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Default Deconstructing Identity

I thought of this a little while ago, but it sometimes gives me the courage to do something that I normally would not. Anyways, when it comes to identity, it's obviously inconsistent in a lot of different situations such as the Theseus Conversion. Say if you had a clone, hypothetically, and I'm sure this would be the case, you would not be conscious inside both your body and your clone's body. And when you think about using quantum entanglement to transfer information from one electron to another, in order to 'teleport', your left wondering why you would do that for the same reason you wouldn't want to be replaced with a clone or along those lines and if you are willing to live.
Combining that with Last-Thursdayism and the idea that the present only exists we are left with such a scenario that in every instance, your current consciousness 'evaporates' or 'ceases to exist', and is replaced by a new one in which you have no connection to, yet it has all your memories.
Well, I thought that was interesting even though deep down it's not that clever or original. What do you think?

The main emphasis of this thought experiment was on the idea of dying in every instant.

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