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  1. What is your IQ?

    I have like a 2.6 GPA :D Maybe I should start turning in work & stop correcting teachers so they don't "lose" my work.:aufsmaul:
  2. Intp~the perfect criminal?

    I always liked the short stories because they were short :rolleyes: The show Sherlock enhances the whole Holmes/Moriarty thing.... Yeah, the movies are a bit diffrent, but I like them. What's really annoying are those people that can't let go of the original stories & want every interpertaion to...
  3. You know how attractive you are?

    My friends & family tell me I'm ugly all the time, but guys say I'd be "super hawt" if I wore make-up! I think I'm average, without make-up that is! :)
  4. Why did you pick your name?

    Ice-cream flavor
  5. What is your IQ?

    Gifted test in school said my iq was around 129, this iq test said I was at 101! lol
  6. Catcher in the rye

    Everyone I know who has read it has hated it. I haven't read it, it doesn't seem interesting. The cover with the fire-horse-thing looks cool though :)
  7. INTPs and their amazing ideas

    Share a freakyass dream. I had a dream that I was murdered :slashnew:. I knew I was going to be murdered the entire day, so I was hanging out with a friend, trying not be be killed. I tried to stop it by not going to the place where I died, but then I realized it was my friend's house. The...
  8. Intp~the perfect criminal?

    A classic example is Holmes & Moriarty :)
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