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  1. Ezro

    What are you currently playing?

    Eve online, destiny, war thunder, ffxiv.
  2. Ezro

    Teenage INTP?

    This post reminds me a bit of myself at 16. I also can be pretty outgoing in social settings, although I prefer to avoid them. Do not mistake general type characteristics as something to conform to in order to be a "real" intp, or whatever you truly are. Remember that your upbringing will...
  3. Ezro

    Mind the long post

    I don't have anyone to really open up to, and I've learned that something along these lines is best for me emotionally ( please do not stone me). So. I have been a member of this forum since I was an angry confused 17 year old after finding out I identified INTP. I had an enforcement best...
  4. Ezro

    Tell me something

    I'm saying thank you simply because it's the nice thing to say. I may not actually feel gratitude, but that doesn't mean I can't go through the motions for the sake of being kind to someone else who can feel. I may be, uncaring and well...sociopathic at times but I try to be kind to people when...
  5. Ezro

    Tell me something

    *sigh* I'm good, I'm sorry to have included you all in this, it wasn't right to present my problems for you to solve. Zero(the name of "other me" I've used since childhood) will have to learn his place. I'm going to see a psychiatrist soon, thank you all for your honest words.
  6. Ezro

    Tell me something

    Yeah, I suppose you are all right. Guess I'll just wait till i find some scumbag who needs to die then.
  7. Ezro

    Tell me something

    I thought about that, the military provided me with some decent target practice, as well as funds to do so, but I don't know
  8. Ezro

    Tell me something

    Yes I know the process, but i want to see it first hand. I want to kill and keep killing, rather than grow old and simply wither away. Its all that i want left from life, i have achieved everything else remotely important to me
  9. Ezro

    Tell me something

    Curiosity. I've always wanted to stare in someones face and watch them die. Unfortunately, I've also had a bloodlust about me. I see groups of people (the back of people's heads really set me off for some reason) and I just want to end them. I want to know that power, to turn a sentient organic...
  10. Ezro

    Tell me something

    I've been absent from this place for quite some time, and this has probably been asked before, but I need someone to explain this: why is it wrong for me to kill? None of it has ever made sense to me. Ever. Recently the only thing that has prevented me from killing random people is knowing that...
  11. Ezro

    Were you military?

    went U.S. Navy, lucked out in the intel community....
  12. Ezro


    I think it does. I was given a name that purposely closely resembles that of my older brother, which is a contributing factor in my inferiority complex toward him and my general somber attitude . Well that and being told by my mother my purpose in life was to be his plaything.
  13. Ezro

    How do you look?

    someone sounds like a bro:D
  14. Ezro

    Odd tastes

    Noodles with cinnamon, cheese and vanilla extract. Seriously, try that s**t
  15. Ezro

    How do you look?

    i never go anywhere without my headphones. i always use headphones instead of plugs to get the whole "don't bother me" picture across
  16. Ezro

    How do you look?

    i look something like this
  17. Ezro

    any sailors here?

    Technically I'm a Sailor, although i've never actually sailed anywhere...(damn navy commercials and their LIES!)
  18. Ezro

    Favourite pokemon?

    nidoking, followed by haunter then vaporeon
  19. Ezro

    Birth Order

    Fourth of five over here
  20. Ezro


    I do almost everything listed here, minus the chair hammock and the purple pen fetish man I've missed this place
  21. Ezro

    About you?

    What is Your Name? Antonio Where Are You From? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, unfortunately How Old Are You? 18 What Is Your Gender? Last time i checked, i was a guy How did you find out you were INTP, or other type Took a few tests after dickin around on Wikipedia How Did You Find ut...
  22. Ezro

    Functions Roleplay Story - Discussion & Reactions

    It's been quite a while since I last posted here. I'm getting really into character development and story progression in hopes of actually making a forum manga. They look awesome IMO, I wish i could show you (unfortunately this phone has its limitations). Just wanted to ask if you'd mind me...
  23. Ezro

    Favourite Game soundtrack?

    Jsrf is still the best soundtrack.EVER.
  24. Ezro

    INTPs when sick

    I once woke up and started taking a piss in the trash can...
  25. Ezro

    Secret IxTPian plot to take over the world

    We could probably convince 4chan to help us. They seem like they'd be good at it. Then again, we'd probably have to rename Earth /b/ or something, soooo... Ooopsies, i just broke rule #1, didn't I ?
  26. Ezro

    When Choosing a Car......

    Practicality and gas mileage can suck it... I want a Twin Turbo Z! Ohhhh Yeaaaahh!
  27. Ezro


    17 here
  28. Ezro

    You people are so... INTERESTING!

    I was always the smart kid at all of my schools, top test scores and everything. People knew that if they cheated off the quiet kid, they'd automatically pass. I've actually gotten numerous phone calls home with teachers telling my parents how much they enjoy having me in their classes and how...
  29. Ezro

    Describe your life

    Work days are pretty uneventful for me. At 6am, I wake up for high school, where I fly under the radar until 2:45. Leave, then go immediately to work(which is pretty cool actually. I'm a cashier at a parking copany so I pretty much sit in a booth, which I've dubbed "mah bawx" for hours on end...
  30. Ezro

    Theme Song²

    YouTube- Metal Gear Solid Music - Mantis' Hymn Yea...
  31. Ezro

    Poll: Colors

    I voted Green. So, based on the poll results, safe to say the INTP color of choice is green?
  32. Ezro

    I had absolutely no idea...

    I rather like Anthile's sour response. That type of critisism will teach me to better and more thoroughly convey my thoughts into words so that everyone knows exactly what I mean to say, instead of expecting them to magically read my mind to figure out what I'm trying to say. So thank you...
  33. Ezro

    I had absolutely no idea...

    Yeah, I know it's no achievment. I just thought it was an interesting thing to know. I didn't mean it in any abusive or prideful way, however, and I'm sorry If thats how you interpreted it... although the "we kick ass!" bit was a tad overboard
  34. Ezro

    I had absolutely no idea...

    While reading from a link I found on INTPc, I discovered That Carl Jung himself was an INTP. Did you know this? How does this knowledge make you "feel"? Einstein and Jung...we kick ass!
  35. Ezro

    TOP 10 ANIME GO!

    DragonBall Z Ghost in the Shell Cowboy Bebop Sprited Away BoBoBo-Bo-Bo-BoBo(so random!) Inuyasha Naruto Rurouni Kenshin Yu-Yu Hakusho Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU
  36. Ezro

    The Worthlss Club

    not weight loss,worthless. y'know "i'm pathetic and will never amount to anyhing..."
  37. Ezro

    Connecting with an ESFP

    I love a particular esfp, they're just awesome!:D
  38. Ezro


    So, basically ESFP's are like cheap bubblegum; they're very fun and tasty(mind goes on a perverted tangent), but they lose their "flavor" and get boring quick. Is this about right?
  39. Ezro

    The Worthlss Club

    Pretty self-explanitory...
  40. Ezro


    Just wanted to know what you guys thought of 'em. I personally am completely in love with one at the moment, just hought i'd put that bit out there..:p
  41. Ezro

    If you could learn a style of music...

    DnB all day...
  42. Ezro

    Car Chase Music

    YouTube- Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe awesome car music
  43. Ezro

    Babys!!! what will you name yours?

    I'm gonna name my children accrding to gender and then order born. Ex: my 3rd son will be named B-3 and my 6th daughter will be named G-6
  44. Ezro

    Faced paced music?

    Am I the only one here who listens to drum 'n bass, grime, other electronic music? 'Cause it seems to me like every other persn here listens to Mozart and jazz. I'm not badmouthing those of you who listen to that stuff, it's just not for me...
  45. Ezro

    Best PS2 Game of All Time

    FFX-my 2nd favorite all time favorite game, as well as the best ps2 game
  46. Ezro

    The Oreo Personality Test

    Yep, that's pretty much me exept for the compulsive lying thing. Come to think of it, I could be lying right now...:p
  47. Ezro

    Who are You? *inside*

    Well, minus his disgustingly twisted face...
  48. Ezro

    Who are You? *inside*

  49. Ezro

    Does Your Mind Wander?

    All the time. Sometimes it's pretty fun to just wander away, but when I'm thinking about somethmg important or someone is talking to me:mad:
  50. Ezro

    What's the most devastating come-back you have ever said?

    This one time, my sister's friend asked me if I was gay 'cause Haku(from Naruto) was my favorie character, and I said "No, that make's you a lesbian 'cause you like my sister" nothing but silence later;)
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