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  1. Eclectic_K

    BA, Biochemistry and beyond

    I am a young (20) :kodama1: aspiring, Biochemist. I am looking for thoughts, experiences (in school, professional or otherwise) to give me a better idea what to expect and look for. Below I have described my background and current direction it is OPTIONAL reading as I am interesting in all...
  2. Eclectic_K

    The Human Problem

    As an INTP it is rather easy for me to put the gravity of life's troubles out of my mind... for a moment. Simply distracting the diminutive Fe with some "petty amusement", something that I care about but is burdened by few of life's heavier or more immediate sufferings. In the meantime...
  3. Eclectic_K

    INTP Flaws

    I'm sorry to say this on the INTP forum but INTPs are not perfect. Clearly. So what are some of your thoughts about INTP flaws? What are some bad habits INTPs fall prey to? What are some typical flaws INTPs tend to share? What causes these habits or flaws (and I really mean flaws not just...
  4. Eclectic_K

    What are you thinking about?

    Right now I am... 1. processing all the benefits, intricacies and variations in the MBTI personality profiles... 2. Typing several of my classmates 3. Trying so solve the seeming problem with nonexistence. Can Humans really image something that truly does not exist? Cold doesn't really exist...
  5. Eclectic_K

    16 types, 8 functions

    My first Thread! Instead of introducing myself with an emotional back-story and let you infer my basis for my interactions on this Forum, I will give you the basis for my interactions on this Forum and you can infer any back-story you with (or ask me yourself). I tend to adhere to the...
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