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Chad T. Cock

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Default ISTJ/Trans Correlation?

Is it just me or does there seem to be a disproportionate amount of ISTJ trans people out there?

I don't exactly have a large sample size, but of the handful of (MtF) trans people I've met and seen, they were all blatant ISTJs.

My tentative theory is that ISTJs are the most out of touch with their human nature/sex/etc, and thus the most likely to believe that this stuff is just largely arbitrated by environment; so they'd be most likely to get fixated on the idea of instead being a women or whatever. ISTJs are typically very "normal", but when they go off the rails, they do so with great momentum.
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Looker at dicker
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Default Re: ISTJ/Trans Correlation?

I've never met a trans that was even remotely ISTJ.

I figure it's because they're the type that is most out of touch with their nature/sex/etc., and thus they're the least likely to realise that that their internal and external identities don't match.

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Default Re: ISTJ/Trans Correlation?

Originally Posted by Chad T. Cock View Post
Is it just me
I don't think it's even you.
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notzi nazi
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Default Re: ISTJ/Trans Correlation?

inb4 autogynephilia and mental illness makes its way into the discussion
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