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Default Google Maps help

When Google got rid of Google earth I tried using a different maps thing by googling maps into google. First, I searched pyramid of the sun because I wanted to see where that place is. but it added it to my history because google connects all platforms in one google profile. I cannot remove it from my history. Also, I tried to enter my mom's house into the maps and instead of putting my mom's house in New Mexico it put mom's house in new york state. I also cannot remove that from my history. I tried the feedback feature. I tried the legal request form, but when I filled everything out there was no submit button. How do I get this fucking shit out of my google maps? Now that google earth is gone I cannot look up cool places otherwise it will be added to my history where I have never been to. Please help. This is the address to the place that is not my mom's house:

770 Harry L Drive, Johnson City, NY
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Default Re: Google Maps help

What? You can still download and use google earth pro. It's actually free now, you just need to use the license key GEPFREE (also need to put an email address in, but it's not verified so you can use a fakie)

I think google earth was rereleased recently (browser only iirc) so they may not host the old download link, but you should be able to get it from ninite
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