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  1. Helvete

    Dreams and the Subconscious

    There's some interesting research on water which I haven't had time to delve into properly yet but it's basically suggesting that the structure can change and remember those changes and if you divide some water into two parts then if you cause the structure in one part to change then the other...
  2. Helvete

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    whoa, If I start grunting I could become a grunter. Once a grunter one might gruntle, someone might be gruntled by this, disgruntling someone else. When a disgruntled person gruntles their friends become gruntled and grunt(le).
  3. Helvete

    I hate to be INTP

    You're quite good at complaining. :) Your English is good as I could understand everything you said. You made a few spelling and grammatical errors but it really didn't inhibit the meaning of what you were saying. With more practice you will notice those mistakes and correct them over time.
  4. Helvete

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Probably. I mean maybe you could say you have gruntled which would be a slightly more correct use of the verb, but then again as language evolves and changes over time perhaps being gruntled is also an acceptable use? Meanings of words change so gruntled in present day if it's even still used...
  5. Helvete

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    This seems odd, why did they leave with minimal clothes? Seems like they were already separated (the ones in clothes could have been on some drunken adventure, aliens or some other reason) and an event at the tent caused them to exit hurriedly, then locate the first two. So why did they leave...
  6. Helvete

    Choose one

    Wow. Do this. I just got my guitar back after months of not having one, I may give this a try. In all honesty here, I would second Kuu; you should know why you want to do this and have some very solid reasons for doing so. 10 years is a long time and to stay motivated for that long will take...
  7. Helvete

    Incident of 2018-08-13

    Nice, now I'm glad even that the site went down. I now have a new source of Russian listening material. I only caught a few words from the song so didn't grasp the meaning but it's a good way to reinforce what I know so I can build on that.
  8. Helvete


    Don't worry about that, it's only a red herring...
  9. Helvete


    Maybe she really wanted you, but was too drunk to look after you?
  10. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Serac, Kiasmos are so good, I posted a bunch of their stuff in the discord chat but I don't know if anyone appreciated it lol
  11. Helvete

    Language Pen Pals

    Salut, je préférerais apprendre le Chinois. 玩谷歌翻译很有趣!
  12. Helvete


    *gasps* Watch out Minuend! *launches a spear at Sibui* So you like birds huh? I prefer fish...
  13. Helvete

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    3/10 I would easily forget listening to this
  14. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    It gets cold outside, sometimes I have to warm back up again. BRrrrrr :kodama1:
  15. Helvete

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  16. Helvete

    Degree: Food Technology or Data Analytics

    I would be wary of the direction food tech may take you. I have no background or experience with it but to me the whole industry seems a little fabricated, for instance pushing the need for gmo foods where big companies will have a huge stake and studies showing adverse health effects. Or the...
  17. Helvete

    It’s my birthday

    No, every birthday is my birthday! Bahahahahahahaa YOuR aLL miNe1!!!! AhhhahahahagagagGg
  18. Helvete

    Statistical Analysis of intpf

    Are there any spare clouds I could have?
  19. Helvete

    INTP 5 Year Plan

    If you are trying to plan for 5 years in advance then do you actually know exactly what you want to achieve by then? Do you think you're currently on course to get that chosen career now or would be if you changed some courses? Having a long term plan is great but I'm not sure how practicable...
  20. Helvete

    Hi there!

    The cookies are stale and the coffee has gone cold, I would suggest some ice but we're fresh out. If you can bear these slight discomforts then you'll enjoy your stay. Intp's aren't best known to be on top of the mundane, even if it does involve cookies. So er, welcome I guess.
  21. Helvete

    happy new year binches

    Probably peaked in my reclusiveness towards people last year and although I'm ok with this I would like some female company so I'll put time aside to actually meet people and socialise.
  22. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Can you explain why? From my understanding playing a gto strategy would mean that you bet, raise and fold at certain frequencies independent of players in the game and the strategy would never need to deviate. In situation X the option would always be Y. So you are always breaking even because...
  23. Helvete


    Various tree nuts and some fruits and maybe some coffee, usually outside. Failing that it's either no breakfast, or a breakfast lunch of a rice or noodle dish.
  24. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    If playing solely heads up then you may come close to playing an unexploitable strategy but even so it wouldn't be worth it as currently most players constantly make so many mistakes that an exploitative strategy tailored to specific opponents tendencies should dictate the way you play. If your...
  25. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Your mental state will definitely interfere with how you play and poker will often elate your emotions depending on many factors, usually results orientated which is really a situation you should aim to avoid. If you win you'll feel good and may continue to win by good decision making and...
  26. Helvete

    No reason given for why Cherry Cola was banned. Why?

    Just so you know, I actually made this post.
  27. Helvete

    Returning Member

    Life has been lively thanks, I hope it stays this way at present anyway. A non lively life may show some problems in the way of a live life. I hope the ankle recovers in a timely fashion, if the short term hindrance causes enough stress it could speculate to larger problems. Be careful out...
  28. Helvete

    What is your daily grind?

    Vegemite is very similar to Marmite except with more flavour, sweeter?
  29. Helvete

    Choose (for fun)

    Oh but did you ever try panda brain steamed in fresh orange juice then dipped in gold dust?
  30. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    I ruined my bankroll over the last few weeks and dropped slightly north of 3k through a combination of running bad, continuing to play spots very aggressively and tilt. The latter portion of sessions I have tilted off way too much money, but in unexpected ways; the last big pot I lost I...
  31. Helvete

    (SERIOUS) If we got rid of all the bad things in this world?

    Here you're catorgorizing everything as either good or bad, instead of varying degrees of good and bad. If you have just two options and then eliminate one you're left with a very simple, complacent world, this is basically just death/static though as if everything is the same with no chance of...
  32. Helvete

    Mafia Signups Thread

    Apologies everyone (please don't murder my ass) but I will withdraw from hosting for the time being as my workload has increased plus I'm looking for somewhere new to live. Hopefully things will have settled by a month or so. In the meantime if anyone wants to take on hosting responsibilities...
  33. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Cool lie, but unlikely. Given the context of how it was said after folding and showing the hand he was pretty genuine. This kind of tactic would work better against unknowns I think who may try to exploit it straight away. If I start getting exploited this way I'll soon know, but villain was...
  34. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    It matters because he's giving me a narrower range than what it actually is which means I have 4 possible hands in that spot which is beating not only his flush draw but many pair and two pair combos or straight draws he might have. The point is a pair isn't always in front in this spot, its...
  35. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    This is quite funny but didn't happen. The hand in question is hand 2/3 that I played against this guy in a row, all with good cards. You described a mixture of the first and third hand :p a3 is in there too! Anyway I actually opted to fold this hand. At the time I had only 20 secs to make a...
  36. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Normally the options here are to raise or fold. Now raising forces a fold from the gambler (who I forgot to mention has around $450ish) and will induce a call or shove from the reg. Any raise here would pretty much commit my stack unless I'm really going to min raise. I would be looking for a...
  37. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    A hand I played from two nights ago: I played all night/morning on the $1/$2 table and built a $600 stack starting off with $100 (the max buy in ((its fucked, short stack poker)). A regular on my table had a $700 stack and I was transferred onto the table, so I didn't see exactly how he got...
  38. Helvete

    Birthday present

    Ask for a tectonic plate, they're super fun. I got one for my last birthday and haven't put it down since! :)
  39. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    Err why? I can think of lots of times I've bet the flop when checked to then have my opponent donk turn or river and I fold. It's like they're now announcing they know you're bluffing and they actually have something to beat you whereas had they continued checking I may have attempted multiple...
  40. Helvete

    Living off campus, what to eat?

    You mean a power sandwich?! :)
  41. Helvete

    Are any of you good at poker?

    If you donk bet against a LAG they have to tighten their range to continue, meaning you need to actually need a pretty strong holding against them. If you check and allow a C-bet, the LAG is now playing a much wider range that you can exploit by bluff catching. You'll lose value by donk betting...
  42. Helvete

    Bronto's ban

    The forum needs a banning of an established member every once in a while; it's like a caffeine high for the forum, waking people up and getting them moving. It's like pruning a bush and letting it grow back, only potentially short lived and at the cost of a forumite with a lot more drama...
  43. Helvete

    Mafia Signups Thread

    Sorry for my grammatical shortcomings. "You" is referring to the listed names and not indicating a third party. Therefore there isn't a specific mbti type but a range between the two variables included. We have 5 test subjects awaiting experimentation, please can we have 4 more? It would be...
  44. Helvete

    Mafia Signups Thread

    Registrations close when I have nine playa's incl you pmj and artsu :-8
  45. Helvete

    Mafia Signups Thread

    I actually like this idea. Either this or the cartel boss's identity has to remain hidden, ie once the chosen cartel member kills someone, he still cannot reveal the cartel boss.
  46. Helvete

    Mafia Signups Thread

    Mexican Cartel Mafia Standard rules; no cheating, in thread communication, plurality lynch etc... This will be clearer in OP 9 players: 1 Cartel Boss (town) 6 Cartel (town) 2 Undercover agents (scum) The Boss has a day kill ability which is performed by one of the cartel members. At the...
  47. Helvete

    How many of you are beekeepers?

    OK that's a no go then. Droughts are quite a problem throughout that region. Flowers do quite well (when not in drought) and there are a few impressive gardens although I'm pretty sure aside from these few installation's that there isn't much naturally occurring.
  48. Helvete

    How many of you are beekeepers?

    I wonder how feasable it would be in an area primarily used for cattle farming. My family own a small farm in rural Australia which is pretty much all cattle county so I would assume there is less risk from neighbouring pesticide use.
  49. Helvete

    Jerk move on my part

    Are you boasting here? Did this achieve what you wanted? Just curious where you're coming from.
  50. Helvete

    Doctor Who Mafia

    I don't know who he really tried to NK but I know he was toying with the idea of NK'ing happy for lols because his only concern was making it to D2. If pmj really considered the game already lost I can totally see him going through with this choice.
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