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  1. green acid

    How do I delete my account?

    How do I delete my account?
  2. green acid

    How would you describe your week in three words?

    watching cabbages spoiling
  3. green acid


    All the data we put on the internet, however unconsequential it may seem, might be of importance to someone- and you wouldn't know it.
  4. green acid


    There is a lot of data proliferating out there, marketers use even trivial information for their research. Could it affect a job interview, or even bring attention from law enforcement agencies? The labeling part I projected onto this information superhighway topic would be labels along the...
  5. green acid


    Observing I would agree with. These fact-finding missions could just be simple market research, or are they just the tip of the iceberg for dirty global politics. The alleged tampering with the 2016 US presidential election is an example of the cyber-skullduggery that is going on. As to...
  6. green acid


    What are robots doing on this forum? What are google and the others trying to find out? I'm not too educated about there things.
  7. green acid

    Awaiting Orders

    Everything exists. Space-Time is a garden full of multiplicity. Just choose the path that leads to maximising lucre.
  8. green acid

    What do you think more defines humanity: our will or our ability to rationalize?

    We tyrannise the animals. This is mostly produced by our will. We could co-exist with animals whether or not we have superior intelligence.
  9. green acid

    How valid is the Malthus trap today

    The Malthus trap is generally ignored out of complacency. It always lurks somewhere over the horizon. The earth's carrying capacity is between 9 and 16 billion people. The world's population is currently 7.62 billion (May 2018). Within a few decades it may become a sustainability issue. If the...
  10. green acid

    On feeling useless.

    Your interests are infinitely superior to slot machines or watching 'Duck Dynasty', just keep doing what you're doing with more appreciation.
  11. green acid

    Last movie you watched

    The last movie I watched was Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid (1986). I always thought it was hilarious. A rotten tomatoes low budget classic. Reading this thread makes me want to rewatch The Lovely Bones though.
  12. green acid

    Simple Intro Post

    I had a job like that a few years ago. I tried quitting daydreaming too, but I was trapped in a world that I never made. Things are satisfactory now, it's stable and nothing happens. Stormwater inspector! I live in an area that's flooded this spring. Might try that. Anyway, welcome to the...
  13. green acid

    What's your opinion of ESFJ's?

    I live in a small town, which already makes it an ESFJ culture. Some of my friends and neighbors are ESFJ's. They believe in boosterism, and are concerned with local issues and institutions. Concerning me, they wonder why I don't have a TV (not normal). They talk about other people incessantly...
  14. green acid

    Parents of INTPs

    Both my parents are SJ's. My mother is ISTJ and my dad is ESFJ. My father is MUCH more emotional. Always in love with some, others he hates. My mom is like a quiet caretaker. My parents actually believed in letting me and my sister make our own decisions, which was great, their only drawback was...
  15. green acid

    Does anyone else think about this?

    Human flesh would probably taste good if it were cooked right. In western society, it's a taboo. I'm not sure if it is illegal, but showing interest in eating people may be considered a sign of mental illness, but in some distant cultures it's normal. It's a conundrum of cultural relativism...
  16. green acid

    the battle to own CRISPR patent

    What kind of fortune is to be made from owning CRISPR, I wonder? Those would be interesting numbers. I remember my brother in law talking about this technology about nine years ago. I ponderered it that it would eventually arrive, and make the world fucking weird.
  17. green acid

    Color Quiz

    It's very accurate (at least in my case). I don't have any idea how it works.
  18. green acid

    MBTI: Donald J. Trump

    I would agree with Trump being an Se dom. A very good salesman.He sold himself to the American public, even if it was skeptical of him. He's kind of like a televangelist or used car salesman or demagogue who spouts ridiculous nonsense with an eye to achieving more money and power. I doubt he's...
  19. green acid

    I have no opinions ever

    I have an opinion for you: Kim Jong Un is the world's most perfect being. He will lead North Korea to victory.
  20. green acid

    Philosophy Blog

    I live in a rural district in the American west that votes Republican. The ones waving the Trump-Pence signs are white, beer-drinking NRA members. Some of them are my neighbors, they have 8th grade scholastic aptitudes. They are paranoid of anyone who looks Middle Eastern, and are many of those...
  21. green acid

    What Philosophical School of Thought are you in?

    Conservatism (it ain't no easy job):mad:
  22. green acid

    What's the point of typology?

    Surprisingly enough, typology helps me deal with people better. A group of N types at a coffee hangout act differently than the ISTJ's at the office. Around strong Judging types I try to play it close to the vest, cause it's so easy to annoy them, but around certain individuals or cliques I can...
  23. green acid

    Are INTPs less likely to derive joy from music?

    MUSIC SEEKING 63 EMOTION EVOCATION 48 MOOD REGULATION 27 SENSORI-MOTOR 40 SOCIAL 59 MUSIC REWARD 44 Music makes me hyper, like Alex in A Clockwork Orange. I bond with people with similar musical...
  24. green acid

    TiNe (INTP) - new profile

    Can TiNe make snap executive decisions, or does that come at a later stage in the learning process? A situation may not much available time or information. The Si might perceive a need for conclusion (time-pressure or something) and a second-best decision might be executed. Or could the crisis...
  25. green acid

    Writing a book

    I often imagine Hitler directing me thorough work and grocery shopping. He doesn't tolerate sloppiness! When I see other people, he takes in their characteristics and goes on a rant in my mind about "bolshevismus". As for western civilization, hasn't it disappeared in this "global village"? With...
  26. green acid

    INTP or INFP and Ti and Fi

    I get the same type of MBTI scores as people on this thread. The same enneagram scores too. Could the high Fi or Ti be from some subpersonality? Some guy (I think an ENTJ) told me and my friends that we all have personas for social or intimate situations that may use different functions because...
  27. green acid

    What is time (discussion)

    Yeah, the businessmen who manufacture clocks, watches and the like.
  28. green acid

    Interpret my dream.

    You are having serious doubts about the kind of society you live in. Aren't we all? Dreams are like a subconscious flight simulator where you are testing your problem solving skills. The answers, however, are sometimes shrouded in these strange metaphors that can be looked up in dream...
  29. green acid

    What is time (discussion)

    That is it.
  30. green acid

    What is time (discussion)

    Why is it that thinking is always thought in a linear progression? Someone once told me thought was outside of time and space. It seems to bow to time, because one thought always follows another on a timeline. How is it possible to think of an apple, and then think of an orange, and ever reverse...
  31. green acid

    Boring introduction.

    God hates Nietzsche
  32. green acid

    Boring introduction.

    God hates Schopenhauer
  33. green acid

    Boring introduction.

    When Schopenhauer was 33, he threw Frau Marquet, a 45 year old seamstress down a flight of stairs because she was gossiping loudly outside Schopenhauer's apartment. He was fined 20 thalers, and later had to pay her 15 thalers every month until she died. She found out Schopenhauer was rich, and...
  34. green acid

    Boring introduction.

    If you get different results from those tests, probably an IP. I don't know enough to be more specific. By the way, I used to like Schopenhauer. He actually threw an old lady down the stairs.
  35. green acid

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I completely concur. Science and technology develop at a much faster rhythm than human culture. Actually, the world is morally and intellectually in retrograde. I am thankful for INTP forum, because there will always be a few people who don't want to crawl back to the 19th century armed with...
  36. green acid

    INTPs liberal, conservative, or centrist?

    I am firmly in the center. I wonder if far rightists and far leftists and deluded cults should be illegal. I haven't yet arrived at the point of advocating that kind of state control. The 21st century is accelerating into a state of instability, and issues like public safety and military...
  37. green acid

    Trolley Problem

    I don't know. They probably cover something like this in law school, but what would the juris doctors recommend? There would be some great ethical debates, even if the trial didn't receive wide coverage.
  38. green acid

    Trolley Problem

    Pulling the lever or pushing the fat man are both acts of murder.
  39. green acid

    AI Sex Robots

    How loud is the neighborhood gonna laugh if you obtain one of those things? I spose after a few years it would become a commonplace, and they'll be walking around in public and riding on buses and in cars.
  40. green acid

    INTJ observations

    I always like to hear explanations of Ni. I can't figure it out myself. It's not as cut-and-dried as extraverted Thinking, which goes from A to B to C and watches the bottom line. Ni seems much more mysterious, even though I may have some. As for a world full of Neanderthals, is it like that in...
  41. green acid

    INTJ observations

    I was thinking of three INTJ's in particular, actually one of them probably is an INTP. I talk with people to find what inspires them, especially if I learn something completely novel. This usually comes from intuitives of one stripe or another. INTJ's like to slam the door on this sort of...
  42. green acid

    INTJ observations

    I've had discussions with INTJ's before that went just like that. If I have a question they can't answer, or if were digressing from each other, an INTJ will always get irritated. It will come out in the tone of their voice, and act like they think I'm a jerk. If I bring up the point again, they...
  43. green acid

    What is your excuse for not being vegan?

    Good point. The world is so twisted, I believe this moral buffoonery affects us all. btw, I love cheese, but am vegetarian because I have gout, and a friend of mine later convinced me that meat comes from Auschwitz-like slaughter pens. so i don't eat Belsen burgers!
  44. green acid

    Confession of a hater.

    I hate people who antagonize me to my face. I've punched a couple of people in situations like that. I can't really hate anything from a distance, though I can strongly dislike from a distance. For instance, I dislike Republicans and TV and a million other things. If something gets me at more...
  45. green acid

    How to be an asshole?

    I see what you mean, my enneagram tritype is 5w4,9w1,4w3. I don't have much 8, but the 4 occasionally gets sort of emo.
  46. green acid

    How to be an asshole?

    1. Feel contrary to everything and everyone. This shouldn't be hard if you are an INTP, unless you have a lot of enneagram 9. 2. Express contrariness at all times. 3. Habitually break the law. If you can make it to step three, most people in the community will refer to you by the very WORD...
  47. green acid

    I made a personality survey

    Stable 86% Antisocial 70% Logical 50% Extroverted 50% Organized 32% Conventional 9% I think the test results were accurate enough.:)
  48. green acid

    How do I become an extrovert

    I can identify with a lot of that. Except when I was in college, when there were lots of N types around, and it was fun to open-mindedly debate about various subjects. I live and work in a small town where people know NOTHING about what is being discussed on INTP Forum.
  49. green acid

    Hey Yo~

    Hello, I'm a Christian too. And an INTP and all that.
  50. green acid

    Superiority of Te v Ti

    By the way, about how much Te does an INTP have? MBTI videos tell me that it is there,but it is subconcious. I wondered "is that very much?" I mean is there as much Te as Fe, or does it vary with the individual?
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