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  1. bemused

    security setups

    How does everyone secure their machines and devices? My setup is a bit idiosyncratic- I don't use any antivirus/anti-malware software or anything. Anyway- Network- DD-WRT: DNSmasq is configured to block (i.e reroute to local address) a bunch of tlds and ad servers. I use openDNS w/filters...
  2. bemused

    hey intps

    Assuming some of you members have seen a few of my rambling, sometimes insightful/sardonic/crass/kvetching/drunken/stoned/incoherent/cringe-inducing nonsensical/grammatically butchered posts. Is the little glimpse into my personality over the past month ( I literally talk like I type) which...
  3. bemused

    Do you think in words or pictures?

    I've noticed when I'm deep in thought I think in words. However, when I'm in fantasy mode trying to envision my future and I'm running all these different scenarios in my head, I combine words with visuals. When I'm trying to sleep, I try to think in pictures, otherwise I get trapped in a...
  4. bemused

    do all women eventually want kids?

    I read something on Slate that shook me to the core. A woman in her early 30s wrote in claiming that she is changing her mind when it comes to having children. She and her husband of five years both agreed before marriage never to have them, but now she is having a change of heart, but he is...
  5. bemused

    Dandy Warhols are so passe

    m.youtube.com/watch?v=APrpB-i4d_E I mean dandy's rule OK Been listening to their first 3 albums non stop for the past few months. The above link is to the video of their second most known/popular song. The vid is gay but the song is catchy and zia mccabe is so cute.
  6. bemused

    INFJs are cool as hell

    I've only ever met one guy that was (most likely) an INFJ - he was this arty Goth kid back in HS that had this whole Marylin Manson thing going on. I wasn't really friends with him or anything, but I did hang out with him a few times at parties, he seemed like this really cool dude and really a...
  7. bemused

    Android or iOS?

    Are you an individualist? Perhaps a little curious? Maybe even a little nerdy? or Are you trendy? Maybe a bit of a conformist? Perhaps a little too cool for school?
  8. bemused


    i am bemused
  9. bemused

    "Why do you always use big words?"

    Is it just me or do Americans need to expand their vo-cab-u-lar-y? I mean, seriously. If a colloquial, laid back slacker like myself is continuously posed that question, something is terribly wrong. Just the other day I had a woman say that to me after I used the word 'proverbial'. Apparently...
  10. bemused

    Are women more valuable?

    I've been thinking about this recently. From an evolutionary perspective, men are far more disposable. The average male produces enough sperm in his lifetime to impregnate thousands of women, because of this, men are typically impartial and less choosy in finding a mate. On the other hand...
  11. bemused

    anyone meditate? what have you learned?

    Let me first say that I am not into the hippie, new age yoga type of crap. When I say meditate, I mean it in the sense of ‘mindfulness’. The practice of observing your thoughts and feelings without any form of attachment to them during isolated sessions. I am not into any religion or...
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