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Default Live conflict/news map

Found this neat website when looking for the borders of the various factions in Syria. Idk how reliable it is but it's interesting to look at and see what's happening.
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Default Re: Live conflict/news map

Looks pretty cool and interesting indeed.

The only risk I think of is that with extensive following this site, the conflicts can become feeling like a 'game', as if the real conflicts are game-of-thrones like or a football competition: it may show insignificant movements of the borders, while you don't get to see the real harshness of living at the front.
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Default Re: Live conflict/news map

Cool site Sete!

I also like that they document the Aftermath of dramatic events such as how Bangladeshi media are feeling the heat because of irresponsible journalism.

@Turnevies I agree with you although I think we can't really live through the harshness of those conflicts anyways. I guess one way we can prevent that GOT feeling from settling in would be to constantly communicating or reading about the conflicts.
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Default Re: Live conflict/news map

Thanks! Looks useful...

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