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  1. onesteptwostep

    Plant eating

    There's always self-cannibalisation if you think all methods of consumption is unethical or immoral for some reason. *pssst this is a trick...*
  2. onesteptwostep

    I think i am depressed or just having Existential crises

    Bro, as a limited time fuwhend, you seem insecure. Pull yourself up by the boot straps! Just shrug all that insecurity off, like, who really cares anyway? Gotta take the world on by the balls dude.
  3. onesteptwostep

    I think i am depressed or just having Existential crises

    AHHH THE SKY IS FALLING AHHHHHHHH oh shit nvm its just my vertigo ;]
  4. onesteptwostep

    I hate to be INTP

    I read up to "im 21" then went straight down here to type up this comment.
  5. onesteptwostep

    I think i am depressed or just having Existential crises

    That's why it's magical, dude. I'm telling you, if you get this 'fuwhend' all your worries will be washed away. It's a huge secret.
  6. onesteptwostep

    I think i am depressed or just having Existential crises

    It's a magical natural remedy for things like depression and existential crisis. The entire psych-medical community HATES it when people use this method.
  7. onesteptwostep

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

  8. onesteptwostep

    TMB is Banned and No Drama?

    Sometimes I feel as if we're in some Battle Royale. The forum, I mean. The system is 'nihilistic humanity trying to find meaning' and the ones who strive to question this are banned, axed, eliminated (you catch my drift). What a sinister place we dwell in... :D
  9. onesteptwostep

    I think i am depressed or just having Existential crises

    You just need a fuwhend.
  10. onesteptwostep

    What do you base your values on

    My values are based on giving without any expectation of returns, because God gives, and God takes away :] On the "should" though, I think to do that you have to 'meta' yourself and think incredibly more broadly, but in doing so you waste time doing what one really needs to be doing.
  11. onesteptwostep

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    oh gosh and I have a huge crush on this lady girl oh god i wish i was younger... haha
  12. onesteptwostep

    Work Holiday Visa to Australia or Build up creds in Singapore and apple for PR later?

    Congrats on graduating, must have been tough gritting it through. On your current predicament, how about spending some time with your family? It seems like you do not live with them in your current country of residence? Maybe you'll find yourself a subtle inspiration while you rest and enjoy...
  13. onesteptwostep

    Why is there a correspondence between Math/Physics and Technology?

    I have no clue on the historicity of the relationship between 'technology and science', but I like to think of 'science' as just 'the details'. So if you divorce the word 'science' from the whole general 'scientificism' and make it into a neutral word, I think it's possible to explain anything...
  14. onesteptwostep

    Schopenhauer, Panpsychism, Nihilism

    Well I'm at the airport reading this, but it just seems like you were really impressed with Schopenhauer and his pessimistic existentialism. I think his thinking can apply to a lot of people today, but I think Sartre more really hits the spot with his existential take. Being from Hegel's era I...
  15. onesteptwostep

    Choose one

    Geez, I can't help but note what kind of era we live in. The Greeks prized the male body and thought of females as secondary but now we associate beauty with female models in magazines and certain ways to pose unnaturally. It's like the entire medium and aspect of aesthetics was turned on its head.
  16. onesteptwostep

    Choose one

    This really depends on what you want to do during your 'spare' time. I play the guitar/sing when I'm lonely and I write when I'm depressed and need to 'de'-press- But these things are more self-tuning/self-time to me rather than a hobby thing. In my spare time I just go out and get something...
  17. onesteptwostep

    Your thoughts on my interpretation of how Cognitive Functions work?

    I'm pretty stressed right now because of stuffs so don't feel like analyzing atm, but kudos to you on still doing MBTI thinking stuffs in 2018. Keeping the dream alive!
  18. onesteptwostep

    Words that piss you off

    I get tilted a bit when people mispell ridiculous. (It's not r e, it's r i...) And yeah the words that came out of the general gender wars annoy me too, like cuck, beta, gender fluid, gender z etc.
  19. onesteptwostep

    Video Analysis: Women in Politics

    Saying the church as a religious enterprise is kind of redundant, and also I'm not catholic, as in I don't think clergymen should say celibate, but either way since you're so fond of numbers, of all the catholic priests in the world what percentage do you think are or were sex offenders?
  20. onesteptwostep

    Video Analysis: Women in Politics

    This is what happens when you allow the church to become a state enterprise.
  21. onesteptwostep

    Video Analysis: Women in Politics

    didn't we already trash this video like a year ago either way my thoughts are that this gender war thing is just something that gains traction because it's something which everyone has. anyone can join in on the argument, which is why eventually it's going to be a topic in political circles and...
  22. onesteptwostep

    If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    yeah... and also, why vietnam? why are all the trolls/ad people that come on this forum from the nam weird
  23. onesteptwostep

    If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    the fuck? https://www.intpforum.com/threads/if-we-were-to-find-similarities-with-other-animals-would-ants-be-the-closest.26787/
  24. onesteptwostep

    What are you all reading?

    I recently bought Frederick Copleston's monumental 9 volume A History of Philosophy so I'm taking the entire summer to try and get through them. With the pace I'm going it'll probably take a lot long though.. Starting with Fichte at the moment.
  25. onesteptwostep

    What do you think is the essence of nationality?

    What do you think nationality is, in terms of its essence? I mean this could differ for many people, as the essence can be boiled down into many things.. What do you think it is? A shared history? A shared biology? (speaking technically, e.g. DNA) A shared goal/principle? (the American...
  26. onesteptwostep

    Ludwig Wittgenstein

    iirc I think Wittgenstein went 180 degrees on language and later thought that the meaning of life was important. He was somewhat religiously inclined to religiosity, though he didn't practice Christianity himself. His later writings, iirc Philosophical Investigations, is a lot more open to the...
  27. onesteptwostep

    Humans are the only species that get together on ideas and..

    strive to live with other people with the same agenda/motives/lifestyles. I find that interesting. Like take a pack of wolves or a horde(?) of monkeys. They seem a lot more inclined to stay together because of kinship and not because of ideals/ideas. I mean some of us do life on a baseline...
  28. onesteptwostep


    follow? what is this, instagram? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY INTPF
  29. onesteptwostep

    When did the site change ?

    That ad for that vr porno looked interesting... >_>
  30. onesteptwostep

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    does this work now? testing.. ohmg yess the jewel of the site now functions :]
  31. onesteptwostep

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    Oh Norway? Well I guess it could be different there. My bad I mistook your flag for Sweden.
  32. onesteptwostep

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    You know I had a very interesting coversation with a Swed yesterday... Is it true that its disrespectful to call them, teachers, mr or mrs?
  33. onesteptwostep

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    ok ok yes ma'am
  34. onesteptwostep

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I had my first coffee in like a couple of weeks and now cant sleep pls help me
  35. onesteptwostep

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    I probably did once, as an interjection to a comedic situation. Something like trying to invoke a fidelity in a dark-humor way.
  36. onesteptwostep

    Scientism: Belief & Assumption

    It was more of a epistomological debate and an attack on the social sciences to be exact. Scientism died out in the 50s, it's not really something that's contemporary. After this people had nothing to talk about which is why postmodernism came about. I mean putting it very loosely >>...
  37. onesteptwostep

    What do you think more defines humanity: our will or our ability to rationalize?

    If we didnt compare ourselves to animals, what's more us, our will or our wit? I guess what I'm more asking is what the essence of humanity is.
  38. onesteptwostep

    Scientism: Belief & Assumption

    You know there was a whole philosophical movement in the early 1900s about this (logical positivism), which was pretty much obliterated by Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn.
  39. onesteptwostep

    What do you think more defines humanity: our will or our ability to rationalize?

    What do you think sets us apart from other animals more? Our wills- a desire for dominance, power, grit and glory, or our ability to rationalize- to plan ahead, strategize, contemplate and scrutinize? What is more us, will or wit?
  40. onesteptwostep

    Great typology test

    Got enfp. Guess i have to show myself out of the forum now ;;
  41. onesteptwostep

    Avengers: infinity war

    So I watched the movie when I was sick using.. non-theater means, but the impression I got from the movie wasn't completely positive. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was sick and that I was in a shitty mood, but I didn't really enjoy the movie as much as I should have. There was a lot of...
  42. onesteptwostep

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    http://www.lewisconnolly.com/blog/2018/5/14/reflecting-on-william-james Here's an excellent article discussing what you're grasping with, Puffy.
  43. onesteptwostep

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    To be fair sexual misconduct in church, any church, is a meme now and not something thats actually pervasive. I mean out of the millions of priests what percentage do you think theyve actually done something? My guess is probably not a lot, though its certainly alarming that people youre...
  44. onesteptwostep

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    Are concepts like 'humanity' 'beauty' and moral concepts such as 'justice' and good and evil also bound to material objects? How about belongingness? What determines citizenship to a country or allegiance to a certain ideological group or creed? Is it 'bound' to us materialistically?
  45. onesteptwostep

    The stupidity of the theism/atheism debate.

    Hrm I think saint aqunias 'five ways' are pretty good arguments for a 'god' existing. Whatever we find that was the 'first cause' or the 'first mover' is 'god' though this wouldn't entail that he is personal or even intercessional. Since we're talking about the western tradition of who 'god' is...
  46. onesteptwostep

    How would you define pride?

    I was reading some Augustine and he defines pride as "the assumption of self-sufficiency". This struck me a bit because I always had imagined that pride was a positive, as in a thriving and existing emotion, rather than an neutral assumption. Pride I had always thought was something that was...
  47. onesteptwostep

    humor me for a moment

    Whewt I finally got around to reading the thread, so I'll add on from here: What could we surmise what this source is, and to what extent should we pass onto the next generation our current values and existential judgments? For example, would it be apt to say that finding meaning in life is...
  48. onesteptwostep

    Eastern versus Western Philosophy

    To add on to what Serac said, historically I think the East never "killed their Kings" so to speak, like how the Parliament usurped power from the English Crown and how the French guillotined theirs. The Russians practically did the same too, later on. In the East, the "West" did that for them...
  49. onesteptwostep

    How valid is the Malthus trap today

    Overpopulation isn't really a problem because whenever the quality of life goes up the birth rates go down- drastically. Take Japan or Korea for instance. Japan used to have riots because of a shortage of rice due to overpopulation during the late 18th century and early 19th (around the setting...
  50. onesteptwostep


    I find that trying to practice "a technical empathy" a great way to avoid isolation and a good way to exercise your knowledge and intelligence. What I mean by technical empathy is that, ask what a person is made up of, not physically but in turns of goals, motivations, personalities and...
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