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  1. Antediluvian

    Nootropics with profound effects?

    I'm just sitting here wondering when nootropics that have profound effects on the brain will be introduced to the market. What do you think, 15 or 20 years?
  2. Antediluvian

    How often do you abandon internet forums?

    I just left a forum where I "contributed" several thousand posts to, out of boredom, I suppose, or maybe I didn't see any opportunities for proper discussion. Most likely, both were persuaders to my leaving the forum. Of course, I had to fill the gap with other forums, such as this one. So...
  3. Antediluvian

    Do you wish there was more site traffic?

    While I'm not one to declare that quantity is better than quality, the latter can spring from the former. More chances for it, at least. I, for one, wish there was more site traffic, what about the rest of you? Not that I'm expecting this to be easily changed, mind you.
  4. Antediluvian

    Are those who obsess about intelligence barred from the upper echelons?

    I remember someone said to me once that those who obsess about intelligence are somewhat above average, but not genius level intelligence. While being far from a rational argument in itself, it might stem from simple pattern recognition. Thoughts?
  5. Antediluvian


    I've ruminated many times over the fact that I may have schizophrenia. It was and is more of a cool assessment than a horrifying perspective. The reason why I took this into consideration was that a family member recently suggested this diagnosis to me (a mild form they said), and honestly it...
  6. Antediluvian

    Can an insane person think himself to be so?

    The common wisdom firmly states no, but I've been debating that recently. So, can a crazy person have some level of insight into their irrationality? Thoughts?
  7. Antediluvian

    Is it possible to increase your spatial intelligence?

    Spatial intelligence seems like the core of general cognition to me, and it seems fairly immutable, but I'm not certain. Thoughts?
  8. Antediluvian

    Do you respond to depressed individuals with hostility?

    I read something in a psychology textbook that made me wonder, do you see yourself as responding to depressed individuals with hostility, depression, or anxiety?
  9. Antediluvian

    Feeling of disconnect with modernity

    I always have this feeling of there being a large disconnect between myself and modernity. As a result, I feel as if I'm obsessed with it, and not simply technology, but the general culture and the depth of personality that can spring from it. I may be obsessed with modernity, but oddly enough...
  10. Antediluvian


    For some reason, a feeling of gloom has struck me out of the blue. Many days I can feel the gloom looming on the horizon, but I can usually squash it before it becomes intense. The past few days, I've experienced this general malaise and I've been especially dwelling on my own mortality...
  11. Antediluvian

    A larger population of those with High IQ on internet forums

    I've always wondered about the credibility of the notion of those dwelling in the top 2% or above in IQ test performance on internet forums being in a higher concentration than in real life, it does seem more prevalent on certain forums than others in my experience, the claiming of high IQs...
  12. Antediluvian

    Philosophy students excel on standardized tests

    http://libarts.wsu.edu/philo/overview/excel.asp According to this article, philosophy students typically have a great advantage when taking standardized tests with scores on the GRE described as: as well as scores on the LSAT Some think that philosophy majors are endowed with these...
  13. Antediluvian

    n-back training?

    I read the University of Michigan study (I believe there was a follow-up study, as well) concerning n-back training and increases of gF (general fluid intelligence). I wonder, has anyone here employed these exercises and seen a substantial increase in IQ? Of course, the only test used was the...
  14. Antediluvian

    Sense of Humor

    I've often thought of myself as having an odd sense of humor. Most of the time recently, I've been attempting to suppress this trait in front of others. Has anyone here done this? I feel like the odd man out, perpetually bored and dissatisfied. Humor is a double-edged sword for me, on the...
  15. Antediluvian

    An obscure presence on internet forums?

    This might seem like an odd thread, but I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to being an obscure presence on internet forums. To clarify, I don't mean "lurking" but rather posting replies or starting threads that don't receive many responses. Perhaps I lack the argumentative nature of most...
  16. Antediluvian

    Do you have pervasive doubt about yourself?

    I think the term "pervasive doubt" characterizes me quite well, I question my abilities constantly. Does anyone else do the same? EDIT: Guess I'm the only one :P
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