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  1. How would you (re)program your ideal INTP-self ?

    Good is too subjective. You know what I would consider good? Eugenics :D I've spent a great deal of time thinking about what the world really 'needs' and it seems like what I would consider improvement would be considered 'evil' by a lot of people. Sometimes there just is no 'right' thing to...
  2. How would you (re)program your ideal INTP-self ?

    I haven't looked into the acronyms, but I think to re-program yourself without your 'flaws' would suck. People need to struggle. I suppose I would prefer it if I could program myself to focus better, but if I didn't have that limiter, I fear what I might be capable of. Even if we did have...
  3. The Neuroethics of Cellular Automata

    lol, I think justice is a subjective concept. 'An eye for an eye' is my standard to go by, but many people believe in forgiveness and punishment.( My one moral, golden rule is that people should accept the consequences for their actions; if you consciously do evil, don't go crying when evil is...
  4. What is your IQ?

    So what if it's not a reliable poll, but I have the same suspicions. As far as IQ goes; I've had various scores and come to the conclusion that 'birds of a feather' is probably the best judge of character. If you find peers in the INTP circles, you're probably INTP. If you enjoy conversing with...
  5. What is your IQ?

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