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  1. Niclmaki

    Non-substance methods of overcoming social anxiety

    Just be confident and imagine yourself more prepared for the interaction than they are (even if you are not). I’m not sure how friendly or warm this actually appears . It usually intimidates the other in my experience. If that’s not your speed though, just listening for 80% of the conversation...
  2. Niclmaki

    Just curious are their any brown INTPs on here

    Am brown.
  3. Niclmaki

    Why ASMR works?

    Wtf is ASMR - comments in this thread make me fear searching for it.
  4. Niclmaki

    Social skills

    Oh I see now. By “sometimes not care about others” do you mean that sometimes you do? When I’m in a “not caring” phase about people I OUGHT to, I just force myself to keep myself in line, and not do anything that’ll upset the status quo. The self control is tiring though, so I need to spend a...
  5. Niclmaki

    Social skills

    Eh, learn how to softly probe for information about her without being cutting. Find a thing that she may be interested in (idealy you will be too) and orbit around that. Caution: you should be confortable all throughout, otherwise it may come off as phoney. But it may just be taken as...
  6. Niclmaki

    ENTP info

    Eh, maybe I understood it in a nebulous sense. I liked it put into words for my own sake. You may be right in the fact like, “just because an optomitrist knows how eyes work, doesn’t nean they see better than everyone else”. It is very likely it’s just a mental comfort that boosts my...
  7. Niclmaki

    2018 games you look forward to

    Smash Bros. Ultimate Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu And I suppose World of Warcraft/Battle For Azeroth I just kind of play WoW for the sake of playing it now. After 14 years I just can’t stop myself. Might have something to do with being “Gold rich”. I haven’t payed real money for a...
  8. Niclmaki

    ENTP info

    I agree that cognitive processes are never a HARD fact about a person, but it at least gives you something to jump off of. I always analogize it with the usefulness of movie genres. You can call a movie a Romance movie, but it could also have some comedy / action in it. It is not an exact...
  9. Niclmaki

    F vs T wars

    T would just find the softspot of F’s and exploit it at every turn to win. Like Pirates of Penzance never killing orphans, hah.
  10. Niclmaki

    ENTP info

    As an ENTP I prefer the other makes the first move. And I’m male! They usually do, so I’d say you should be fine.
  11. Niclmaki


    Welcome Gill. We rarely reoxygenate the water, so sorry if you start suffocating.
  12. Niclmaki

    Being Emotionally Inarticulate

    Heh, as an ENTP I can kind of get this. I can literally just say, “no” to my mother in a reply and she takes it like I yelled at her. Same goes if I say, “fine”. With my father no ONLY means no, and, “fine” means fine. Much more comfortable talking with him. Although I understand these...
  13. Niclmaki

    Are you here for the same reason like me?

    I wandered in here many years ago after discovering Carl Jung, now they won’t let me leave!
  14. Niclmaki

    Avengers: infinity war

    I think Mr.Dwarf said it could heal him at some point, but for how did Thor know? Idk maybe The Force told him it would heal him? And how did he know to go to Wakanda? Idk I guess The Force told him that too.
  15. Niclmaki

    Intellectual vs. Pseudointellectual

    My understanding was that an intellectual knows things that are generally agreed on by the scientific community. Whereas a “pseudointellectual” is treading on flaky stuff or a system purely of their own creation. It could actually be true things, but is “psuedo (fake)” because there is no way...
  16. Niclmaki

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    Aaay ENTP here. Surprisingly similar sounding story to me. I was also tested and identified as gifted as a child. I built stuff like a radio, hand fan, flashlight. Just for fun (in elementary). I pretty much excelled in everything at school. My small community didn’t know what to really do with...
  17. Niclmaki

    How fast is Intuition?

    It’s probably a good thing you rambled in seperate posts. :p If you had it all in one long-ass post I might have skimmed it and only read about 1/3rd of it.
  18. Niclmaki

    Subjective Experience of Time

    Yeah. I put some more thought into it, and there’s a lot of things you have to consider. The environment, like you said, but I would also add which “world” you’re interacting with as another important modifier too. Interacting with internal world: 1 minute of subjective time = 45 seconds...
  19. Niclmaki

    Tentative Introduction

    Welcome Mr.Unspecified User. I really only visit and interact in bursts with long inactivity. Everyone here seems hunky-dory with that. Even though I am not even an INTP.
  20. Niclmaki

    Subjective Experience of Time

    If I count out a minute, the actual passage of time is always about 40 seconds. Do you think there’s any corelation with type on this? Or a reason for some peoples’ “percieved” impatience? How does everyone elses “minute” compare to the objective minute.
  21. Niclmaki

    How fast is Intuition?

    Interesting. Since they’re both essentially “unconsious” functions I can find myself in a similar situation. The answer is given to me, or it is not. If the answer to what I want isn’t “given” to me in .1s, it usually means I am going to struggle. And I will have to use Si and go step by step...
  22. Niclmaki

    How fast is Intuition?

    There is also this, at about the 4:00 mark. For some good juice about Ne / Ni from Jung himself. Ni is still quite a mysterious function for me to wrap my head around.
  23. Niclmaki

    Avengers: infinity war

    Hah, Thor: Ragnarok struck me as a movie that had an original vision of being dark / mysterious + dangerous, but got rewritten as a comedy. Hela seemed like she was there just to have a plot. Like Goldmember in Austin Powers! Which is probably why she felt a little off. Such a serious character...
  24. Niclmaki

    Avengers: infinity war

    Yeah I just saw the movie a couple days ago. I also agree that Thanos was the main character here. It did make me... cringe a little at how one-dimensional MOST of the heroes were. I was hoping more from Dr.Strange this time around, since he was basically just a cameo in Thor:Ragnarok. But as...
  25. Niclmaki

    How fast is Intuition?

    Ne dom reporting in. Hell, if your definition of intuition is a new idea, then I would say it is VERY fast. What takes a long time (for me) is putting it into words. Following the ideas while speaking is pretty much an all-consuming activity for me as I try to wrangle my thoughts into...
  26. Niclmaki

    Best girl type for male INTP

    As an ENTP... ENFP or INFP in my experience. ESFJs get an honourable mention. She was probably one of the most mature ESFJs I have ever known though. That’ll matter more than anything in the end, maturity.
  27. Niclmaki

    INTP always intelligent?

    As a super Ne user (ENTP) my brother that is an INTP is likely more intelligent than me in quite a few ways. He actually has the stamina and desire to deeply understand things. Analogy-wise, he has 5 giant holes dug out, while I’m off digging a new hole every two scoops. More specific to your...
  28. Niclmaki

    You and Learning Disabilities

    Uneven? Like more error prone? Or just remembering / emphasizing different aspects of a thing. For example, you could have a hard time with the “simon says” games with 4 colours. But, if you instead remember it as a number sequence instead of a colour sequence it is much easier. Or is it just...
  29. Niclmaki

    You and Learning Disabilities

    Interesting stuff. I don’t have any kind of learning disability (that I know of, hah), but one of my biggest fears IS losing some of my mental capacity. Would you say having a learning disability is like a net-loss overall? Or more like a direction you just can’t develop so you grow out in...
  30. Niclmaki

    INTPf is migrating. Donate!

  31. Niclmaki

    ST: Discovery

    The only character I really enjoyed seeing was Phillipa Georgoui. In the pilot it was awesome seeing a female captain that was actually competent. I also had a very hard time rooting for our protagonist because of how behaves in the first few episodes. Really makes you hate her...
  32. Niclmaki

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official)

    As a standalone - it is passable as an action movie. As a star wars main trilogy episode, it is a slap in the face to everything that has come before it. Even the prequels didn’t disrespect it as much. This “starwars” movie only slightly felt of starwars. It was as if the canon was not even...
  33. Niclmaki

    Do other INTPs have issues with verbal fluency?

    *laughs in ENTP* But seriously, I have always been good at speaking “off the cuff” or in front of a crowd. I don’t think it ever really bothered me much. I do however, have an annoying habit of trying to speed other peoples conversations along by guessing what they’ll say. It feels like it...
  34. Niclmaki

    INTPf is migrating. Donate!

    So we’re just gonna be running on new software? I wont have to make a new account and shit?
  35. Niclmaki

    Entp,estp,into, or istp

    ESTJ is what I’m feelin.
  36. Niclmaki

    Problems solving skills??

    Play a lot of different games in childhood. Better start designing a time machine.
  37. Niclmaki

    Declaration of War

    I didn’t even know you guys existed until about 20 seconds ago. Well... http://extrafabulouscomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/sports.png :aufsmaul:
  38. Niclmaki

    OCD Test.

    Odd, I woulda guessed the whole test was dishonest and would give you a 10+ score regardless of what you entered.
  39. Niclmaki

    What is your favorite kind of soda?

    I don’t drink soda all that often unless someone orders it for me.
  40. Niclmaki

    Thinking in another language

    Haha well I have no one to talk to about these things in real life, so I’m not sure who is “mainstream” and well known, and who is not. I assumed Huxley would be a big name for most. I had bever heard of John Lily before your post to be honest. And yeah I’m psychedelic free myself as well...
  41. Niclmaki

    OCD Test.

    Well I’m certainly not suffering from it, nor is it debilitating. That’d be the point at which I would consider getting help. I jokingly call it my “little OCD”. Kind of a misnomer to still call it Obsessive or Compulsive though. It’s just a slight quirk I’ve learned to live with. The call to...
  42. Niclmaki

    OCD Test.

    I have a million of little things like this. Seeing the time as 12:48 pleases me compared to like 7:31. I HAVE to find patterns in the numbers I see, if I don’t, it displeases me. If I’m doing something repetitive I have to choose an “exit strategy.” Like stirring my milk into my tea my...
  43. Niclmaki

    Jordan Peterson Big 5.

    I’m tempted to take it, but I’m also a cheap bastard, so nah.
  44. Niclmaki

    Thinking in another language

    Lol, “RAW” eh? You could probably also add Aldous Huxley to your list. He has a book in which he describes his experience with mescaline. It’s pretty neat, “Doors of Perception” is what it is called. You do seem quite studied though, so I assume you already know this. I just found his...
  45. Niclmaki

    OCD Test.

    Hey I got 14. That is surprising. I am skeptical still though. The website is covered in ads that say “find a therapist near you”. It is probably in their interest to guve you a high score. Test is here: https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/ocd-quiz/ if anyone else wants to guve it a go. (You...
  46. Niclmaki

    Thinking in another language

    Oh, Cayuga isn’t a “dead” language, yet... I live right beside Six Nations (largest reservation in terms of population) and there’s many fluent speakers there of many languages. It is quite similar to Mohawk, shares a few words for similar things. Eg. Mohawk word for, “Candy” is Cayuga for...
  47. Niclmaki

    Minecraft:Who do?

    Really liked it when it had first came out. Sunk many hours into it for a couple years. Playing other things these days.
  48. Niclmaki

    Thinking in another language

    I was taught Ojibway in elementary and Mohawk in highschool. I am by no means fluent in either, but even with the little that I do know, it does make me think differently. Ojibway is mostly “verbs”, like if you translate directly to English “Clouds” you get something like, “exploding teeth.”...
  49. Niclmaki

    When is thinking excessive?

    Well I don’t think anyone is in a position to tell someone else they’re lacking something in life because of what they choose or don’t choose to do. An imperfect analogy could be one who never exercises and becomes obese and dies young. You could argue they missed out on life, but they could...
  50. Niclmaki

    What is the world made up of ?

    It’s a classic argument. Mathematicians fall in love with math so much they want it to exist in reality. Like the literal number 5 exists. This idea does get a lot of support because of how unreasonably useful and correct math has been.
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