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  1. Happy

    Need dating advice as a male ISFJ

    ^ yeah true. Not so much an explicit goal. More important to just not get bogged down by trying to pick up girls, but rather just engineer an increased possibility for the desired outcome, and enjoy the journey.
  2. Happy

    Need dating advice as a male ISFJ

    Bingo! @Animekitty , my advice to you is this, and I'm going to keep it simple: Phase 1: Attend planned social gatherings. How you find these is entirely up to you (meetup.com has been mentioned, but just attending something where there will be other people will do - maybe go to a cooking...
  3. Happy

    Actuary or Engineer for INTP as career?

    I’d advise against engineering, unless you desperately want to do some specific thing. If you’re not 100% sure, it’s much more beneficial to start off in something much more broad and specialise later. The trade off is that it’s much more practicable to narrow down from a broader field than it...
  4. Happy

    Would you sell your education?

    Fuck it. I’m over it. I’ll sell it for $10mil ($1m for each bachelors and $2m for my masters, and $6m for my industry experience) and start over in tech. Any takers?
  5. Happy

    Being Misunderstood

    If people are raging at you when you talk (you even recognise that you’re a long-winded talker) then the problem is probably in the way you speak, and looking for validation from other INTPs is not going to help, but rather reinforce the negative trait you’ve developed. Speak more concisely and...
  6. Happy


    While somewhat effective as a short term solution, an unhealthy crutch long term. Pharmaceutical remedies are not the solution to anxiety(/depression). Probably better off exploring therapy.
  7. Happy


    Just want to throw this out there. I’m Cog’s age, and the advice Cog posted is fairly close to the advice I’m given from those a decade my senior (35-45s). —————— You’ve got a long way to go, kiddo. It gets better, don’t worry. You’ll overcome these problems, and new ones will take their...
  8. Happy

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    Hey yeah! Wtf is this about? I have the same problem! I’m like, constantly buried with multiple projects (most people at my level have 1 or 2, while I seem to have between 5-10 at any given time). So I somehow manage to keep my head just above water, somehow suspended in this constant state of...
  9. Happy

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    I 100% relate. I’ve also had the epiphany, exactly as you describe. My existence has been mostly geared towards trying to fix it since 2013. Furthermore, I’m currently in therapy for anxiety related to the aforementioned. It seems futile. I hope we can all one day overcome this crippling...
  10. Happy

    Does anyone here particularly dislike me ?

    I don’t peculiarly dislike you, but I do think you’re a typical young narcissist in need of some humbling life experience. Also everything Hado said.
  11. Happy

    The Character Analysis Thread

    It’s a community where we can all get rich together. We’ve been accused of being a pyramid scheme, but it’s nothing like that - the model is actually an upside down pyramid. A DIMARYP! And all the money funnels down to us, the people! Who’s with me?
  12. Happy

    The Character Analysis Thread

    What the fuck am I paying $5.99 a month for?
  13. Happy

    The Character Analysis Thread

    Only one thing I’d change about the scenario: RB wouldn’t be naked. I’d at least let him have some dignity and outfit him in one of my spare gimp suits. I’ve got all sizes, so he’d be comfortable.
  14. Happy

    I'm making a Pokémon fan game. What would you like to see?

    Suck what? I was right, you dolt! Haha
  15. Happy

    I'm making a Pokémon fan game. What would you like to see?

    INTP proclaims they’re making a video game on an Internet forum with no follow up posts for a year and a half. Pretty sure (s)he’s given up on the pet project by now...
  16. Happy

    What is your IQ?

    Gotta keep those inflated egos in check somehow
  17. Happy

    what is the difference between adult and children

    I think this is one of those fundamental truths that everyone comes to realise at some point. The adults don’t know anything. It’s all something we’re led to believe when we’re children to keep us in line and keep the hierarchy alive. I read recently somewhere, and I’ll have to paraphrase...
  18. Happy

    Everyday ethical/moral conundrums

    I would let that fucker rip. I’d even go one step further, and instead of that social norm thing where you all stand in the lift facing the same direction, I’d stand in front of the doors and look her dead in the eye, while I serve up that gas chamber. Okay, you’re walking on the sidewalk, you...
  19. Happy

    Mystery: Did My Bathroom Travel Back In Time?

    All the more impressive the prank... :phear:
  20. Happy

    Mystery: Did My Bathroom Travel Back In Time?

    Do you live with other people? That seems like exactly something I’d do to my housemate.
  21. Happy

    Social Axiety

    Cool. I didn’t expect that to be a thing. It’s good that it exists.
  22. Happy

    Social Axiety

    You’re just an awkward kid. Sounds a lot like me at 17. My advice: Put yourself in more social situations over the next few years. Get a job where you’re talking to people every day. It’ll eventually work itself out, as long as you’re always making at least incremental improvements. Like...
  23. Happy

    The Character Analysis Thread

    fuck it /in
  24. Happy

    You and Learning Disabilities

    100% relate
  25. Happy


    Could you please elaborate on the significant ways Jiu Jitsu has changed your life? (I’m curious because I train in BJJ and listen to a lot of podcasts, read books and read articles about it, and the consensus is always that many aspects of your life is improved by it, for various reasons. I...
  26. Happy

    Hi there

    Well, I don't trust the friendly INTJ. Something fishy is going on here... But yeah, welcome to the forum :D But I've got my eye on you... :phear:
  27. Happy

    Hi there

    Hmmm... Someone doesn't trust the friendly INTJ...
  28. Happy

    You and Learning Disabilities

    Just wanted to say I relate to this very strongly. Nothing noteworthy to add, other than I have developed a kind of learned sloppiness, where I’ve realised that in the sheer mass of shit to get through, things can’t always be perfect. I relate very strongly to the lightbulb thing.
  29. Happy

    How do I change my username on this?

    You don’t.
  30. Happy

    You and Learning Disabilities

    I’ve got to stop being lazy with explaining events. I was diagnosed with ADHD not from an interview alone, that was just screening. There was a few months of testing that followed, including testing my reaction to medication, etc. I should have mentioned that earlier. I didn’t expect anyone to...
  31. Happy

    You and Learning Disabilities

    I was in my 3rd year of uni (of 6) and after having been consistently frustrated for the past decade or so whenever I had to produce something, I started thinking, and my thought process went something like “it’s like I have no attention span. Like I have some sort of attention deficit or...
  32. Happy

    You and Learning Disabilities

    I have ADHD-PI. I just like calling it full-blown ADDs because it makes me chuckle. I used to take dexamphetamine (similar to adderall), but I took myself off it when I started showing signs of dependency. An effect I didn’t expect was that having been on the medication for a number of years, I...
  33. Happy

    You and Learning Disabilities

    I’m diagnosed with full-blown ADDs. It’s a bit shit, but with proper management, it works out okay. It is hard to keep up the proper management though, and it only takes one link in the chain to break and everything falls apart. The repeated failure has really forced me to come to terms with my...
  34. Happy

    What are you all reading?

    Currently reading Principles by Ray Dalio. This guy is the best. Even has a short chapter on how to manage HR with mbti (he’s an ENTP)... I also love the idea of an idea meritocracy.
  35. Happy

    Unknown limitation of space travel.

    I think you mean we are human until we go to space, then we are mutants.
  36. Happy

    Getting Stuff from China

    Have you tried getting max sizes from local manufacturers? At least it’s something to work with at the schematic level. A couple of years ago, I was part of a group that put together an exhibition where everything was made of that heavy duty cardboard. Unfortunately I wasn’t involved in the...
  37. Happy

    Hello Weirdos

    Things I related to strongly in your post shown in BOLD within spoiler below. Welcome. You will belong here :)
  38. Happy

    Joe Bloggs

    No, you're thinking of either social media in general, or shitty blogs. Good blogs are a collection of good ideas or just pieces of writing that are too short to publish in a book form. (Except for Wait But Why, where blog posts are often book length :kodama1:)
  39. Happy

    Joe Bloggs

    Bit late, but I’ve decided I like blogs now. Post your favourite blogs so I may peruse their material (I guess other people can look too...)
  40. Happy


  41. Happy


    What are you on about? This is not an exclusively negative place at all. And why are you trying to deter new members? @Kensuke Disregard the aforequoted (is that a word?) comment. You like HPMOR. You belong.
  42. Happy


    Correct answer. You’re welcome to live here forever :applause:
  43. Happy


    What’s your favourite HP fanfic (there is only one correct answer)?
  44. Happy


    Have a beer on us! (except you have to pay)
  45. Happy

    It’s my birthday

    He was only half serious. Forget about it...
  46. Happy


    No, thank YOU :kinggrin:
  47. Happy

    No no you got it :) it’s an accurate reading of my sense of humour.

    No no you got it :) it’s an accurate reading of my sense of humour.
  48. Happy

    Adverse? I prefer to think of the quotes as more of a cautionary tale. As for the toddler...

    Adverse? I prefer to think of the quotes as more of a cautionary tale. As for the toddler having a gun, I didn’t give it to him. It’s another cautionary tale. He probably took it from his mothers purse. The real question you should be asking, as I did, is “why the fuck is this a stock image?”...
  49. Happy

    The Advent of Virtual Immersion

    I'm actually pretty keen to get onto it now since I (finally) tried a decent headset (oculis) the other day at a design museum overseas. I was impressed at how not-vomity it was, which is what had turned me off VR in the past.
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