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  1. Jaffa

    The dreaded...... Sleep.

    Yes, the huge wave of stereotypes portray an absolute lack of time discipline, the stereotypes make us out to be 'night owls'. I've also read that the majority of us prefer evenings / nighttimes to persue our intellectual challenges. But what isn't clear, is how many of you suffer from being...
  2. Jaffa

    Gentlemen - How is your libido?

    I don’t know if this is a strange question or not; but how is your libido? I find myself to be completely unprimal, I like sex but can usually think of more constructive things to do with my time – is this just me?
  3. Jaffa


    Where to begin? Last month I found out that my wife had been having an affair. We've been together for 8 years and married for 2. I'm only 28 years old so I don't feel like the rest of my life is ruined but I know that I can't stay with her, contrary to her opinions that we can make it work...
  4. Jaffa


    This is a thread for the older INTP's, I suppose. I work with a LOT of people who went to university and gained qualifications in their respective area's. Before I get to the good part let me put this question into perspective from this end of the computer; I came out of school with 'average'...
  5. Jaffa

    Cabin Crew / False authority

    Over the last 2 weeks I have flown back to and forth from the UK to Cyprus & Spain. Last week I flew to Spain, I couldn't help but become a little agitated by the Stewardesses on the plane by their personal sense of authority over all of the passengers. I'm not really confrontation so I just...
  6. Jaffa


    Hello everyone - It has most certainly been a while! I have had a quick search and while Ayahuasca has been mentioned many times on this forum I'm yet to find a thread which is dedicated to this absolutely amazing and life-changing psychedelic brew. I first heard about it on the Joe Rogan...
  7. Jaffa

    PerC.... NSFW

    So, how many of you are members on Personality Cafe? What an absolute over-moderated load of crap. If you're a genuine INTP, you won't last on there. I'm banned.... and looking through the 'bans and infractions' section I see quite a few INTP's on there! I was warned for "Trolling" a few days...
  8. Jaffa

    The idea of religion

    I'm actually quite surprised that this sub-forum doesn't have a Formal Debate thread already. I want to discuss religion and how, in 2012, it is still acceptable to believe in a magical man in the clouds who watches you while you sleep, can convict you of thought crime and who once became so...
  9. Jaffa

    An Ne explosion

    I am curious as to the experiences of other INTP's of the time when their Auxillary (Ne) function started to appear and take a grasp of your thoughts and desires. More to the point, after a LONG, in-depth discussion with my INFJ friend (Whom I shall refer to as Paul from here onwards) he...
  10. Jaffa


    Revel in my INTP'ness. :o I've had a photo published in Esquire magazine this month: I am absolutely over the moon! Yes, a topic posted purely for e-pats on the back. I know, I know.
  11. Jaffa

    Tribes: Ascend

    Are any of you playing? It's currently in the open BETA. Designed by Hi-Rez Studios, it uses the free-to-play model, similar to DoTa. Anybody who played Starseige: Tribes or Tribes 2 will love this game. It has the Tribes feel and takes bags of skill...
  12. Jaffa

    Scaling your MBTI & Intellegence

    I hope this will be a good discussion point. I've had a few of the guys in work do an MBTI test. While I know that the tests are wildly inaccurate it still provides a basis for further MBTI predictions. I was pretty confident that one of the guys was ESXX, that is what the test showed. But...
  13. Jaffa

    Help me to understand...

    After doing several tests, all which pointed to INTP and after reading about the other 15 personality types i am quite convinced that i sit firmly as an INTP. However, my INFJ friend (whom may i add has several years more experience than I in MBTI and the likes) tells me the consider that i...
  14. Jaffa


    Hello world, Recently (code for 2 years ago) my friend became interested / obsessed with psychology and not long after that told me all about the Myers Briggs personality type indicators aswell as Jung and his work. At the time I found what he was telling me to be irrelevant, I was going...
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