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  1. What happened to intpforum?

    One man's utopia is another man's abyss. I'm sure there be many stronk big swole brain forums out there that offer such mental challenge to make the gods themselves weep in perplexity. One need but search. Minu speaks in general sense, cogent point being that back then folk were negging 2, and...
  2. what are the consequences of time travel

    the pure amount of energy required for time travel boggles the mind. basically, from one present moment to another, you reverse everything. Even for a single second in the entire universe the math, the pure behemothian scope of it is incalculable. It's like... reversing Hiroshima, every wave...
  3. What happened to intpforum?

    things change. planet changed, dis neck o' da hood changed. people move on, whether onto discord, offline, etc. -- it is what it is. Don't know why I started posting shit here again, probably some deep-rooted nostalgic part of my mind that likes to waste my time on unprofitable ventures...
  4. The first soft-shutdown of the world

    Humans have less agency and lower drive for self-determination overall in this age. Not because of some scheme or other, but because of a type of lethargy, indolence bred of routine, comfort, and ease of living. Communication immediate, opinion forming immediate, outrage immediate. Travel to...
  5. what are the consequences of time travel

    entropy reigns. a broken eggshell mended not can be.
  6. Daydreaming throughout the day

    I think best when I walk, brightest ideas come then. Brisk walk, many times at night, mind wanders to pleasant places.
  7. You know, to think about it, I think Donald Trump...

    I feel you Cog, I grew up politically cynical, and always assume the worst of a government, so I might sound a bit harsh at times. Lots of corrupt shit going on, and when we get fucked for their greed, it ain't funny. Speaking out about it is right. I hope things get better and people get...
  8. You know, to think about it, I think Donald Trump...

    TL;DR: I'm just spouting bullshit sans rhyme or reason. Hmmm. Okay. Here's what I tried to say, in short: It is no big deal, but I'm still ranting about it. I must admit, haven't been following much news 2018-2020, so not clued up with everything. Compared to Darwin, Einstein, Oppenheimer...
  9. Take charge of your lives

    You are one among billions. This is the new human age. Autarchs and monarchs of old became the republics and nations of today, and the corporations are now stronger than ever, stronger than during the industrial revolution and the world wars. Ever has there been small groups dictating the...
  10. You know, to think about it, I think Donald Trump...

    He did not carve out an empire, nuke a country, or leave piles of corpses for the vultures to feast on. He did not create a utopia, nor did he instigate a civil war. In terms of history, his impact has been social and very public, definitely gaining the most global media attention of any other...
  11. materialism

    How many acres of forest could've been planted with that research grant?
  12. What is Transcendence, how does one Transcend?

    Get high.
  13. blood is a component of your personality

    This brings only one question to my mind: if so, then what about vampires?
  14. I have a theory concerning COVID and personalities.

    the only rational conclusion. there will be the world-dwellers and the inhabitants of the tehcno-hive. It's already like that now, if you add the slum biome and the rampant poverty which drives millions on in search of sustenance.
  15. knowing thinking learning sensing

    what hado said. it's all the organism.
  16. I have a theory concerning COVID and personalities.

    Yeah I think wait a few years before judgment. The end result may be the exact opposite: more humans out there seeking meaningful human conduct. The numbers are not yet in.
  17. I believe so that I may understand

    I observe so that I can understand.
  18. Circle-jerking and professor's 'interactive sessions'

    welcome to the world. creatures of habit do it inhabit, and the dominant species they be. corporations function the same. governments as well. basically: keep things easy, keep things uniform, if everyone believes the same and act the same, then its easier to guide a country without dissent, to...
  19. Hello there

    Hello and welcome. Good luck finding whatever you're looking for here.
  20. How do you deal with failure?

    I've fucked up a whole lot in my life, won't get into specifics, but the mistakes I made were stupid, irrational, complacent, and done due to a nihilistic/naive/apathetic approach to existence. All I can say is: Know what you want, appreciate what you have, and move on from failure. Shit...
  21. Is there a way to get rid of cultures but still maintain an alternative for a social glue?

    Replacement over time, as is the prevalent method, with time being a non-determined value dependant on many factors, accelerated if radical external factors enter the equation. The moment more than one humans are near each other for more than a week, I'd say a culture forms. The planet is made...
  22. I'm god (and so can you)

  23. I'm god (and so can you)

    My uncontrollable addiction of having to smear melted goat cheese all over my nubile body, dress up like a millipede, and crawl through town while singing the Mongolian national anthem, pissing into waste bins and biting people's ankles. If only it wasn't for that...
  24. "We are undeserving of this planet"

    @scorpiomover : 1. Correct. I think self-drive might be a better term for what I tried to say? As in, doing what you do for what you hold dear instead of doing it for a greater external goal, or an imposed goal etc. Selfishness for benevolence, ie. caring for yourself and those you adore by...
  25. "We are undeserving of this planet"

    Eh, cockroaches crawl, microbes microbial, I live, I die. Blaming elites? Blame? Meh. History is filled with assholes, and the future will be plastered with them as well. Every time one caveman has more rocks or dried meat than the other, shit happens. This age has more humans than ever before...
  26. not sure where to go in life at this point

    Burn down your home and wander the world. Might not cure your depression, but homeless sex is nice, and the stars are pretty at night. Drumfires are real cozy, and shitting on a cop cars? A bonus.
  27. try and stop me..

    Waldo grew a mustache, chubbed out, ordered penis enlargement pills, and married a hag. Where's Waldo? Case solved.
  28. What is real

    Frogs are pretty real. They plop when you step on them, crackle when you roast them, and build siege engines, pillaging your home and slaughtering your loved ones if you keep on treading upon and eating them. Other than frogs, I'd say galaxies are real. My creators were the Megallinic Clouds...
  29. how to sell drugs online fast

    Thought I might do some business at first glance : (
  30. How do you justify your existence?

    @Daddy Yeah, that's just how I write, no ill intent meant. Maybe I'm jaded. My answer is basically: This is something that only the individual defines for themselves, or 'I define my own meaning.' *** In terms of your second point, I say: Seek to be great, build ships that explore the...
  31. How do you justify your existence?

    @Daddy 1. Depends on the person. 2. My point is: You define your meaning, and if can't define meaning, you don't define meaning. If you know it, you know, if you don't, you don't. 3. Such hypotheticals hold little interest to me, as a single example cannot encompass the neurological make-up...
  32. How do you justify your existence?

    I wake up. Two paths: Put a shotgun into my mouth and blow my brainbits onto the ceiling, or make a cup of coffee, look at the clouds and listen to the birdies and do whatever it is that Rook does. The first option is boring as fuck, the second one has a great multitude of potentialities, even...
  33. your body thinks, not your brain

    i thought wuhan virus started when a bat escaped from a lab, got eaten at a fish market, then entered the sewers and mutated into a colony of slime-like bipedal creatures that rapidly multiplied, shrunk themselves down and created corona sars to bring down human populations after Greta Thunberg...
  34. The Australian Anime/Hentai Products Import Ban

    haha had a small paragraph and then power tripped, so got a longer para-graff: basically 'muh freedom.' I'm not much of a moralist and when I hear the words 'government' and 'ban' in a sentence, my skin prickles. The nazis banned many forms of art, and while SS-officers looked sexy as fuck, I...
  35. your body thinks, not your brain

    my nipples have sentience and my toes flip burgers for three dollars a day. but my hands are in a jar in a museum in uzbekistan, but only on alternating fridays. sold my brain for fruit loops money to a traveling eel tamer.
  36. How is your country faring with Corona?

    Don't follow the news. Just more laws that make things harder. Bubonic plague was a chad plague, this? Agh, uh, stats are: 725,452 cases - recov 654,182 deaths 19,276 and hundreds of thousands of jobs fucked cos of .gov action. 20 00 folk out of 50 million die, so let's fuck up the economy...
  37. The List

    there is only the Koran and Shrek 1 all else is heresy
  38. Finally

    "I took solace in the works of many greats across the autistic mediums." my brain spazzed out and that's what i read. welcome, Lord Dingus! If you were to rule any type of planet, what type would you prefer to rule? Should animals gain human rights, or should humans be treated like chattel? If...
  39. apokatastasis

    welcome ancient being to the pixelated wastes of a world gone mad
  40. 40 k lore

    Yeah, i've seen that series, a masterpiece and sadly not to be continued iirc. the tension, the mystery and the graphical art is superb.
  41. Any good chair recommendations here?

    Mine looks like this. I added a cushion for lumbar support. Can't give you a price check, but its relatively affordable i'd say. In terms of durability, it might survive a nuke and become a museum exhibit in the far off future.
  42. Thanks! Glad to see you're still kicking arse and taking names as well.

    Thanks! Glad to see you're still kicking arse and taking names as well.
  43. The Problem with Progressives

    herd mentality. we are all very advanced animals. imho every human has its own distinct ideology. that is why i am wary of things such as mbti and political theory. thousands of years we have warred. war never changes, no, it is only the emblems upon the banners and the chants upon the tongues...
  44. 40 k lore

    Interesting perspective, i've never met a fan in the flesh, well, not since being into it at least, so I have little to contribute from a sociological perspective. maybe in the cities here? But yeah the examples you name sound like a bunch of unimaginative hicks. I don't care much for...
  45. 40 k lore

  46. yessssssss

  47. 40 k lore

    this is a biggie
  48. lol tbh I listen to their music and thats it. everything you are telling me is new, im usually...

    lol tbh I listen to their music and thats it. everything you are telling me is new, im usually not that interested in the lives of strangers. But seeing as you are asking me, I'll do some digging online and give you a local perspective when I get the chance
  49. How does someone survive middle-high school?

    ^^^^^ basically all you need to know
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