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  1. Rook

    Intellectual vs. Pseudointellectual

    Yeah iffy terms, scientific and pseudo-scientific valid ones. Contending spheres of intellectual discoursce seeking a catch-all quick dismissal of the opposition.
  2. Rook

    Haven't had the will to post much lately

    Ennui? No... willing to experiment with the parameters and potential potency of yer state o mind? For science ofc. Putting yourself in different physical spaces may expand the understanding of your state, change perhaps becoming mental/biological. Doing things you've never done, going to...
  3. Rook


    Omg omg oh maw gold! Do u study birds? Will you sign my beer belly? What's your favourite vulture? Also please don't leave. It gets lonely here and the mods harvest our organs when no one's around. I'm serious here friend, just... please just post a thread or talk about your waffle iron... just...
  4. Rook

    Discipline and pleasure

    Discipline to gain pleasure... (timeframes short-term chameolon satiation, long term retiree slog jog) Pleausure to gain/maintain discipline( jail sex?) Do bhuddist monks seek pleasure eternal through great dolops of disci? Be disciplined in that which gives one pleasure(do the job that ye...
  5. Rook

    Prompt my sweet ass

    Okay okay have an idea here, gonna have open shirt this bloke, but just to be decent, if you still want him with open shit, your boat might be floated. Yes yes yes, gonna be cartoonish I guess and me proto mongloids would look eerily like modern mongols... tempdrive axle shot on the time...
  6. Rook

    Tentative Introduction

    "If one by inaction deplete the world of chaos and surreality, only mundane continuance exists." -Some drunk guy, Spewings 13:4- Start a thread or three on things ye always wanted to say or create or contest, and if the fish don't bite, lurk or desert. "Teach yourself to fish, you might be...
  7. Rook

    The Explosion of Bullshit Jobs

    Populace at large encouraged to follow university courses, so a great number follow ones with little intellectual/practical substance instead of, say learning a mechanical/culinary trade (courses cheaper, merit based system, immediate ability to go it on your own as long as resources there). So...
  8. Rook

    Prompt my sweet ass

    hey Hey hey, starting to draw a bit once more ... knowing my brain I figure I might as well open the floor for the prolit to demand my hand to do this or that. Simple ideas make good practice, but if anyone suggests something akin to an elephant-headed bloodlouse chasing a gaggle of gay nazis...
  9. Rook

    No no no, but im starting to write again... well, lets see what that entails. End tales. Fuck...

    No no no, but im starting to write again... well, lets see what that entails. End tales. Fuck... are u a poet then?
  10. Rook

    Forum Commentary - The Peanut Gallery

    Agh fuck ok if fish swim into the ocean so might I once more. ..... ah blimey... oh hell's rats....
  11. Rook

    Forum Commentary - The Peanut Gallery

    Simply phrased: Where da fuck is the chatbox? Am I techno-retarted, is this new bbformat(citation needed) incapable of boxes of chattering, or is Ragnar a sadist-dictator(may his financial benevelonce remain eternal) who wishes that the irrelevant antics of the Box no longer tax da server? I...
  12. Rook

    VW beetle/bug/kewer/volla/buggy/rustmobile

    Hey..... if yer ever owned any pre 1980 VW this thread might be for ye. Tell us bout yer bug or van/kombi or beetlebug. Human.... if oil ever is to be depleted we may as well deplete it as fast as posssible in non plastic and ever functioning mobiles going to the groves or peaks or strands...
  13. Rook

    Capitan del Beeshart

    Aye, what do you enlightenened modern neon quantam beings think a boot cpt beefheart n his magical band? Man listen to it then tell us.
  14. Rook

    Ceasar created calender

    hail, hail dear fellow organic tell us about past 24 hours or 7 day thing crassly called a week with no heed to sun moon earth or galaxy but rather bussines and religion. so what new people u meet, what new matter you consume/absorb/excrete and what new ideas you form? share share...
  15. Rook

    hullo higsler ... sorta something from brainticket cottonwood hill album and book title idk...

    hullo higsler ... sorta something from brainticket cottonwood hill album and book title idk... mayhap a bible in jamrock that's being used to roll joints. (what 4 request?)will you most morosely mooseless mods be a posting info of new forum for an absentee lurkrook an others? promise to listen...
  16. Rook

    philo-ideo bio actualities

    so question is: how does your beliefs/philosophy/sci mindframe play out in biological reality that is actions emotions social cyber perceptive etc lotsa philo threads here and many flavors but end results mind conclusion set to various life spheres. intended and unintended consequences...
  17. Rook

    home iz where da brain iz

    hey oak kaylin so tell us pixel electron einstein pupils what defines da plays wear ya sleep eat fuck yurt hoe ohm mine me roo ook )pratchett wimps oranglibrabrian) so dizz iss me hoe ohm nyalas and duikers trotting thru korn field to reAch narrow piece of bush unotcontammed by...
  18. Rook

    Eureka moment regarding non-Trans People

    Hey Reluc, just because you had the privilege in life to be comfortable with the a-statistical humans doesn't mean you can enforce your world view on everyone else, ok? I'm sick of normaphobes going around on the internet harassing those who are comfortable with their lifestyle identity, leave...
  19. Rook

    Rules ... Gov ... You ... Papers... Time

    Ok so this new thread I start cuase I want to hear your voice in the minds of others eir ,amdates like (I am not t that drunk yet that's why6 my words to u sense make) So: {{{Also splellchecek, JESUS of grammar pazis{{ What is your relationship with you government? C'mon, well have govs, so...
  20. Rook

    Declaration of War

    hey hey guys (is guys gender fucking neutral?) surely we are all guys in thy eyes of god well the poster above me with non surnamitic double worded name has 666 ((ok edit tyd not Minu but creepin deaf so yeh)( also spellcheckzfo rook(() posts that means that we are all jut fucking configurations...
  21. Rook

    Declaration of War

    You have to throw in the sun first, that way most of the water evaporates and the earth sits in a puddle, hopefully with Antarctica facing up (and almost ideal conditions due to hot vapour, thus eternal night but under normal temperatures ... canned food dries up, humans underground farming with...
  22. Rook

    Declaration of War

    If we win I demand that a film be made in our honour. All the roles must be filled by amputee midgets. It has to be, has to be filmed in an amusement park built out of old Volkswagen cars atop the ruins of Pompeii. Soundtrack: 4 second soundbites cut from all radio stations through all time...
  23. Rook

    If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    Bonobo/chimp mix the safest and nearest answer, but Rixus has a point ... my addendum thus: We live in large societies, yes, but variation, big organismic free for alls (Congo?) vs. regimented bureaucratic self-termed utopias (Singapore) ,,,, but large entities made from smaller ones ... much...
  24. Rook

    Con Sue Mer (merde)

    Yes ..... I agree completely, taking the destruction of my relative statement even farther: Had epiphany, no disctions in action or even social perception/purephilosophical concepts or "uralien m8" (This is "You are an alien mate" that is: look at the world as if the moment was the first ie...
  25. Rook

    Last movie you watched

    Threepenny Opera: ( a 1930's german film set in london) I've never really said this before, so: this is the best film I have ever seen. I was enraptured by it from the start. it.. welll.... actors real damned people, no showbo, they have character, conflict of caharcter, changes of mind...
  26. Rook

    WRAx2 {{{Muwhahahwahawa!!!}}} {{Mahler}

    WRAx2 this is something that has to be done My brain is hereby starting and giving away a sort of maybe sub-cultural movement ... a linguistic and hopefully newtonian society of primates united by a simple desire for union of thought to explore worlds more infinite that ordinaarily possible...
  27. Rook

    The Albums of yer Eyesocketball

    dis 1 4 noun: Lumerians - Transmilinnia AND Wings of Africa - de Rikki Ililonga & Musi O Tunya
  28. Rook

    Con Sue Mer (merde)

    Well, let's discuss the word "CONSUMER" No ken of it's history or origin (Americano?) But I've just thought of: Appreciator vs Consumer So: One who takes in for the sake of taking in (Animal therefore, but one that might be able to solve quantum thingies etc., etc. thus pretentious CEO...
  29. Rook

    Been away

    HIGGGGSSSSS too many bloody vowels but welcome and re-ingratiate your being into collective microcosm :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::p:storks::kodama1: *****consonants -.-
  30. Rook

    Redbaron is now madmin

    Once in a while, on heaths and moors they float along: Those spectral bores with minds on dong and lack of bong. Well! Perhaps Perchance Mayhap they'd say: Might we just in a lesser way briefly stay? But no, and Lo! For the grass that peat that stone that core hideth, so too rises above and gas...
  31. Rook

    Ohio Neb, Ha Ha ha... just saw your electronic letter hour so ago. Thanks for the music, was...

    Ohio Neb, Ha Ha ha... just saw your electronic letter hour so ago. Thanks for the music, was looking for... circussy stuff today per chance without having to go into waltzes marches et al... ... well... they know how to jump around... Dame Darcy's "Meat Cake" (she has twins!), sometimes sounds...
  32. Rook

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    birds are bipedal, as some other dinos were as well huh humans not so special now and fuck circus chimps too, fez-wearing pretentious bastards. "Look how they use dead fish to make their metal cows run for them. How quaint."
  33. Rook

    INTP - relaxing the mind

    ^ pnb above words ... added music and 'trance', way I see it meditation and hypnosis are more similar than different and with a decent breathing repertoire your subconsciousness/imagination can come out and play(even when ambulating/motorolating/washing dishes; or an emptiness can be fostered...
  34. Rook

    If humans were the size of ants

    fuck i've been finking of this before this thread started... created a city on the back of a snake. esgle riders killed snake *with gunshot. whole city forced into barren raioctive wasteland at night white ants attacked stealing humans and food... we ride a beetle across the sands
  35. Rook

    The Albums of yer Eyesocketball

    Ok in this thread you, the viewer, can dump any oldneo album you like to earfuck. Please feel free to tell small sentence story as to y album you like it. Will try to share more as I rediscover/explore: Linea Aspera - Linea Aspera: Running blissfully through paradise while slowly being eaten...
  36. Rook

    Foundry for Lexicon

    ambuludit: A human who refuses to ride in cars, trains, planes and on mobi scoots. gorgolate: the act of browsing the internet while cleaning one's teeth nhilogscopus: a complex formula that calculates the magnitude of bullshit inherent in an ideal, belief or any other system of thought based...
  37. Rook

    CHATBOX ^^^^

    Well saying here that forum teep teep teep So, this thread is for rememberance of chatbox Chatbox up there ^^^^ Below calendar of Julius Ceasar. Scroll up, it be between FAQ and da commoonity. Rook like chatbox, always has, but chatbox sleeps slumbers Remember chatbox. Serve...
  38. Rook

    The Albums of yer Eyesocketball

    Hello forum, might be a thread like this one but this one is better because you are reading it. Brain of mine has sought certain... standards of music of late due to a descent into art-induced a-metaphysical auto-erotic asphyxia. Whole albums make good listening when walking the legs or...
  39. Rook

    The mysterious dot

    Ahhhhh! Ahhhh! Aaaaaah! Friends. Romans, the sky falls upon our heads!!
  40. Rook

    Where did humans go wrong?

    Man kills mammoth big hairy animal in pre-history. "O how wonderful it would be to be one with nature once more" Cave bear devours man. Man gives cow free food and protection from disease and other predators, then slaughters it. "Oh how savage man is for keeping an animal prisoner and then...
  41. Rook

    Thoughts on How to Shut Down a Salesperson

    Jump up and down waving your arms while chanting "Help me, Help me, I am being oppressed by the capitalist system!" Then run down the street/through the office shouting "Treason! Treason! Flee good folk, for the salesmen layeth siege upon our fair city!" If they pitch by phone, ask questions...
  42. Rook

    Yeah brew, how's it going brew?

    I am currently waiting for a shabbily embarked upon marula beer batch to see the light of day, and recalling a specific member of this forum mentioning the brewing of toilet wine some time ago, I pose the question of whether any of you have experience with brewing alcohol, whether as profession...
  43. Rook

    I know this isn't normal

    Eh lots of stuff and far too lackluster to detail delve, basically what I'm saying: If you see something through and it does help you, maintain course. External absolutes need not apply if you know you are improving or getting to a place that you quite fancy. This is one interesting thing about...
  44. Rook

    I know this isn't normal

    My ignorance in science aside, it worked for me to abstain. Artificially simulating frequent intercourse goes against the basic precepts of mammalian biology and evolutionary meaning, we once got an old dachshund from townfolk that humped pillows and bit children, I still bear one of its scars...
  45. Rook

    I know this isn't normal

    For me killing is acceptable if it achieves something constructive for the individual or a community of them . Serial killers are to killing what masturbation is to raising a family: A revelry in the attainment of pleasure as opposed to the construction or preservation of something that can last...
  46. Rook

    I know this isn't normal

    I am no psychiatrist but I have a few questions that might help you, or might not. Brainy things like these are wibbly wobbly and the questions I ask below may miss the mark completely. Either way, if you are honest, a framework is at least set. These behaviors are for the most part...
  47. Rook

    Forum Change in Direction

    {A long post this has turned out to be. I don't expect our overlords to answer all the questions, that choice is yours) This all seems noble and any attempt at change merits a pat on the head from me, but will this not need almost constant policing? --How will you measure the efficacy of...
  48. Rook

    Understanding Ni

    Ni is an impermeable preamble to higher planes of cognitive repetition.
  49. Rook

    Did i find the meaning of life?

    Let me put it simply: We are apes. Primates. The meaning of our lives is to pass on our genetic code. We have however become complex enough that some units have decided that passing on the genetic code is old beans and all that, therefore minecraft, music, philosophy, forums or whatever else ye...
  50. Rook

    Wombats are spying on you

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