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Default INTP vs university and career decisions

Yo what's up !
I'm an INTP, with OCD and possibly ADD, and I haven't an effing clue what to do with myself and I'm struggling to choose a degree. I'm in France, so I can't just double major and tripple minor like a hippie. I will, however, be debt free when I leave.

I just dropped out of a science and engineering course because it was tedious and left me with no time to explore my own interests. I did okay in maths and computer science, although I lost interest in the former after a while and the latter was always dry. Computers are more fun as a hobby.

I love books and learning new languages (modern and ancient). I love history, thinking about the 'why' and 'so what' of what happened. Archeology, anthropology, political science, psychology and philosophy are also fascinating.

I'm good at drawing and people keep telling me to stop overthinking everything and pursue that as a career.

Generally I like problem solving, researching, reading and writing. I come up with loads of ideas but never finish anything I start. I want autonomy but I feel like I still need some structure and social interaction.

Anything related to crime and law, public health, policy, languages etc. is of particular interest to me although I'm open to anything as long as I'm not so bored I'd rather listen to the charts. What's described here appeals :

I feel like computer science would be a logical choice because I did well in it and it's employable. But I already dropped out this year and I don't want to make another mistake, and subjects like history appeal much more to me academically.

I also feel like I should accomplish something, which is what drew me to science and engineering in the first place.

Any thoughts on what I should choose or suggestions of jobs I might enjoy ? How have you fellow INTPs dealt with this ?
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