anyways, the first time i took the test i got INTJ, which was fun because everyone seems to be up their ass since they're visionaries or whatever. but that just didn't seem...
  3. Forensic1999

    What is your assumption on the loss of human freedom?

    Ok. I'll try and make it sound intellectual while also juggling it enough to make it interesting. I surely cannot be the only mind who sees the gradual fading of freedoms to be something of a depressing and sickening truth. Phones, social media, "trends", and the slowly but sure way we are...
  4. Forensic1999

    Ehm, hi.

    My first thought about writing an introduction was... How vicious are you guys on this website? Am I going to get torn apart for saying hi? Lol. I just found this forum and I wanted to see if I could meet some like-minded people. Hopefully I'll get a response from one of you, :)
  5. Please answer the following questions if and only if you know about Davesuperpowers system very clearly.

    I repeat people only with a clear understanding of his system are eligible to answer. Are you on lead sleep[Ti-Si]? IF YOU ARE ON LEAD SLEEP[Ti-Si] How do you describe your way of problem-solving is an INTP? Do you try to go back and check your well-organized notes on a piece of information...
  6. Tenacity

    Any female INTPs here?

    I don't have any close friends who are INTP. In fact, I don't have any close friends at all, lol. One of my closest friends from middle school, I found out, was INTP. But we live in different states now and I haven't reached out to her in years. We're both different but share the commonality of...
  7. What's the mature way to deal with the INTP "need to be needed"?

    I've seen multiple sources mention how INTPs have a "need to be needed", especially in the context of a relationship. While it's perfectly normal to have the need to feel valued or that your work/presence is meaningful/helpful to others, etc, it is unhealthy when: You seek to address this need...
  8. Zero

    Type Description on CPP Results

    The CPP MBTI test has a bullet list of INTP traits: -Logical, analytical, and objectively critical -Quick, insightful, and ingenious; intensely curious about ideas and theories -Adept at providing a detached, concise analysis of an idea of a situation -Likely to approach situations with...
  9. Invoke Ninja's True Power

    feelings about SJ types?

    I'm not trying to discriminate, just calling it like it is(at least how I perceive it) I can't stand most of them, I perceive many of my (and a lot of society's) problems to be generated by the SJ dominance in society no one personality type should gain too much prevalence anyone feel...
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