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  1. systembust

    How do other people see you?

    Alien on vacation.
  2. systembust

    Human flocking behavior

    Interesting post, and this part is really funny to me because I strongly relate. I find that, at least socially, I am often interested in "what others are interested in", perhaps moreso at times than I am interested in things on their own merits. On a forum like this, for instance, I am...
  3. systembust

    I wonder?

  4. systembust

    Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetic Research Shows

    It's certainly an interesting topic. Much to digest.
  5. systembust

    Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetic Research Shows

    For the record, I was *completely* joking. As much as I hate emoticons, I'll obviously need to start using them. :D
  6. systembust

    Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetic Research Shows

    As an INTP, that's actually pretty high on my list of criteria for a potential mate. :D
  7. systembust

    Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetic Research Shows

    Phew - did it just get hot in here?? What, no NSFW spoilers on this board??
  8. systembust

    Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetic Research Shows

    Not according to any connotations that "Neanderthal" society has carried, up until today (at least in contrast to Homo Sapiens). "Neanderthals Were Actually Pretty Neat, After All" articles to start appearing in 3... 2...
  9. systembust

    There once was this really awesome forum

    After reading above that YM is dead, I decided to look up here what other magazines had folded without my approval. And that is when I found out that the official magazine of my childhood, Wizard Illustrated, is no more as of this past January. Thanks OP, gonna cry a little now.:pueh:
  10. systembust

    Whats wrong with me?

    Go with the flow. None of us can define ourselves, because we're always changing. Perhaps you're not as introverted as you once saw yourself, or perhaps you are totally extroverted when amongst the right company. Don't trip over it, just let yourself have the freedom to be as you feel in the...
  11. systembust


    ^^ I looked up "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" after you (I think) mentioned it in the "What are you reading" thread. It does look interesting and creative... I will probably try and get it some way this weekend. I was a comics fanatic as a kid. Like many, my interest has been on/off ever...
  12. systembust

    Do you ever find yourself relating to the "bad" character?

    Wow. I find that to be one of the most accurate descriptions of my own outlook that I've ever read, anywhere.
  13. systembust

    Astrological Signs for INTPs

    Same. I've long suspected this, and it's good to see some data that supports it (however unscientifically gathered). Nice thread.
  14. systembust

    Inequity, the feeling of

    I can definitely relate to a lot of that. INTPs need to be allowed at least the option of living on government reservations.
  15. systembust

    Temporary Suspension

    They also mentioned cursing.
  16. systembust


    Everybody got suspended for cursing too much. Lesson learned.
  17. systembust

    Chess vs. Checkers

    Loooove checkers and I don't care who knows it. I'm sure I play in my sleep sometimes, because I wake up with neat new solutions to certain issues. Chess is a wider game, but checkers has a depth of its own as well, despite the claims of its detractors.
  18. systembust


    Went through the same thing. Smoked for 8 or 9 years constantly but it got worse and worse towards the end; had to stop doing it socially because it started inducing anxiety... always overanalyzing, too cerebral to stay attuned with the moment. Was diagnosed as a reefer addict and alcoholic...
  19. systembust

    Conscious Drugging

    Sounds like you are inducing alpha or theta waves in yourself. We discussed that in a thread maybe a month or so ago, too. There are different techniques that enable one to do this at will from a conscious state; maybe you happened upon the practice of one of these techniques by accident...
  20. systembust

    Intp Job

    Great insight there.
  21. systembust

    Intuition : 6th Sense Superpower?

    Just want to state generally: yes, I have experienced the things you're talking about, and continue to do so on a regular basis. There are many methods available for tapping into and better employing your intuition as an active partner, rather than a passive "experiencer." But I wouldn't call...
  22. systembust

    Intp Job

    I also say to follow your interests, if that is what you genuinely feel inspired to do. I also wanted to be a screenwriter, but I lose interest in it when I actually sit down to complete the work. I love coming up with ideas for screenplays and sketching outlines of how a movie would go...
  23. systembust

    Being manipulated

    You misread my post. I'm not judging the OP, I'm being perfectly honest from my point of view. Might sound a bit harsh, but I think it's the truth. I don't think it helps anyone to mince words when they ask for advice. The truth is that, barring physical force, no one can manipulate you...
  24. systembust

    Being manipulated

    Honestly: If you see where you are being manipulated, and you allow this manipulation to continue, then it is your own fault. It's up to you to determine your own self-worth, and the amount of influence you'll allow others to hold on you. If you don't draw your boundaries for yourself...
  25. systembust

    Do you (INTP) find other INTPs to be weird?

    I just have to say, that is absolutely hilarious, and pretty much sums up the whole of my own academic career.
  26. systembust

    Evolving Large and Complex Brains

    Looked interesting, til they asked me for $$.
  27. systembust

    Who are we from a political perspective?

    I couldn't see myself aligning with any particular identification (socially or fiscally), and I'd suspect most INTPs would resist subscribing wholesale to any one ideology or perspective. Seems to me the notion of "who are WE" is toxic to our somewhat stubbornly individualistic orientation...
  28. systembust

    Do INTP's have "addictive personalities" ?

    I find the debate interesting, as I've never explicitly considered the relationship b/w curiosity and addiction; I personally just took it for granted. Here is a study (.pdf) I found on the exact topic (which happens to support my view =p )... apparently this debate has been going on for awhile...
  29. systembust

    What are you all reading?

    That sounds reeeeeally interesting, but I can't find a copy online. Might have to actually go out and, gasp, buy it.
  30. systembust

    What are you all reading?

    Reading "The Iliad" limited series from Marvel Illustrated. Wooow. Comics are really underrated as a medium. Much of the dialogue is left intact from the book and it is a pretty faithful adaptation, but oh so much more engaging imho. Well worth checking out.
  31. systembust

    Perhaps one of the greatest rebuttals of all time

    "...our relation to the gravity forces and the electrical forces remains unknown..." It takes him until the end of the video to get to this point, which I think is the most significant thing he said here in terms of an honest answer. It was an entertaining spiel, but a cop-out imo. Plenty...
  32. systembust

    Do INTP's have "addictive personalities" ?

    No offense - but you haven't provided one. You've made some misinformed statements, which I've dispelled twice, and presented a poor analogy. Introducing physically addictive substances into your body can cause physiological addiction. It's true that a propensity towards physiological...
  33. systembust

    Do INTP's have "addictive personalities" ?

    You're right; coke was a lazy example, and isn't particularly suited to the INTP temperament anyways. I just threw up an arbitrary addictive substance for the sake of example, to make a point, but I should've been more careful. :) That's not true in the case of physical dependence...
  34. systembust

    Do INTP's have "addictive personalities" ?

    If you never try coke, you'll never get addicted to it. So that is why they go together. Curiosity plays a role. If you do enough of the stuff your body will begin to crave it, doesn't matter what your "tolerance" is. Anyone can become physically addicted. If INTPs are more open than other...
  35. systembust

    Do INTP's have "addictive personalities" ?

    I can't speak for others, but personally, I definitely have an addictive personality. (As a matter of fact, I was just doing some reading on the topic before I spotted this thread.) If there is an addictive trend among INTPs, I would attribute it to our enhanced level of natural curiosity...
  36. systembust

    Last movie you watched

    I've been watching a number of Frederick Wiseman documentaries lately. The last one I watched (though not for the 1st time) was "High School," which I would recommend as a primer to his work. These are exactly the types of movies that need to be made more often. Wiseman just lets the camera...
  37. systembust

    ESFJ ex-friend giving silent treatment at work

    Let it go. She sounds like she has some issues (of course we all do) so don't get too caught up trying to make "sense" of her behavior. Oftentimes people don't behave logically. Obviously she doesn't respect your need for personal space if she feels a need to impose negative sanctions on you...
  38. systembust


    To me the OP sounds b/w alpha and theta. Theta isn't necessarily an unconscious state, but is the threshold between the conscious and subconscious. Both alpha and theta states are characterized by some of the things in the OP, and both can be experienced consciously; theta is just a bit...
  39. systembust


    Initially I believed this was alpha as well, but after re-reading the OP and a few links online, what is described seems more similar to theta to me... here's one link I came across, not very academic, but I'm pressed for time at the moment. from...
  40. systembust


    Yes, I believe what you're describing is the experience of your brain entering theta wave production. Do some googling. There are different methods out there of increasing this type of wave production, practically 'at will', as well as types of music and sounds that are produced to aid in...
  41. systembust

    What are you all reading?

    I read that last year, after reading that the author is INTP. The protagonist seemed very INTP as well. Very good stuff.. I do tend to enjoy 'magical realism' in general, but it definitely stands out. The imagery of the library and Miss Saeki still sticks with me. I need to get around to...
  42. systembust

    What do INTPs dislike in games?

    Yes, my point exactly. When it's time to relax, a clock is the right up there among the last things I want to be concerned with.
  43. systembust

    What do INTPs dislike in games?

    True. I tried to revise quickly to better express what I meant. Usually having to defuse a bomb will only last for one stage or level at the most, which isn't so bad. I just hate games where the entire thing is spent racing against a clock (excluding sports). That's not an enjoyable thing at...
  44. systembust

    What do INTPs dislike in games?

    Any type of game where you have to frantically "beat the clock". Absolutely can't stand them.
  45. systembust

    Good Movies

    Dark Days... excellent documentary, well worth a look.
  46. systembust

    What are you all reading?

    The Light of Asia by Edwin Arnold Using Your Brain - for a Change by Richard Bandler Both are highly recommended, if you're into the subject matter.
  47. systembust

    Sociological Sociopaths

    More or less... BOO YA-KA-SHAA!! :D
  48. systembust

    Sociological Sociopaths

    This makes me think about the influence of the music industry more than anything else. If you read the description of antisocial personality disorder here (https://health.google.com/health/ref/Antisocial+personality+disorder) , the behavior described is exactly the kind of behavior that is...
  49. systembust

    Antidepressants make you more extroverted?

    I have known some depressed extroverts also. That's why I was careful to use the term "less prone." There are also many extremely fulfilled introverts. Obviously (according to statistics), a vast minority of introverts actually suffers from depression. However I still believe that, generally...
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