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  1. Decipheris

    Fun Thought at 3:25 AM in the morning

    Please refrain from pointing out any Grammatical discrepancies. :) This is just a rant- not a book I intend on publishing. And yes.. ~sigh I realize I might have mixed up the conscious-subconscious part. I'll edit it later. Fun thought upon waking up from a borderline nightmare at 3:25 AM in...
  2. Decipheris

    Language Pen Pals

    That sounds lovely. :) I'm all for it.
  3. Decipheris

    Language Pen Pals

    I've taken an interest in the French language as of late, so I would certainly consider pen-paling a viable option. :)
  4. Decipheris

    there are those that hate depression and wish it gone; i on the contrary, i can’t function without it.

    I’d rather not have to elaborate on this. Therefore, without specifying my situation, I suppose I’m looking for answers which would apply to the general public. Nonetheless- what steps must one take to fall down the rabbit hole of nihilism and successfully submerge themselves in a spell of...
  5. Decipheris

    humor me for a moment

    Okay, so. Religion. Supposing the concept of religion was completely abolished (I don't think that could ever happen personally, but, nonetheless)- I think people would become more logical and objective, but I also think existential angst and dread would certainly perpetuate. Life could become...
  6. Decipheris


    If I'm going to be completely honest, I have a slight superiority complex. Which is completely ridiculous, as I know quite well that it's by no means earned. So did my father and that was part of him grooming and manipulating me: to isolate and alienate me from my peers and make me feel...
  7. Decipheris

    What kind of app's do you Intps or Nt's download/use on your smartphone?

    I ended up editing my post- ^^' I understand, and that's quite alright. Are you new here? I guess so. Some people have other accounts on here as well, however, so one can never know. And then there are the lurkers as well..
  8. Decipheris

    What kind of app's do you Intps or Nt's download/use on your smartphone?

    I don't really use apps, personally. I feel as though the majority of them are a waste of time. I try to refrain from depending on technology as my primary source of entertainment. And I'm not terribly fond of e-book apps. Despite being more accessible than genuine books, I feel that they take...
  9. Decipheris

    Which Myers Briggs Type Is Most Likely To Be A Serial Killer?

    Before reading the article, I'd definitely have to go with INTJ. It's been an interesting read thus far. I'll have to edit this once I truly receive an opportunity to read it.
  10. Decipheris

    Welcome to the site~

    Welcome to the site~
  11. Decipheris

    INTPs and High School

    I can relate to the research aspect. I value it a great deal more than my own school work. Hmm. Of course, it frustrates my family. What do you research? I could never live like that. I distract myself by researching and regurgitating the knowledge I've gained into essays and the such. That's...
  12. Decipheris

    INTPs and High School

    I'm currently in high school. In terms of reputation, I'm more of a loner. I'm genuinely quiet and always have a book on the side. I'll alternate between writing poetry, doodling, and researching when there's some class time to spare. I have a few friends here and there, but seldom interact with...
  13. Decipheris

    Failed attempt at desensitization

    ... Mm, I saw that one. O.o Reminds me of that incident in Miami, Florida, a while back, in which some guys on acid ate the faces off of an unfortunate lot of people. I wonder, a bear on acid. Hmm..
  14. Decipheris

    Failed attempt at desensitization

    Goodness.. I'm not sure as to whether or not I want to commend you for being able to handle such things. Where did you come across these videos? I can see where the latter of the two would be more bothersome. The first two instances seem more instantaneous and to a certain degree more...
  15. Decipheris

    Failed attempt at desensitization

    Fun fact: my fear of death was so terrible at the age of 13 that on several occasions I attempted to desensitize myself. Did not work. At all. I thought that by exposing myself to it, I would eventually become numb. There was this forum on Reddit called "Watch People Die". It's exactly as it...
  16. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    If you've any advice, I'd love to hear it.
  17. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Well, can we just permanently ban me from here?
  18. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Yes, yes. Very well. Report me. I was an idiot for saying anything. I'm not entirely sure how to delete this thread, in any which case.
  19. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    And the majority of society would side with that logic. Understandably so, but I can assure you that this isn't most like other correspondences. I suppose one could reason that I don't know any better and that many other naive girls would claim the very same thing. Well, he is by no means like...
  20. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Actually, they don't know about this person. And I'd like to keep it that way. There's a lot more going on than you might think. But that's quite alright, I needn't elaborate. I don't see how much bad could come out of it, save for the possibility of my grandparents finding out. Honestly, all...
  21. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    I'm a minor and he's not. Nor is he part of the family, but instead someone I've grown particularly close to.
  22. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Unfortunately, I can't trust my friends enough to deliver anything for me. What I aspire to do is very risky. It's not that the materials I'm sending are illicit, but rather that the person I'm contacting is a bit controversial amongst my family. And I don't want them knowing I have contact...
  23. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Simply put: Too young to drive and due to such, I don't have access to a post office. I plan on sending mail to a friend in New York. However, I'd rather not send it from my location. I currently live with my grandparents and I'd like to keep this "friend" of mine a secret. If I'm sending and...
  24. Decipheris

    Spontaneous greetings here, but salutations~

    Spontaneous greetings here, but salutations~
  25. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Ah.. darn. Thank you for the input. I suppose I'll just have to come up with something else..
  26. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    I see.. very well, thank you. I'm juggling unsavory circumstances. The folks I live with aren't aware of my intentions, nor would they approve of it. If I were to send mail directly from my house, they would quickly catch on and demand an explanation. And I really don't need that.
  27. Decipheris

    planned deliveries from a vacant house

    Question. Does the mailman keep coming to your house even after you've moved? I highly doubt it. However, if one were to put the flag up, would the mailman stop to accept the items-to-be-mailed? Or would they likely not notice? From what I can recall, we didn't have the same mailman; they...
  28. Decipheris

    INTPs (only): how do you score on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist?

    Hmm.. I only scored 9.
  29. Decipheris

    What's your alignment?

    Simply put, chaotic neutral.
  30. Decipheris

    I know, I'm such a bore.

    Silly me, posting even though I'm quite sure no one will bother to respond.. Well, I came here to get away from all the uncultured swines that seem to crowd in certain corners of the Interwebs.. That aside, it's been a long day, to say the least. But I'm happy to have gotten some...
  31. Decipheris

    Favorite Car

    I like Victorian carriages, personally..
  32. Decipheris

    What's your opinion of ESFJ's?

    Both my grandparents are ESFJs. And to be quite frank, I can't stand them. They don't quite understand my needs or even the definition of "space", for that matter. They are kind- very much so. Perhaps a tad too much, however, in the sense that they are suffocating. In general, I don't usually...
  33. Decipheris

    Poetry, lyrics, stuff like that

    In which I attempt to describe my feelings for ... Warning: terribly cheesy. I didn't know I had it in me to write such things. I confess that at first I was troubled and vexed. And upon further inspection, More than vulnerable to your hex. Was it intentional on your part, To make me so...
  34. Decipheris


    Wonderful. I'd be interested in reading it myself.
  35. Decipheris

    INTPs - what are the types of your 5 best friends?

    I wouldn't exactly go as far as to say I have a best friend. I do, however, have three particularly close friends. Two INFPs and an INTJ.
  36. Decipheris


  37. Decipheris

    Jerk move on my part

    So I think my neighbors hate me now. While they're religious, they're also stuck-up snobs who think they're better than everyone else. So I decided to spite them for good measure. Yesterday, on the end of our driveway I quoted Voltaire and wrote, "God is a comedian playing to an audience...
  38. Decipheris

    Asexuality tests

    Asexual: 76% Sapiosexual: 77% Demisexual: 88%
  39. Decipheris

    "The Book of Life"

    Excerpt from Sherlock Holmes : "A Study in Scarlet" ​​​​​​​ "From a drop of water," said the writer, "a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without hav- ing seen or heard of one or the other. So all life is a great chain, the nature of which is known...
  40. Decipheris

    Who was Machiavelli?

    One of my friends really likes him, but alas, I know next to nothing about this guy. In other words, what do you know about him, and what resources can I use to learn more about him?
  41. Decipheris


    Thanks a lot. :-) I'll try,
  42. Decipheris


    I stopped self harming a while ago. Like I said, it doesn't help make me feel any better. I have a therapist..
  43. Decipheris


    Rant: mild trigger warning I know this isn't the best place to be ranting about personal problems. So if you want to hate, go on. I won't stop you. Sometimes I wish I could feel depression, anger, or even sadness. My happiness is fleeting. I'll feel happy for a few moments and then I'll feel...
  44. Decipheris

    Oh, no problem. European history for the most part. I also like researching the Victorian and...

    Oh, no problem. European history for the most part. I also like researching the Victorian and Baroque eras.
  45. Decipheris

    50 percent of INTPs make Less than $30,000

    It doesn't help that INTPs often have such a wide range of interests, so it makes it difficult for them to just settle down with one job. Or at least that's what I've heard.
  46. Decipheris


    If it was a proper essay I would have included references and emphasized on the theories provided. However, it was a speech that was supposed to last 2-4 minutes long so I couldn't make it too informative.
  47. Decipheris


    I wrote an essay for school regarding the belief that the average human intelligence is decreasing. Constructive criticism is appreciated. __________________________________ Since the Victorian era, the average IQ has dropped 14 points. Therefore, I believe that people are gradually...
  48. Decipheris

    About you?

    That's an interesting way to introduce yourself. In any which case, welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay. :-)
  49. Decipheris

    Segmented Sleep

    Whilst browsing the Interwebs, I came across an interesting article: http://www.everydayhealth.com/sleep/what-is-segmented-sleep-and-is-it-healthy.aspx Segmented sleep was popular with our ancestors, but it may not be healthy for most people today. Find out just how long you should be staying...
  50. Decipheris

    Self driving cars

    *ignores link* I don't like the idea of self-driving cars. As if people weren't lazy enough..
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