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  1. INTP always intelligent?

    Every forum, every video always talk about INTPs being highly intelligent, especially at solving problems or puzzles. The older I get the more I begin to accept that I simply don't have the intelligence nor the mental stamina to solve complex issues. I switched my career from film making to IT...
  2. Cured my depression

    If you're an intp like me you've probably suffered from depression multiple times in your life. But hey, this video cured my depression: Youtube search: "Exercises For Depression [OSHO Dynamic Meditation]"
  3. Information overload

    I find myself never taking breaks from taking in new information. I'm glued to my phone, my video game, or browsing through apple tv. While I'm glued to the screen I'm always thinking about how much better I'd feel if I just stopped watching and did something else. I think I'm afraid to face...
  4. Success Story

    Hi Everyone, I've asked for career advice on this forum many months ago. I had a short filmmaking career that didn't fulfill me. Then I was in sales for two years. Car sales then inside sales at a cool startup company. I was never happy and totally exhausted. Even though I put my mind to it...
  5. Help with Career

    This post is mainly for those INTPs who have figured out their professional life. I need help figuring out the next step in my career. I'm an INTP who grew up in a world where being extroverted, detail-oriented, and able to make quick decisions was the only option. Wealthy neighborhood...
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