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Default Re: INTPf Lord of the Flies

When I listened to the story Lord of the Flies on tape from the library it mest me up almost as bad as the Christian left behind Series. Another tape from the library I listened to (I was 12 for all tapes) was 20,000 leagues under the sea. That story was fun. But the other two stories, because I was 12. made me sick inside and hopeless that life had any point. I fucking hate it so much that all the media I consumed as a child was so nihilistic and made me think how horrible the world was.

Nebulous avatar makes me laugh because it makes me think she really is some old lady on the internet with a pet possum. Funny old ladies with a sense of humor make me happy.
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notzi nazi
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Default Re: INTPf Lord of the Flies

How do you zink I vould do on zis island?

Originally Posted by Reluctantly View Post
I've always enjoyed the taste of veal. Human cattle could become a new thing.
Oh heh, effen here in 2016 I vas zinking apout cannapalism - LOL.
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Default Re: INTPf Lord of the Flies

I would likely find a place from afar and watch as the chaos unfolds. Crafting a plan to make a powerplay and calm the masses. By the time my plan is finished, it will be too late. You would all have forgot my presence an to kill me and the others will all have been long dead from the weekend wars
Falling is just like flying; except with a more permanent destination
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