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  1. Pizzabeak

    Space force

    Not sure what war is but to reduce the population by killing thousands, even millions of people. That plus land and territorial disputes. The main goal of this might be to develop asteroid deterring technology or other ways to avoid collisions. And only then can we do colonizing other worlds and...
  2. Pizzabeak

    Maths and You

    I've always been average math, but I'd still do it - I don't mind getting instruction or discussing the concepts to make it make more sense and get experienced with it. That doesn't mean I'd always immediately get it and be super fast to grasp the material. Then my high school experience...
  3. Pizzabeak

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    5/10, some kind of attempt at being epic. A couple decent synths I guess.
  4. Pizzabeak

    Joe Rogan

    Here's a video of some of his commentary work, which shows more of his personality. He could be INTP actually but might still be ENFP: Another:
  5. Pizzabeak

    Predicting the future

    I don't think this is "supernatural" or new age in some ways. You just take in the possibilities and see which is likely. If you prevent something then you did it. You may have a few days to a week to get it done before it comes crashing down. This is related to another thing. Say you have a...
  6. Pizzabeak

    Joe Rogan

    Ultradavid - ENFP
  7. Pizzabeak

    If we were to find similarities with other animals, would ants be the closest?

    Birds were more related to dinosaurs but it all still descended from the same source of fungus and RNA. Even though crows are hella smart, they're in a different niche so use different tools to survive. Plus birds prey on rodents and small mammals so it seems better. Birds evolved 150 millions...
  8. Pizzabeak

    Joe Rogan

    Firas Zahabi could be ENTP, there have been a few examples of those before on the show. To me, it seems subtle, that's how you know they're that kind of ENTP. It's way different from INTP, dom or aux functions plus other changes make a huge difference when you plot out the change. It just shows...
  9. Pizzabeak

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    Because it seemed like something you'd do
  10. Pizzabeak

    Joe Rogan

    Vincent Horn from Buddhist Geeks could be INTP, assuming Rogan is ENFP.
  11. Pizzabeak

    My INTJs

    Ni is Se, which cares about the physical environment, and is detail oriented. INTJ & INFJ have it as their "dominant function" whereas ENTJ or ENFJ have it auxiliary. Ne/Si also is concerned with reality, but is more broad in scope and possibilities. Ni singles out on a single one. So it...
  12. Pizzabeak

    What are you all reading?

    Doors of Perception - Aldous Huxley 3rd or 4th attempt at getting through this essay. Never liked Huxley's style although he's, obviously, recognized as an important figure in Psychedelic literature and history. This book is about mescaline, peyote, the psychedelic cactus Mexicans & Indians...
  13. Pizzabeak

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    I thought this was a higs thread
  14. Pizzabeak

    INTJs don't need acid?

    Or abuse.
  15. Pizzabeak

    Problem with Schrödinger's definition of life.

    Obviously there's some order to it.
  16. Pizzabeak

    Problem with Schrödinger's definition of life.

    He said we're doing disorder. It's entropy. If you're in equilibrium with your environment, you're dead.
  17. Pizzabeak

    Medical marijuana

    There's also Peter Griffin, Stan Smith, or Philip J. Fry. No one wanted fluoride, or a fluoridated water supply. Fluoride ion is what they use in dentistry and fluorosilicic acid is a waste product from the fertilizer industry, which is disposed by putting it in water. There's no real research...
  18. Pizzabeak

    INTJs don't need acid?

    It looks like some people don't need LSD (acid). It was a part of a series of lysergic acid derivatives designed for obstetrics or cardiac symptoms but miraculously, Albert Hofmann accidentally ingested some by chance, and ended up discovering it had "psychedelic" effects. Acid isn't really...
  19. Pizzabeak

    Medical marijuana

    And the whole process can take 10+ years just for the new "experimental" drug to turn out to be a failure. So the companies are real careful with what they do or which projects to carry out. They usually then just examine molecules similar to known ones which should have predictable effects...
  20. Pizzabeak

    Medical marijuana

    No, there's also incentive to keep it occult as long as possible for monetary gain, then sell it on the market announcing the new discovery and creating a persona (or a team of people) as a cover story saying they were the ones who did it. Not everyone can be in on it, some EU countries...
  21. Pizzabeak

    Weird fiction

    PKD wasn't wild or weird, just strange and stooped in reality. He did drugs, only acid like twice from what I've read, as he was mainly into stimulants like amphetamines. Try William S. Burroughs for wild fiction, it's not just that he was a weirdo, his plots and storylines are out there as...
  22. Pizzabeak

    Being Misunderstood

    They say a lot of people are stupid and it's just an inability to comprehend things, especially new stuff, which could change their position on life or what they should do. No one can figure out if the chicken or egg came first, and "both" isn't a deep or surprising answer. As far as the problem...
  23. Pizzabeak

    Medical marijuana

    I didn't just say it to cause a panic and start a discussion on conspiracy theories. If I wanted to go there I'd just start a different thread in another sub forum. Either way, there's plenty in history to suggest that would go on sometimes. Take for instance AIDS, or different kinds of...
  24. Pizzabeak

    Medical marijuana

    Pretty much just try to bombard the thing with whatever you've got. Like cog said, you can listen to the pros, generally. Except, some info can be underground or they can be shills and paid by pharmaceutical companies to do and prescribe what's in their interest, not really yours. That doesn't...
  25. Pizzabeak

    Best girl type for male INTP

    ENTJs don't like when you're cold. Maybe just the girls (females) in most situations.
  26. Pizzabeak

    How, what to program?

    I know you can program a calculator or cash register if you have enough free time. Then you can maybe just crank it or customize it to see the implications of what else you can do. I might just start a game. I was working on one before but never finished it. I think it'll be a good place to...
  27. Pizzabeak


    They're good for hobby video work.
  28. Pizzabeak

    Best girl type for male INTP

    I like this answer. Sounds like ENTJ, which has been nominated before to be one of the best types for an INTP, whether male or female, or as friends or lovers. And it just works. The only downside is the INTP has to be good, and pretty much not lazy - and there aren't that many INTP to begin...
  29. Pizzabeak

    Language Pen Pals

    Let's be pen pals, haha. I don't speak French but am going to learn, so that would be cool to me. I can do English but what else would be good for you? What can you think of now that would be useful for later on down the line that you want? What are you looking to get out of this. If we...
  30. Pizzabeak


    Huh not much, I might concentrate more on the instructions for what the meal calls for so as not to mess up then again it would depend on if I'm doing it right or not, following it to a T that is, not that I like to experiment because I don't really, for all practical purposes and intents, or...
  31. Pizzabeak

    Need dating advice as a male ISFJ

    Just be yourself. Chicks dig cash, and valuable work.
  32. Pizzabeak

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    I think Nazi just means you can't have sex with a colored person or a brunette.
  33. Pizzabeak

    F vs T wars

    Who would kill the other? Not to mention Fi vs Fe in any stack position, which is more inclined to have the first instinct to kill someone instead of trying to work together as long as possible?
  34. Pizzabeak

    What songs are you listening to? /III/

    Don Henley lookin' like Terence McKenna
  35. Pizzabeak

    Have u ever done a nazi salute

    Nazi helmet?
  36. Pizzabeak

    The advantages of conscientiousness

    All it should really take is cease laziness, which is a trait of INTPs usually. Didn't Architect more or less have it down? At what age or point in your maturity/growth would you expect it to be optimized or better? Were you even possibly better off back then before you were a teen or when you...
  37. Pizzabeak

    there are those that hate depression and wish it gone; i on the contrary, i can’t function without it.

    I'm not sure if there's any point in harnessing the darkness. It may not even work even if you plan on repenting and going clean & good later on. Either way, the best way is probably to get a shitty roll of the die or receive a bad hand. Go ahead and get your heart broken multiple times then...
  38. Pizzabeak

    Artificial intelligence sharing thread and recent developments

    We already have those. The real appeal of A.I. was what Virtual Reality was to the 90's. What it is, is an idea. And ideas are appealing, make you look smart, and are all around useful tools and aid. It should be exponential. Cyborg enhancements then putting consciousness in the superquantum...
  39. Pizzabeak

    What movies are you looking forward to?

    Avengers 4
  40. Pizzabeak


    Pretty much a scam so they can make more money, they'll prescribe it to anyone. Nothing can really help with anxiety except confidence. As far as medicines go, medical marijuana (cannabis) can soothe anxious like symptoms but it can also cause it and make you paranoid so it may not be the best...
  41. Pizzabeak

    Avengers: infinity war

    Thor: Dark World tried to be too funny as well. Ragnarok was okay but thought it'd be better or more grand. I think a lot of it has holes filled in via the imagination from the source material such as comics, and what could have been; etc. I want to see Infinity War again, maybe stoned off...
  42. Pizzabeak

    Boston Dynamics Robot Running

    They're gonna kill us all.
  43. Pizzabeak

    Joe Rogan

    The joke is, Rogan and Cassady could be ENTP. I still think they're ENFP though.
  44. Pizzabeak

    Best girl type for male INTP

    ENFJ, ENFP, INFJ, INFP, ESFP, ISFJ, ENTJ, INTP, INTJ, or ENTP? Fi could have a creative edge to it whereas Ni-Fe is more complementary and easier sometimes. Hypothetically, you'd want someone aware enough. I like xNFJ because we can speak the same language but different, so they use the same...
  45. Pizzabeak


    Not really, Se and Fe are both communication functions so they'd be interchangeable in that regard. I took a test and got INFP once because my Fi and Ti were close but there was more Ti than Fi so it was INTP before the first time I administered the test myself. If you have Se then it's Ni. I...
  46. Pizzabeak


    Yeah. It does. I suppose it isn’t that static. As far as P/J goes, it means you would change from Ti to Ni then Ne to Te, which could make sense, but they’re way different yet similar, so the change seems rather drastic. Fe would become Se. It makes sense. Ni is INTP’s 6th function, so if you...
  47. Pizzabeak


    I took the test and got INTP. Sadly, it's hard to be certain sometimes and I could be J. Or, even INFP but probably not. It said my Ti isn't as strong as it should be, but that Fe is still last so it's INTP. It then said my Ne was slightly overdeveloped, but I don't think it's my first function...
  48. Pizzabeak

    VW beetle/bug/kewer/volla/buggy/rustmobile

    A similar bug was my second car and it got good gas mileage, it was like five bucks for ~150-200 miles. If you get hit though you'd probably be dead. Those things crumble like cans. You'd need a newer car or a truck to get the most safety but they can guzzle gasoline and oil more than normal...
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