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  1. Nobody wants to be happy

    Indeed. My main, problem I guess, was that people sometimes interchange happy and happiness, which might then confuse them. You are happy when you win that stuffed animal at the fair, or when you finally land that skateboard trick you practiced on for so long. However, saying that you want...
  2. Nobody wants to be happy

    Attention grabbing title, check. Anyway. I'm sure you know someone, or are someone, who wants to be happy all the time. They'll say "I just want to be happy", or something alike. Well, you might think that, but you are wrong. Assuming you want your life sorted long term, happiness is not what...
  3. Is there such a thing as intoversion ? or is it a mere symptom of self esteem ?

    Introversion is innate. There have been studies, which I cant be assed for to look but you can use google yourself, which show that people who we classify as introverts have a different brain structure. More specific, their brains responded more intensly to stimuli.
  4. Have you ever mastered something?

    Mastered may be an incorrect term, but I'm very good at playing the guitar and writing music, I'm a good coder, and I was always in the top 2 of my basketball team ( I quit ). Or that's what people tell me anyway. For me its just doing the things that interest me and doing it the best I can. I...
  5. What Gender Are You Internally?

    How much my initial answer was neutral, I voted 20% male 80% neutral. 20% might be a little bit too much, but I cant completely disregard the few male-esque features I do have.
  6. Are you lonely?

    Alone, yes Lonely, I'd say no
  7. Gentlemen - How is your libido?

  8. Which is better, to live with serious pain or to be dead without pain.

    skipping the thread, better for what?
  9. Does determinism rule out solipsism? (or the other way around perhaps)

    Just a thought I head while browsing the forum.
  10. What is the Nature of Consiousness?

    I'd say consciousness is the process of free will.
  11. Forgetting what's real

    idk about dreams, but I often catch myself rereading conversations because I am not sure if I imagined someone invited me or that they actually invited me. Sometimes I second guess myself while I'm on my way too. I never imagine it though, and never have.
  12. Is suicide selfish?

    The people you hurt have no right to expect from you to not commit suicide, unless you yourself said otherwise.
  13. Serious Void

    sounds familiar...
  14. What you hear is wrong.

    some, most, lost my attention somewhere. AFAIK there is no such thing as a 'best opinion', which is what taste in music is, an opinion. Best is absolute, opinions are not (mostly), at least not taste in music. If you define 'best' as 'best for me' (however phrased), you are right, because...
  15. What you hear is wrong.

    depends, what is your definition of 'best taste in music'.
  16. What is reality?

    "Words that make questions, sometimes aren't questions at all" - Neil deGrasse Tyson What if I told you that this is the truth?
  17. what is "nothingness"

    It makes no sense to reason about what was present before anything was present, because there is nothing present to be reasoned about.
  18. Passion

    Hmm, I was actually looking for that thread, but I couldn't find it. Ty
  19. Passion

    What are you passionate about?
  20. Equation for intelligence

    Alex Wissner-Gross: A new equation for intelligence | Video on TED.com There is a new equation for intelligence, as you can read in the link, which translates to: "Intelligence is a physical process that resists future confinement". By this definition, and assuming this is all true, does this...
  21. What are the biggest issues for introverts?

    So biggest means most problematic? Damn, and there I was, always wishing to be the biggest kid in the classroom...
  22. What are the biggest issues for introverts?

    That's brilliant, that is.
  23. What are the biggest issues for introverts?

    Everything directly and to a lesser extent indirectly involving people, mainly, if not exclusively, extroverts. TimeAsylums fully answered your question actually. I would argue though that life is made significantly harder for us by extroverts, and would be relatively do-able without them, so...
  24. Indecisiveness

    You have trouble with it? I'm nearing my second decade of double digit age, and I have to choose what to do with basically the rest of my life, but I'm having a hard time with it. All these open doors, and they're all so shiny! What if I go through one of them, and it locks behind me? Then I...
  25. People Pleasing

    I won't go out of my way to please people. If I have something to do, I'll do it. It just so happens to be that I haven't got anything to do most of the time. So when people ask me to do something, I just think 'might as well, could be interesting'. Though when I do have something to do, I'll...
  26. Do you like head games?

    I only play mindgames when I want people to figure something out instead of me just giving the answer. This does give you some insight in how they think, which could be used to manipulate people. It also teaches them how to think more creatively/efficiently/properly (or so I like to think), and...
  27. Am I really an INTP?

    I would say I am an INTP, and I also share your... problem(?). My default way of living is to make as few waves in the water as possible, unless someone truly wants your honest opinion. However, if that is not the case, I do try and bend the rules as far as I can to still do what I think is...
  28. INTPs: tell me your entertainments

    Music first, both listening and making. Video games second, although sometimes just to pass the time.
  29. Studie: Applied Psychology

    Study: Applied Psychology I'm thinking about maybe starting a study in Applied Psychology, and I was wondering if that is a good study and later on work area for an INTP. It seems interesting enough, figuring out how people operate and using it to overcome problems. But I'm afraid that maybe...
  30. Partnership Rights: Spanned from: INTP Sexual Orientation

    they should have the same rights as anyone else.
  31. Why do something exists rather than just nothing?

    Our definition of the concept nothing is non existence. As I said, nothing (concept) exists and nothing (object) doesn't. Then why make a topic about it?
  32. Why do something exists rather than just nothing?

    conclusion from what you said: Nothing doesn't exist.
  33. Why do something exists rather than just nothing?

    Define existing.
  34. Why do something exists rather than just nothing?

    There's two ways you can see nothing. A concept and an object. The concept of nothing exists because in theory there can be nothing. You have two apples, you eat two apples, you are left with no apples, nothing (regarding apples). The object nothing, however, doesn't exist, because there is...
  35. Mindfulness

    Are these all P traits, and maybe even more SP? Being aware of your surroundings, noticing new things. Says P to me. Interesting vid.
  36. Speculation(s) and Ideas on Psychology, Sociology and Information

    I read this, but I can vaguely remember some shards of it, so my question may be redundant. What sets assumptions apart from values? (or values apart from assumptions). What is the difference? Can't you synthesize the two?
  37. Is INTP the ideal personality?

    Ah well, it was fun while it lasted :). I was nothing first! OOH yellow!
  38. Is INTP the ideal personality?

    I'm afraid you are mistaking him with me. it wasn't? Tell me more.
  39. Is INTP the ideal personality?

    hmm, I missed that. If I knew you were talking about a somewhat utopian society I wouldn't have bothered making a reply. I'll see myself out, thank you.
  40. Is INTP the ideal personality?

    So, I just explained that ideality is a matter of perspective, and now you accuse me of having the wrong perspective? Alright, that's it, I'm outta here.
  41. Is INTP the ideal personality?

    Alright cut the crap. Ideality is a matter of circumstance and perspective. There's no such thing as an ideal type per se. INTP's might seem ideal because they are think-tanks, but they can hardly wash their own hair on a regular basis. INFP's might seem ideal because they have the best...
  42. Tell me something

    Never use people solely as an end, rather as a means to an end - Whoever said this. I think the two best options you have here are: Best: Get hospitalized. Second Best: Become a hitman. All the others are an indication of poor character and poor self control. You better hope that you don't...
  43. Tell me something

    why would you kill people?
  44. Psychonauts. Enlightenment or drug induced illusion of enlightenment?

    I agree, but the term 'delusion' implies that there is something as the truth, right? I'd like you to tell me all about it since you know it apparently :). I've been around an avid pot user, one who has stopped now, and in the end it did get rather bad yes. Enlightenment means something...
  45. How do you compensate for your greatest fears?

    My mind on drugs. I don't do drugs anymore.
  46. Psychonauts. Enlightenment or drug induced illusion of enlightenment?

    Never took psychedelics, probably too afraid of my own mind to ever try them. I think it is safe to say that the mind gets Pavlov-like conditioned to a certain type of reality(or perspective) after spending enough time in it. Taking psychedelics sets your mind in another type of reality(or...
  47. The Void

    Hence my nickname. What should we do in our little time between void? Since we come from void and will return to void, I think we can do whatever we like in between. Why be void now when you can be other things? Now you have the chance to not be void for once. So take that chance! Or don't. It...
  48. Are you a "complete" person?

  49. INTP Sappy moments

    I have them yes.
  50. Reading People

    Read anything from Paul Ekman to learn facial expressions and some bodylanguage. Telling Lies is a good book. Teaches you the signs of lying, but you can easily use what he teaches for more.
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