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  1. Infinitatis

    Knowledge: Inherently Infinite or Inherently Terminable?

    There are different tiers of knowledge. Tiers explain their preceding tiers. Tiers create a deeper understanding of something, A, in a transitive-property-like fashion. (A=B, B=C, C=D, therefore A=D.) Does our understanding ever reach a point where we need not ask "why" any further? Does...
  2. Infinitatis

    The Efficacious Forum Participant

    Many of us spend our free time here on this forum. This forum is a place where ideas are born, spread, and grown. In order for an idea to be born, one must wonder; in order for an idea to be spread, one must convince; and in order for an idea to be grown, one must consider. The Birth of the...
  3. Infinitatis

    Enter Infinitatis

    I have been participating in this forum for about two or three weeks, but I have yet to introduce myself, so here goes... I live in the United States and am currently a junior in high school. I am the youngest of three of siblings (though I function as the middle child). My parents are...
  4. Infinitatis

    The Contrariety of Selflessness

    One's conscious actions are determined by one's decisions, and one's decisions are determined by one's reason. Selflessness, in its traditional sense, is simply impossible. Everything we do is self-interested. If it so happens that our self-interests benefit others, that's merely a...
  5. Infinitatis

    Nihilism – Why the Hell Should Anything Exist?

    nihilism (as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary): a : a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless b : a doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths Those of the INTP personality are...
  6. Infinitatis

    Help Understanding Special Relativity

    I've always loved the elegance of physics, but, as I have had no professional instruction in the field, there are many questions that I find difficult to grasp. Currently, I am having difficulties with understanding special relativity. More specifically, I am having difficulties with...
  7. Infinitatis

    Causality/Determinism/Physicalism/Free Will/Time Travel

    Causality / Determinism / Physicalism / Free Will / Time Travel Here's something that I was thinking about... Everything happens in one particular way, every single time, for any particular set of events. For instance, if there are ten asteroids floating around in space (in an isolated...
  8. Infinitatis

    More Than Four MBTI Traits?

    The four MBTI traits are: – Energy (Extroversion / Introversion) – Information (Sensation / Intuition) – Decision (Feeling / Thinking) – Lifestyle (Perceiving / Judging) – Trait (Categories) While 16 MBTI types summarize the human population rather elegantly, I've often wondered if 32...
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