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  1. NoID10ts

    Absurdism (split)

    I think I've decided I'm an absurdist. There is no meaning. The only real question is that of suicide. I find it difficult to argue over subjective matters and there's nothing I can say about objective matters that smarter people than I haven't already said. I think that if I have any purpose...
  2. NoID10ts

    I have been summoned.

    Cognisant sacrificed ten kittens and drank the blood of a leprous goat to raise me from the dead. Now what the fuck do you want Coggy? While I was gone, I verified the universe is indeed meaningless, however, contrary to my previously held position, I now know that you and I are beautiful and...
  3. NoID10ts

    Amnesiac Greetings

    Hello. Long time reader, first time poster. I think. Unfortunately, I have amnesia brought on by an overly aggressive sex partner that beat me about the head and shoulders with a three foot dildo when I refused to hold a razor between my teeth and shave my own crotch. That I remember...
  4. NoID10ts

    Hardcore Pornography Sub-forum?

    I would like to request a hardcore pornography sub-forum. There's only three reasons I use the internet. This forum satisfies two of the three, to make snappy one liners and to belittle the religious, but it sure would be nice if that third reason could be addressed. I could have a one stop shop...
  5. NoID10ts

    Aspiting Sci-Fi Writers

    Just in case anyone is interested, Harper-Collin's Voyager imprint (the ones that do Game of Thrones) is going to open up a two week window for unsolicited sci-fi/fantasy manuscripts. For those of you familiar with the publishing industry, this is pretty rare and a nice opportunity for those of...
  6. NoID10ts

    Uh. Hi. New Here. Long Time Reader, First Time Poster.

    Hi. This website looks vaguely familiar, but I don't think I've ever posted here before. Anyway, this will probably be my only post because it's hard to type and masturbate at the same time. I'm masturbating right now. I'm at work, too. I work at the snack bar at the movie theater. My boss is...
  7. NoID10ts

    Formal Apology Thread

    I would like to create this thread to formally apologize for creating the 4th (I think) thread about the spoiler spelling error. It was horrible of me to be so careless and I'm truly and deeply sorry for any harm I may have caused this community. I beg your forgiveness kind people and I shall...
  8. NoID10ts

    Spiler Tags!!! OMG!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!

    Has anyone noticed that the spoiler tag is misspelled? Oh the humanity! The fucking humanity! Will someone please, please, please correct this? I can't sleep at night because I see the word "Dispay" in my head. Dispay Dispay Dispay Dispay!!!!! Please make it stop. :D
  9. NoID10ts

    Noddy's Blog

    I'm moving to smaller and stupider things. Hopefully, this is the worst blog ever created. If you can't do something right, do it very, very wrong. Noddy's Happy Place (And buried somewhere in there, is a second blog that is far worse.) ;)
  10. NoID10ts


    I just saw this trailer and it looks like a movie that might be of great interest to many of us. It's a story about Darwin and the conflict between his theory and his wife's faith. There may not be much bloodshed or nudity in it, but still ............. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BREvUKpZTeU
  11. NoID10ts

    The Mist

    Has anyone seen "The Mist"? I just watched this movie and Holy Shit. I read the Stephen King short story when I was in high school and loved it, but I never got around to seeing the movie, mainly because my parents said what an awful, horrible, terrible, no good, piece of shit movie it was...
  12. NoID10ts


    Are any of you PHQ/MySQL wizards?
  13. NoID10ts

    Forum Outages

    Why does the forum keep going down, lately? Half the time I come here to share bits of my expansive catalog of wisdom, I get a network error or some such thing. :eek: Is it just me? Are you trying to shut me out? You dirty bastards.
  14. NoID10ts

    The "Go Away!" Club

    Well we have a "Come Back!" club so I thought this was in order. Who among us would we like to ask to leave? I think Melkor should go away because last night I caught him peeking in my widow while I was doing nude yoga and eating beef jerkey while watching "Twilight". I very embarassed about...
  15. NoID10ts

    David Carradine

    Suicide? Homicide? My theory is accidental death by auto-erotic asphyxiation.
  16. NoID10ts

    Noddy's Rant

    I may be totally alone on this, I’ve often felt like a freak even among freaks, but I need to put this into words as much for myself as for anyone else. I may start a shit storm for myself and regret it, but here it goes anyway. I almost posted this in XIII’s “Psychic Powers” thread, but I’m...
  17. NoID10ts

    Where the Wild Things Are

    This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I even named my third kid "Max" after the boy in the story. The trailer for the movie looks like it will be way beyond the silly children's book crap that usually comes out of Hollywood. I'm excited about this one...
  18. NoID10ts

    I Summon Decaf!

    I see him lurking. I command him to appear to us and impart some wisdom. And tell us what what he has been up to. Or at least tell us what a bunch of goofy bastards we all are. :D
  19. NoID10ts

    Type Theory / Natural Selection

    Just some questions that have been rattling around my brain amidst all the chaos and nonsense: How does personality type theory fit into the concept of natural selection? What is the role of differing personality attributes in the evolutionary sense? Certain types, such as INTP, are...
  20. NoID10ts

    Aversion to Violence

    Do any of you ever get intensly bothered by a particular news story or word of a disturbing event? This has happened to me 3 times in the past week, and it bothers me profoundly, but I am not quite sure why. Ever since I was young, I have had a stong aversion to real life violence (movie...
  21. NoID10ts

    NoID10ts 1,024th post!

    This one is just for you, Jesin! I couldn't have done it without you (without you not banning me, that is). Party! :D
  22. NoID10ts

    NoID10ts 1,000th post!

    Post number 1,000! Let's celebrate! Huh? What's that? Nobody cares, you say? Well this is anti-climactic. I planned to present a big extravaganza including a big 1,000 post retrospective but I'm just too damn lazy.
  23. NoID10ts


    Do any of you use Facebook? I was trying to locate an old friend who went awol on the whole Jesus thing, just like me, and I found this entry on facebook that I thought might be him. In order to look at the profile I had to sign up for my own account. Well it wasn't him, and now I am getting a...
  24. NoID10ts

    Star Trek Trailer

    The trailer for the new Star trek movie is online now. I must admit, this looks pretty cool!
  25. NoID10ts

    Creative Writing Resources

    Does anyone have any resources about how to break into some sort of creative writing work? I think it might be fun to write short stories or articles but I wouldn't know where to begin. I don't think I have the patience to write a novel, but short bursts of writing might be feasible. Something...
  26. NoID10ts

    Ode to five digits [thread split]

    I appreciate the fingernail on the ring finger of my left hand. It really is very well manicured, much more so than my other fingernails. It never gives me trouble with hang nails and somehow it manages to keep itself clean. All the other fingernails are in complete disrepair, but not that one...
  27. NoID10ts

    The Power of Negative Thinking

    The suicide thread got me thinking about this. I, for one, am tired of having positivity shoved down my throat as if negative thinking is some sort of defect, or a cancer on the soul of humanity. I am a negative person, it is part of who I am, and I shouldn't have to apologize for it...
  28. NoID10ts

    Legalize All Drugs!

    Just wanted to liven things up! It's slow, and I am bored at work. Seriously though. My grandfather, who, interestingly enough, was a staunch conservative republican (and also a genius), always told me that drugs should be legal because the illegality of them itself makes them more problematic...
  29. NoID10ts

    Crappy signature?

    My daughter just brought me something to sign and I was just marveling at what a hideous signature I have. really. It is absolutely unintelligible. After signing something about a month ago at work, a guy told me that a bad signature is a sign of intelligence because the act of signing something...
  30. NoID10ts

    Illustrated stories from the Bible

    Crazy! Illustrated stories from the Bible Look at this crazy book! You can search inside on the Amazon site: http://www.amazon.com/Illustrated-Stories-Bible-Paul-Farrell/dp/1578849225/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1219940306&sr=8-1 Here is another link about it...
  31. NoID10ts

    Top five favorite movies

    I didn't have any luck with the non american films thread. thought I would create this one. What are your top five, or are you just not much into movies? These are ones I just keep coming back to: 1. Bladerunner - A great examination of the ramifications of artificial intelligence and...
  32. NoID10ts

    Is INTP passed genetically?

    How many of you have other INTP's in your family? I am wondering if anyone knows whether personality types are passed on genetically. I am almost certain that my biological father and my grandfather on my mother's side are/were both INTP's (my grandfather is dead now). I see alot of...
  33. NoID10ts

    Non American Films

    I am a big movie fan and wonder if INTP's tend to have similar tastes. I like all films but over the last few years I have had a really strong interest in non American films (they are called "foreign films" here in the US but I know you are not all from the US so they may not be "foreign" to...
  34. NoID10ts


    Does anyone do any photoshop stuff? Here are a couple of simple little projects I have been working on for my school's website (I work at a middle school).
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