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  1. An INTPf user who has written a hate message on my Twitter account

    So... a certain someone from this forum who shall remain nameless for the time being left a hate message on one of my social media accounts. I know exactly who it is, but I don't see a way to contact anyone about it. I reported it through that site, but its origin was here, so I wanted to...
  2. Why was Harry Potter such a successful book?

    Your analyses are requested.
  3. The Enneagram 5 INFP

    I've seen some Enneagram sites type J.K. Rowling as an Enneagram 5, and most Meyers Briggs sites will type her as INFP. I've also seen a couple people online identify themselves as both INFP and 5w4. It's widely rumored that Meyers-Briggs types tend to correspond with certain Enneagrams. What...
  4. What do you think about Yelp, Google reviews, and other online business reviews?

    What do you think about online reviews of businesses? What will happen with these sorts of sites in the future? My own thoughts:
  5. The ignore list?

    Is there a way to entirely block someone from both reading and responding to your posts? It seems as though the people on your ignore list can still see all your threads and posts and vice verse.
  6. Linkedin: your opinions and experiences

    What are some of your opinions about Linkedin?
  7. Terrible, terrible ideas

    How do you come to realize when you have held a false notion, or really, really bad idea that just isn't going to lead up to what you had hoped for?
  8. When will vaping become safe?

    Vaping without nicotine- when do you think it will become safe? Will it ever become safe? I keep reading articles on the internet and hear little rumors on campus about how it is not safe and isn't likely to ever become safe. I watched a video in which a chemist did an experiment which ended up...
  9. Waking up in the morning... >:-O

    Do you guys have as hard a time waking up in the morning as I do? I feel like a piece of shit right now because I was 15 minutes too late to do some volunteer work I really wanted to do this morning. When I schedule something that is too early like this, I will literally sleep through any...
  10. How are you different from others of your type?

    In real life, have you met others who were undeniably the same type or of a very similar type as you (e.g., the same four letters or one different letter, confirmed by either by testing or by regular contact lasting over two years)? In what ways did you differ from that individual? What do...
  11. Extrovert thoughts about solitude?

    A quote like this one by Arthur Schopenhauer is one I relate to immediately as an introvert: "A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free." But is this a sentiment that...
  12. When you have a problem you can't figure out

    What do you do? How does it affect you?
  13. What are you going to do when you retire?

    I will write literary fiction, poetry, sci-fi, how-to's and screenplays like a mofo! I will have nothing more to lose at that point! lol
  14. Fun examples of vpython for physics

    Hi!!!! My intro to physics class is about to get into Python, and I am very excited. It takes me back to my Geocities/Angelfire days. Do you know of any really cool-looking examples of what someone can do with Python? Thanks. http://www.vpython.org/
  15. What is the essence of mathematical logic?

  16. The future of trolling

    What do you think about the future of trolling? I'm not sure how well the YouTube style of commentary is working for us. It makes it pretty hard to have an in-depth discussion about important subjects when when people are attacking each other.
  17. If you could only study one more thing for the rest of your life...

    ...what would that thing be, and why?
  18. How do you plan to express your theories?

    I'm hoping to write my theories into ebooks in both fiction and non-fiction. I don't get the chance to talk about my theorizing very much (except in class). How do you plan to communicate your theories? (Or do you plan on it? Or do you do express or implement your theories already?)
  19. Not listing professors' names when signing up for classes.

    Is this becoming a thing? My physics class did not list the teacher who would be teaching the course. I only found out his name today. One of my labs last semester had done this also, but with a lab, that seems understandable. My math class did something similar last semester though, too! I...
  20. Asexuality tests

    I hadn't heard of asexuality as a movement until recently. Lonerwolf.com has some interesting quizzes to take: http://lonerwolf.com/asexuality-test/ http://lonerwolf.com/sapiosexual-test/ http://lonerwolf.com/demisexual-test/ I think I did not score as a sapiosexual (also hadn't...
  21. Trolls according to the MBTI

    What are some of the differences in how each of the types troll or manipulate (both online and in person)? What kind of games is each type prone to playing?
  22. Merry Christmas! I luv u all! (P.S. Let's type the Nostalgia Critic.)

    I love watching this guy's holiday specials. My best guess is that he's an INFJ. What are some of your thoughts? P.S. What are you doing for Christmas? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3osNJ-NKow
  23. Attempting to understand the criminal mind.

    I have always been very interested in explaining bizarre, and/or criminal behavior. I read an extremely disturbing article this morning that has been haunting me all the way up until now...
  24. What are some of your 2015 Oscar predictions?

    I just watched The Theory of Everything and was stunned by Eddie Redmayne's performance! I'm really excited for Bennedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game too... Who do you think will win what during the upcoming Oscars?
  25. Ideas for how to win scholarships

    Hi, all! Does anyone have any success in winning scholarships for their undergraduate degrees? I need more money for college next year. I want to go to summer school and winter school, but my financial aid won't cover the expenses. I have some grants, and I could start taking out loans...
  26. How can I find out what area of physics I'm most interested in?

    Hello! What are some high-quality websites/documentaries/books that have some sexy, introductory-level ideas about physics? I'm switching my undergraduate major from the arts/humanities to the sciences. My only background is in high school physics I and II, and following pop science...
  27. How are you holding up during finals week?

    How are you preparing for your final exams? (I'm procrastinating by checking my horoscopes uncontrollably and by getting on this lovely forum.)
  28. Tips and tricks for absorbing concepts in math?

    Hello! I spent several years in the working world, and I'm really struggling to absorb some more concepts in math now that I'm back in school. However, I am having a very hard time retaining the ideas I need to in detail. Any advice? I've begun taking some serious notes and journaling for each...
  29. What do you think of this brain scanner? (TED Talk)

    What do you think about this gadget? Would you try one out? http://www.ted.com/talks/ariel_garten_know_thyself_with_a_brain_scanner#t-706894
  30. How did we get downgraded from "genius thinkers" to "architects?"

    Don't get me wrong... "architect" is a cool name (and probably a lot better for balancing INTP hubris)... but didn't INTPs used to be commonly referred to as "the genius thinker" the way INTJs are referred to as "mastermind?" :cat:
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