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sparta? THIS IS MADNESS!!!
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Default Dual Process Theory for AGI

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't know enough about the subject to resolve the useful bits from those that might not be useful.
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Default Re: Dual Process Theory for AGI

Well, the intro is pretty useless.

The remainder is a meta-analytic outline of all the contemporary methods, so depending on which method you favor, or none, you can pick that one, or learn about all of the different approaches to AI modeling. One of the currently more promising is evolutionary algorithms and neural networks.
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Default Re: Dual Process Theory for AGI

By nesting the loops as a causal hierarchy selection and creativity become possible.

Creativity is about selecting what comes next. Imagination means the selection processes folds inward.
Nested loops is now my theory of deep learning. In Highschool I made these two pictures.

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