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  1. Oblivious

    Hey there fukyo :)

    Hey there fukyo :)
  2. Oblivious


    I personally would attribute this behaviour not as a different flavour of Ti, but an interaction with the secondary function of Se in the ISTP and Ne in the INTP. The differences you mention seem to line up quite well with the differences in the sensing and intuition functions in any case...
  3. Oblivious

    What do think is your greatest flaw?

    I can code but I suck at documenting.
  4. Oblivious

    INTP's suck at typing others

    Strictly speaking, your mbti type is a classification of your preferences, and not a measure of intelligence or skill, which is what your ability to type someone would be.
  5. Oblivious

    This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee

    Are you Happy? It's YOUR DUTY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWIjvPuY2jo
  6. Oblivious

    America's Shadow (en masse: ESTJ)

    To add onto what Sir Duxwing said about programmers: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~evans/greatworks/mythical.pdf
  7. Oblivious

    Let's have an intelligent discussion

    That would be too obvious. You know, with all these intelligent people flouncing aorund here.
  8. Oblivious

    Let's have an intelligent discussion

    This is my idea of intelligent discussion.
  9. Oblivious

    Let's have an intelligent discussion

    None of you are aloud to touch my pee pee.
  10. Oblivious

    Oh yeah, forgot about this

    Wizard prinnies represent.
  11. Oblivious

    "When it comes to leadership and influence iNtuitive people have an edge over Sensing people."

    Watch this video, then read through this thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeK759FF84s
  12. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    It doesn't matter if it's a fallacy; I thought we cleared that up. The issue here is that your policies just seem self serving. Like a pedophile who argues that the age of consent should be lowered to five. Would you honestly take any arguments made by the pedophile seriously? Yes, an extreme...
  13. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    Walfin. It would be much better if you simply started a thread on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welfare_state Rather then this philosophy you got here. This is exactly what you want, but then you unintentionally make all these inflammatory statements that will send even peace loving...
  14. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    This is a contradiction. You have to clarify. You indirectly mention meritocracy because your philosophy is the polar opposite of meritocracy, so my usage of meritocracy is simply syntactic sugar. I am just doing what you wanted. I cannot speak for others, so I simply use my own...
  15. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    If you are willing to doom a successful person to failure, dooming a successful argument to failure is simply a matter of consistency. Then you are being inconsistent. Arguments cannot be viewed in a vacuum, because they cannot exist independent of persons. Argumentation is also a...
  16. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    What do you care for meritocracy? Do you believe your argument to be superior? Your concession that my argument was unmeritorious means that it is to be held above your superior argument, according to your philosophy of failure. If you simply think your argument is superior, it also means...
  17. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    This should be renamed the philosophy of failure. Since its success implies its failure and its failure implies its failure. A failed philosophy of failure that results not in success but failure.
  18. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    Basing an argument on the presence or lack thereof of a fallacy is itself a fallacy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_fallacy You also realize this argument taken to its logical extreme can be used to elect a rapist/serial killer/mass murderer to a position of high office and or...
  19. Oblivious

    What is Religion for?

  20. Oblivious

    The philosophy of the weak

    walfin, this may fly on news.yahoo.sg comments section, but not on any place with the tiniest modicum of common sense. How much have you donated to the hungry and homeless in Africa this year? You have the internet connection to post your ranting, so you have at least a certain amount of wealth...
  21. Oblivious

    What types do you attract?

    Being a sexy bastard I attract all types of all sexes.
  22. Oblivious

    Tej great GABEN speaks wise words on business

    This one slipped under my radar. Thanks for posting, will watch it when I have the time.
  23. Oblivious

    What should I do with my future?

    Industry experience would definitely help. I intend to get at least 3 years before I think of going indie. About language learning, its all about learning by doing. I would recommend getting into a standard computer science course, learning what you can, and then applying it to personal...
  24. Oblivious

    What should I do with my future?

    I would suggest programming video games. There are a few reasons: 1) You learn programming, which is awesome in general 2) The math you learn (mainly linear algebra and trigonometry) is directly applied, allowing you to do powerful and awesome things 3) It's almost impossible to get bored...
  25. Oblivious

    Calling all ENTP.ORG Regulars

    Don't keep stupid things like hats in the fridge.
  26. Oblivious

    Calling all ENTP.ORG Regulars

    I never went to ENTP.ORG, but I'm here.
  27. Oblivious

    We have martyrs too

  28. Oblivious

    Meaning Cannot Not Exist

    This. Otherwise I tend to be a kind of Lovecraftian nihilist.
  29. Oblivious

    Connecticut Massacre

    I was just about to post this. Thank you.
  30. Oblivious

    Pod'Lair review

    To add on to what Sir Duxwing has said: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falsifiability
  31. Oblivious

    Pod'Lair review

    Though I am just on onlooker, I appreciate what you are doing here.:)
  32. Oblivious

    So you think you can type? (The Greatest Game)

    Yeah I remember the facial identification thread that was actually pretty interesting.
  33. Oblivious

    So you think you can type? (The Greatest Game)

    What is the objective of this presentation? Has it been helping you to achieve your goals? What are these goals?
  34. Oblivious

    So you think you can type? (The Greatest Game)

    Seconded. In fact, why should the literature be anything but this?
  35. Oblivious

    Recreational drug use/experimentation

    No racetams on this list? That's what I've been doing recently. Awesome stuff.
  36. Oblivious

    Sorry everyone, but the pig has returned

    IB: I wonder if you watch the Onion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwQns6vGfj4
  37. Oblivious


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScGGx9ZdbPs World of Tanks. Just play it. Going down the German tree now. Current tank is the Pzkfw V Tiger.
  38. Oblivious

    Oh yes I play it. Saving credits for my Tiger II right now. It's a long grind. My background...

    Oh yes I play it. Saving credits for my Tiger II right now. It's a long grind. My background picture is just a touhou version of the Storming of the Bastile. A painting set in the french revolution. I just find it awesome how touhou gets in everything.
  39. Oblivious

    Dark Souls

    If you have Steam, and you love crazy difficult single player RPGs, GET THIS GAME. Best game I've played in ages. I'd put this game above most anything I've played in the past five years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HdfzC7Shg
  40. Oblivious

    Video games are dying.

    Dark Souls. Borderlands 2. World of Tanks. Starcraft II. Hardly dead I'll say.
  41. Oblivious

    Are you a Hacker?

    My last hack? Instead of getting vertex array object code to work I caved and used vertex pointers instead. Feel dirty about it, but it works... at least for triangulated faces. Gotta fix that...
  42. Oblivious

    I'm afraid I was very, very drunk.

    Are you sure it was only alcohol?
  43. Oblivious

    President Obama's Temperament

  44. Oblivious

    People confuse me.

    I am imagining proxy in some scene from the office right now.
  45. Oblivious


    http://worldoftanks.com/game/guide/en/general/about_world_tanks I currently am driving the German Mediums: Panzer IV and its derivative the VK3601(H) Well armored from the front and possess powerful, accurate guns. German medium and heavy tanks are for strategic, deliberate play. Their...
  46. Oblivious


    Steam Online is a case example of how piracy can be outcompeted. It's a model to be restated again and again in any piracy discussion.
  47. Oblivious

    One Last Try at Actualization

  48. Oblivious

    What is your IQ?

    I am dismayed at the lack of an OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND!! option
  49. Oblivious


    Dear mongrel, It is implied that the women in question are reasonably attractive. Regards, Your Better
  50. Oblivious


    What nonsense. I enjoy going to parties as the only male.
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