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  1. tashi


    Intp's seem to respond to school differently then other types, and the advice that I've gotten from the adults around me is redundant and not at all helpful. It apears that there are plenty of people of a similar age group who post on the forum. So from the older members who have already walked...
  2. tashi

    A bit of Tashi's art...

    The other day, I was searching for some paper for school, and I came across a collection of older drawings of mine. I haven't really been drawing nearly as much as I have in the past, so it never really occured to me to post any of my art. I'm sorry for my crappy camera =P
  3. tashi


    I've only very recently discovered my INTPness and so I was shocked when i stumbled across this forum to find such a large congregation of people so similiar to myself, yet with such a varying range of perspective to offer. I've been meaning to introduce myself for several days now, but i kept...
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