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Default Re: synchronicity of meta-reflective artificial intelligence

Feedback Simulation


Ray Kurzweil has the conception that the brain is a hierarchy. There are 10 times the number feedback loops than feedforward connections. This allows the brain to simulate future possibilities because not only do the feedback adjust the signals that are coming in. But also to create new perspectives. Association areas where new ideas come together. The ideas that are good are learned and the feedback loops are reinforced. The feedback that doesn’t match up, such as putting round pegs in square holes then it is not reinforced. This is working memory where things get put together in reinforced feedback loops. But in the end, emotion decides that solving the puzzle is worth it. The point is that feedback allows simulation and learning. The loops go into the frontal lobes after being sent to the back of the brain. This creates novelty. To combine new things you must send the signals backward. That way they can go forward into the areas where they combine. This is how people have mind’s eye and see images with their eyes closed. Feedforward signals are not enough for intelligence.
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